25th Match (N), Jaipur, Apr 11 2019, Indian Premier League
(20 ov, target 152)155/6
Super Kings won by 4 wickets
player of the match
MS Dhoni
Chennai Super Kings
end of over 2021 runs • 1 wicket
CSK: 155/6CRR: 7.75 
Mitchell Santner10 (3)
Ravindra Jadeja9 (4)
Ben Stokes3-0-39-2
Jofra Archer4-1-19-1

12.10 am A few moments to catch my breath at the unbelievable finish. And then an even more unbelievable post-match presentation by Murali Kartik, who refused to ask Dhoni about that outburst and confrontation with the umpires in the final over. Dhoni even began by joking about it when Kartik asked about being there at the end. How do you let an entire presentation go by without referring to that? You ponder that, while on behalf of Varun and Ranjith, I'm signing off.

12.01 am We're all set for the presentation. In all that action, I forgot it's also MS Dhoni's 100th IPL win as captain. Quite a day for him. A nasty jar on the helmet, a fifty, and finger-pointing argument with the umpires.

Dhoni: is also the Man of the Match. What a day for him! "By being there at the end do you mean having a conversation with the umpires?" he smiles. "They were able to build up pressure right till the end. Once you win games like these, you are able to take a lot. But it's important to work on the negatives that have not gone well, while enjoying the win. Otherwise it can come back to hurt us later in the tournament. The outfield is big and fast. The ball was coming on nicely in the second half. In the last two overs, I felt we had to get two hits. If the wicket is not good, then it becomes slow. At the end of the day, individuals commit mistakes but the team has to take the blame if you have lost. It's important to see if we made an error in execution of plans (while bowling) or the opposition batsmen batted really well. We have got very good support over here, thanks to them. Not to forget, one of my biggest innings came here so special attachment with this place. Good things is we have won the game here so it gives us the liberty to test a few bowlers (in next game against KKR)."

11.48pm That last over was possibly the most action-packed in IPL history. It began with Jadeja falling over while hitting a six - how do you maintain balance to connect cleanly while falling over? It had a no-ball call reversed and the unprecedented sight of Dhoni marching on to the field (keep a watch for how he's sanctioned for this) to argue with the umpires. And then a last-ball six to win it. CSK just keep finding ways to win. And Stokes has another memory of last-over sixes in a defeat to add to his bank...

11.50 pm Rahane: "I don't thinks so (I would have done anything different). Credit to our bowlers, we thought 150 was really low. Just because of Shreyas and Archer we got that many. We knew that if we take wickets early in the Powerplay we'll be in the game. Fielding will be very crucial we knew and we did well. Sanju was back that was a plus point. Jaydev was bowling really well so he came back and Riyan Parag, we thought we could get a few good overs. I still feel we need to win those crunch moments. Lots to learn for me as well, this is a challenge for me and I need to learn from my experiences."

Rayudu: It was a little tough going. I'm happy I'm coming into the groove. We both (Dhoni and him) are really experienced players. I'm happy we could take the team out of trouble today. Not really any pressure at all. I know I've been getting out, but not in a pattern. It's important to contribute to a win like this when the team is down. We definitely believed (18 runs off the last over) Jaddu, we all know he can hit it. The first ball off Stokes was unbelievable. He's coming into his groove, he has always been extremely talented. And everyone knows about his fielding too. Hopefully (this innings is a turnaround). I've been slowly pegging away with 20s on difficult wickets. Today was also a difficult one. You have to just carry on when it's your day."

Stokes to Santner, SIX runs

Santner finishes off in style What. A. Finish. CSK have won. They've stolen this. Amazing, amazing win. This was bowled full and outside off, Santner was probably expecting it, given that Stokes had been trying that, moved into position just enough to be able to extend his arms and loft it high and handsome over long-on. I repeat. What a win!

Stokes to Santner, 1 wide

And now that's been called a wide! Stokes went for the one wide outside off, and it is moving away a bit ends up outside the tram line!

The square leg umpire over-ruled the straight one for that no-ball call. And we saw captain cool, well lose his cool

Stokes to Santner, 2 runs

wide of off and Santner stretches out and tries to swat it straight but it bounces in front of long-on

Stokes to Santner, 2 runs

another no-ball for height this time slower ball goes wrong ends up above waist height and Santner is able to shovel-flick it away. Okay scratch that, they have revoked that no-ball. And unprecedented - Dhoni is walking on the field to argue with the umpires He's arguing with them, Stokes is in the thick of it. Scenes! Scenes! Dhoni will earn himself a sanction. And CSK are going to be docked 'fairplay' points. The umpire had stuck his hand out, but the square leg umpire said that was not a no-ball

Santner in. 8 needed off 3

Stokes to Dhoni, OUT

yorked him Stokes nails the perfect ball at the right time. Tails in between bat and leg to shatter the stumps. Dhoni was looking to give himself room

MS Dhoni b Stokes 58 (76m 43b 2x4 3x6) SR: 134.88

Dhoni's running lots of twos. Four twos will do it...

Stokes to Dhoni, 2 runs

slower ball, back of a length, Dhoni doesn't get hold of it properly, pulls it off the end of the bat past Stokes. Runs two

Dhoni to face the free hit.

Stokes to Jadeja, (no ball) 1 run

no ball and Jadeja has leathered this through extra cover. There's a fielder, but it's a free hit coming up!

Stokes to Jadeja, SIX runs

Jadeja you ballerina beauty Full ball outside off, well wide of off and Jadeja falls over while driving it straight back over the bowler's head. Middles it while falling down and sends it over the fence! Incredible

Forecaster says 8.2%. Equation is 18 off 6. Bowler is Stokes

end of over 1912 runs
CSK: 134/5CRR: 7.05 • RRR: 18.00 • Need 18 runs from 6b
MS Dhoni56 (41)
Ravindra Jadeja2 (2)
Jofra Archer4-1-19-1
Ben Stokes2-0-18-1
Archer to Dhoni, FOUR runs

oh that's unfortunate for Archer, inside edge off a yorker length ball that goes to the fine leg boundary. Much needed for CSK though. Dhoni wanted to shovel it to the leg side but ends up french cutting it. Still, magnificent by Archer - 1 for 19 in four overs

Dhoni's really struggling here. Down on his haunches. Now wondering if that blow to the helmet made him woozy. But the physio is out there and stretching his legs. But Dhoni being unsteady on his feet - I actually can't remember when I've last seen it. Or if I've ever seen it.

Archer to Dhoni, 2 runs

slower bouncer at 110.5 kph, Dhoni waits for it and swats it down to deep point. Dhoni runs hard to complete two

Dhoni seems a bit out of breath, which is a rare sight

Archer to Dhoni, 2 runs

fullish outside off, slower ball, slashed to deep cover. Fifty for Dhoni

Archer to Dhoni, 2 runs

full toss on leg, Dhoni seemd surprised by that a bit. It was pacy. Dhoni manages to turn it to deep square for a quick run two

Archer to Jadeja, 1 leg bye

full and angling in, 145 kph, Jadeja wants to flick it away but it rolls off his pad to where leg slip would be

Archer to Dhoni, 1 run

good length on off, that was a slower ball (by Archer standards, just 123 kph) and Dhoni squirts it to point

Mohd Irshad: "Fielding has been amazing for RR."

The win % has fallen to 11.9 now.