4th match (N), Bengaluru, Apr 12 2016, Indian Premier League
RCB won by 45 runs
Player Of The Match
82 (42) & 2 catches
end of over 209 runs
SRH: 182/6CRR: 9.10 
Karn Sharma26 (17)
Eoin Morgan22 (18)
Shane Watson 4-0-30-2
Harshal Patel 4-0-33-0

11.35pm Watson is embraced by Sarfaraz. After Royal Challengers flexed their batting muscle and racked up 227, Warner set alight a fast start for Sunrisers. He brought up his fifty off 21 balls, but four wickets in four overs pulled the plug from the chase. Chahal was impressive in the middle overs, Rasool did his bit as well with those flat fizzers. Sunrisers' middle order was exposed and they also had to bear the anxiety of Nehra hobbling off the field two balls into his second over.

Warner: I won't take it away from AB and Kohli. Sarfaraz did his bit as well. It was a tough ask for the boys. Nehra has hurt his groin again. He will be out for a couple of games. Mustafizur was fantastic. We have to look back at positives and turn it around. We have a good batting track at Hyderabad. We should not lose wickets in clumps.

Kohli: We lost the toss and did not get what we wanted to. It was a really good effort from the batsmen and Parvez showed composure. It is never easy for the spinners to bowl in Bangalore. Parvez was the stand-out bowler for me today. Last year, me and AB had a good partnership in Mumbai. He hit balls as only he can. It was a pleasure playing with him. He took some pressure off me.

AB de Villiers, Man of the Match: I absolutely love playing here. It was a nice busy innings with Virat. We enjoy running between the wickets. Like I said, I have been scratchy, even in the nets. The bowlers have played together for a few years. Watson and Milne have come in and the youngsters are feeding off the experience. It is always important to start well and find your identity as a team. This is the kind of cricket we want to play this year.

That is all we have for you. Look out for the match report and other pieces. Goodbye and good night!

Watson to Karn, no run

dipping low full toss outside off, Karn can't touch it. RCB open their campaign with a thumping win

Watson to Morgan, 1 run

length and outside off, Morgan swishes it to long-off

Watson to Karn, 1 run

leg-stump full toss, sliced over mid-off

Watson to Karn, 2 runs

back of a length on middle, Karn slogs and skies it over cover

Watson to Karn, no run

full and outside off, Karn slashes hard only to make no contact

Watson to Karn, 1 wide

slower bouncer outside off, swing and a miss. The umpire calls it a wide. Too high, he says

Watson to Karn, FOUR runs

Watson nails a yorker on leg, Karn backs away and edges it through the vacant cordon

end of over 199 runs
SRH: 173/6CRR: 9.10 RRR: 55.00
Eoin Morgan21 (17)
Karn Sharma19 (12)
Harshal Patel 4-0-33-0
Adam Milne 4-0-43-1
Harshal to Morgan, 2 runs

yorker outside off, drilled down the ground

Harshal to Morgan, 2 runs

slower short ball outside off, pulled to square leg. The big man Chris Gayle dives to his right and makes a half stop. Kohli has a smile on his face

Harshal to Morgan, no run

slower lifting ball outside off, Morgan is early into the pull and inside-edges it onto his body

Harshal to Morgan, no run

length ball outside off, Morgan can't touch it. Wild swing and a miss. His poor form continues

Harshal to Karn, 1 run

back of a length on middle, clubbed over midwicket

Harshal to Karn, FOUR runs

short and outside off, Karn makes room and muscles it over the covers

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