44th match (D/N), Indore, May 12 2018, Indian Premier League
(20 ov, target 246)214/8
KKR won by 31 runs
Player Of The Match
75 (36) & 1/44
end of over 206 runs • 2 wickets
PBKS: 214/8CRR: 10.70 
Mohit Sharma4 (3)
Barinder Sran1 (1)
Prasidh Krishna 4-0-31-2
Andre Russell 4-0-41-3

7.40pm That is that. KKR flexed their batting muscle on a small ground and racked up 245 for 6 - their highest in IPL. Sunil Narine hit a 26-ball fifty, before Dinesh Karthik, Andre Russell, and Shubman Gill all struck at 200 or more to help swell the total. KL Rahul continued his excellent form, but the rest of the batting line-up fell away in the steep chase. The rapidly rising asking rate was just too much for Kings XI to overcome. KKR move to fourth with their sixth win. Thanks for tuning in. Goodbye for now

Munendra Singh: "2nd highest match aggregate in IPL history, 6th in all T20s, 3rd across all club T20s"

Ashwin: "Excellent bowling from Prasidh. Economy of under 8 on this pitch combined with a couple of wickets is just premium"

Prasidh to Sharma, no run

short and keeps slanting in from over the wicket, Mohit looks to get under it and ramp it over DK. Beaten in the end

Prasidh to Sharma, no run

lifter, angling in from wide of the crease, Mohit ducks under it and lets it sail through to the keeper

Prasidh to Sharma, FOUR runs

full and wide outside off, 144.9ks, backs away and carves a drive through cover-point. Nobody in the deep to cut that off


The tracker returns umpire's call on leg stump

Prasidh to Ashwin, OUT

skiddy full ball, slanting in from over the wicket, 144ks, Ashwin looks to slog over midwicket. He misses it and is hit on the unprotected knee. Trapped in front. The umpire takes his own sweet time before raising his finger

Ravichandran Ashwin lbw b Prasidh Krishna 45 (22b 4x4 3x6) SR: 204.54
Prasidh to Barinder Sran, 1 run

lifter on middle from round the stumps, spliced over midwicket

Prasidh to Tye, OUT

DK throws himself to his right to complete an excellent catch. Banged in short at the body, Tye shuffles across and gloves an attempted pull. DK does the rest behind the stumps

Andrew Tye c †Karthik b Prasidh Krishna 14 (10b 1x4 1x6) SR: 140
Prasidh to Tye, 1 wide

off-side wide

end of over 1918 runs
PBKS: 208/6CRR: 10.94 RRR: 38.00
Ravichandran Ashwin45 (21)
Andrew Tye14 (9)
Andre Russell 4-0-41-3
Prasidh Krishna 3-0-25-0
Russell to Ashwin, no run

leg-stump yorker, kept out

Russell to Ashwin, FOUR runs

lifter outside off, gets under it and ramps it fine of short third man

Russell to Ashwin, SIX runs

back of a length on middle, Ashwin clears his front leg again and launches it over the wide long-on boundary. Kings XI pass 200

Dre Russ is good to resume

Russell to Tye, 1 leg bye

fuller than a good length and skids in to cramp the batsman for room and ping the pad. Ashwin strays out for a single but Tye sends him back. There's a horrible mix-up, they then go for the single. Russell swoops down on the ball, turns, and aims to effect a direct hit at the non-striker's end. He, however, loses his balance and collapses. Has he hurt his hamstring again? Given as one leg bye

Russell to Ashwin, 1 run

middle-stump yorker, jammed to cover

Russell to Ashwin, SIX runs

good length on middle, Ashwin clears his front leg and skies a loft over Russell. Six

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