56th match (N), Pune, May 20 2018, Indian Premier League
(19.1/20 ov, target 154)159/5
Super Kings won by 5 wickets (with 5 balls remaining)
player of the match
Lungi Ngidi
Chennai Super Kings

12:08am And that is all we have for you tonight! The end of the league phase, a couple of days off and we'll be back at it. It'll be Sunrisers Hyderabad v Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders v Rajasthan Royals in our first confirmed line-up. We'll bring that to you of course. Keep the conversation going on our Twitter channel, stick around for the post-match stuff coming in tonight, including our expert analysis. On behalf of Akshay and Binoy - a good night to all of you!

Ngidi: A very good day out. Really didn't expect it to go that well but I'll take it. Didn't expect [this track]. Usually they say the subcontinent is slow and low but after seeing Chahar, I was grinning. It's a team that really values family values and it's been warm. Being with MS Dhoni, just a cricketing mind, it's been a great help.

Lungi Ngidi is the Man of the Match.

Dhoni: If you see the bowling line up it was swinging a bit. In a game like this you want to take a lot of wickets while it is swinging. So with Bhajji and Chahar going in - it creates a bit of chaos. With proper batsmen the bowlers are consistent, somehow to lower order players they try the bouncers, offcutters, etc. [About the finish] All the fielders were up so I went for the big shot. [About the franchise] we have a set of people who are very close to the players, that makes it very easy for the captain. Also we have a really good team. Right from the first edition, we kept adding players and they kept performing - Ashwin, Bollinger, Mohit. The big challenge will be in two years when most of the players won't be around. We like to do the process right because that's what gives you the result. I remember the finals, where it went wrong: you need to remember where it went wrong. On that particular day you have to be at the best coz everyone wants to win. All of those things matter.

Chahar: I got the opportunity today after a long time. I was waiting for a long time. From the first match I liked bowling on this wicket - today also it was moving around a biut. We did well to restrict them to 160. [Batting] Good to get confidence ahead of playoffs and if I get a chance I'll do well. I've been working since the last six years on my pace - I was a swing bowler but now I have pace, so it's giving me a good advantage. We waited two years for this opportunity - hope we do well. [Watson] was rested. If KKR hadn't won, I would also have been rested.

Ashwin: Few tough days at the office now. We didn't bat well, we lost too many wickets early. Karun batted well but we were 20-30 below par. We put down a catch - that's been our story. We had a horrible May. We had a bowler for the conditions in Ankit, we should have latched onto that catch. The first half we were playing down at Mohali and our middle order didn't show up in the latter half. Ankit was a positive, among many others - KL doing really well, we have the purple cap too. We haven't really put ourselves in a position where we can command a win on our terms. To be very blunt about it, our game against RCB cost us a lot - momentum and morale.

Siddhesh: "CSK in a nutshell: You can hand us the game gift-wrapped, but we will tear it up, throw it down a cliff, dive down after it, and come down in style on a parachute. "

Vivek: "Irony of the game.. KL and rayudu out at single digits, tye goes wicketless.. the exception was left for the last.."

Bhaskar: "The first ever IPL where not a single match was completely washed off due to rain " --- Everyone, you know who to contact if we see rain at the playoffs.

Srinath: "After all the murkiness, after all the off-screen drama, after 2 years of ban, 2 teams Rajasthan and Chennai are through to the playoffs. Surely the stuff dreams are made of ! "

11:48pm Somewhere in Pune, our correspondent Deiva Muthu is performing a Sourav Ganguly celebration. It looked like the game would meander into a tame finish, a dull prospect for the thousands of supporters who had travelled quite a way to get to the stadium. But it was everything they hoped for in the end and in true Dhoni fashion, it was the long route. Kings XI have had a stunning collapse in the second half of the tournament, this will be hard to get over. It's their ninth league stage exit in 11 seasons. The worst for any team.

Sharma to Dhoni, SIX runs

a blockbuster finish! Mohit Sharma looks to double-bluff Dhoni, the man who mentored him through his early phases in this tournament. He bounces him. Dhoni knows it's coming. He's sitting on the back foot. He's ready - he sends the hook sailing over long leg

Here it is, the last over of the league phase

end of over 1922 runs
CSK: 153/5CRR: 8.05 RRR: 1.00 • Need 1 run from 6b
Suresh Raina61 (48)
MS Dhoni10 (6)
Andrew Tye4-0-47-0
Mohit Sharma3-0-22-1
Tye to Raina, no run

length ball on off stump and a solid block on the front foot because Dhoni now gets to finish the game

Tye to Raina, FOUR runs

off the middle! It has happened. Raina gets behind a bouncer and expertly taps the hook past short fine leg

Tye to Raina, FOUR runs

another one lands short but this time it'll go through the fielder as well. Raina is mastering these toe-end strokes. Length ball wide outside off and he throws his hands at it. Sweeper done for

Tye to Raina, SIX runs

just clears long-on this time! That's fifty. A slog right off the toe-end. Dropped short from Tye again, full swing from Raina again. Poor connection again

Shashank: "@Varun: Why are people still typing in capitals? Isn't the capital already out of the IPL? #selfthoo"

Tye to Raina, 2 runs

length ball on middle stump, swishes across the line and gets it between long-on and deep midwicket for the two

Tye to Raina, SIX runs

just clears deep midwicket. A new trend in the IPL, to keep your leg side boundary riders in a few yards. Raina picks the slower ball that's dug in short and drags it over that man who has to pedal backwards

end of over 1811 runs
CSK: 131/5CRR: 7.27 RRR: 11.50 • Need 23 runs from 12b
MS Dhoni10 (6)
Suresh Raina39 (42)
Mohit Sharma3-0-22-1
Ravichandran Ashwin4-0-36-2
Sharma to Dhoni, FOUR runs

yes he is! And he gets it too. Mohit bowls a length ball on middle stump, Dhoni swivels and swings this between deep square and deep midwicket

Surely Dhoni looking for a boundary now...

Sharma to Raina, 1 run

falls short of deep midwicket now. Raina has hit two boundaries in a peculiar innings. Can't middle them yet. Ends up slicing another attempted slog and it lobs before plonking in front of the fielder running in


Sharma to Dhoni, 1 run

nicely bowled. Inswinging yorker at middle stump. He steps out and jams this to mid-off

Sharma to Raina, 1 run

short ball at middle stump, under-edge trickles past the stumps as he looks to cut this forcefully

Sharma to Raina, 2 runs

sliced to third man as he looks to pummel it over midwicket. Short ball slanted across him. Rajpoot gives his best there, running in. Has to stop it on the bounce after putting in the dive. Couldn't make it

Sharma to Raina, 1 wide

bouncer's dug in too short. Climbs over head-height as he ducks under this

Sharma to Dhoni, 1 run

good length on middle stump, tapped to long-on on the up

end of over 176 runs • 1 wicket
CSK: 120/5CRR: 7.05 RRR: 11.33 • Need 34 runs from 18b
MS Dhoni4 (3)
Suresh Raina35 (39)
Ravichandran Ashwin4-0-36-2
Axar Patel4-0-28-0

For those interested - Sunrisers Hyderbad confirm the top position on the table. This means if no play happens in their playoff against CSK, they will be deemed winners.

Ashwin to Dhoni, 1 run

short of a length outside off, chopped straight to short third man

Ashwin to Dhoni, 2 runs

dropped short outside off. Gets behind it and slaps it away past point. Axar puts in a slide to his left at sweeper cover and keeps it in play

Ashwin to Raina, 1 run

arm ball on the pads, shovelled through midwicket off the back foot

Ashwin to Dhoni, 1 run

flat and full on middle stump, taps it to long-on off the front foot

"Dhoni! Dhoni!"

Shiv: "Hehe KXIP forgot that rajasthan player is playing there, Deepak Chahar, so it's Rajasthan throwing them out of playoffs."

Ashwin to Raina, 1 run

short of a length on off stump, tapped to cover's left off the back foot

There's a roar at the stadium. You know what that means...

Ashwin to Chahar, OUT

end of Chahar's adventure. And what a good one it's been for him. Showed two gears and the team will be very happy with him. It's a carrom ball floating away from him outside off. He slogs and gets it high in the off side. Easy catch in the infield

Deepak Chahar c Sharma b Ashwin 39 (20b 1x4 3x6) SR: 195