10th Match (N), Dubai, Sep 28 2020, Indian Premier League
(20 ov, target 202)201/5
Match tied (RCB won the one-over eliminator)
player of the match
AB de Villiers
Royal Challengers Bangalore
end of over 2018 runs • 1 wicket
MI: 201/5CRR: 10.05 
Kieron Pollard60 (24)
Krunal Pandya0 (0)
Isuru Udana4-0-45-2
Navdeep Saini4-0-43-0

9:53pm Time and time again, RCB find ways to mess it up at the end. But that statement alone will be a ridiculous disservice to what Kieron Pollard has done in Ishan Kishan's company here. Superb, superb T20 batting from one of the all-time greats. An unbeaten 60 off 24 balls and you better bet he's going to be back out there for the Super Over now. And will Kishan join him? No, it appears it will be Hardik Pandya. Kishan is still padded up.RCB have conceded 79 off their last four overs. Now they've to bowl a fifth.

Udana to Pollard, FOUR runs

it's a tie! A super over! Unreal. Slower short ball and that is...well, completely predictable. Sits up at off stump. Pollard deep in the crease and clobbers this between deep square and deep midwicket. One bounce and over the rope

They have crossed over. Pollard on strike. A six gives them the win. A four the tie.

Udana to Ishan, OUT

taken at deep midwicket! Oh boy! A matter of yards from victory, a matter of yards from an IPL hundred. Slower length ball outside off, gets down on a knee and brings out the slog sweep. Flat and right into the lap of the fielder at the line. Have they crossed over? That is all that matters right now

Ishan Kishan c Padikkal b Udana 99 (58b 2x4 9x6) SR: 170.68
Udana to Ishan, SIX runs

nails it and he's up to 99! Kishan has connected one and dragged this wide of long-on so casually! An overpitched ball from Udana, sliding nicely on as he swipes across the line

More towel work. 11 needed off 3.

Udana to Ishan, SIX runs

tipped over the boundary at long-on! Looks like it's Gurkeerat. Low full toss outside off, slogs at it and gets it off the low part of the bat. Gurkeerat leaps to his left and it's got his fingertips. Tough chance. Kishan still hasn't nailed one off the middle. Now is the time

Udana to Pollard, 1 run

slower short ball and he pulls straight to deep square. This is Udana's USP at the death. Really digs the cutters in. Pollard can't get it away

Third man, point, extra cover, mid-off in the circle. Udana is around the wicket. They want Pollard hitting into the long leg side.

Udana to Ishan, 1 run

they might have Kishan at the non-striker's end. Udana really gpotaway with this ball. Overpitched on middle, square leg was in, but Kishan finds him with the slog. Runs through and dives at the other end...and he's made it

end of over 1912 runs
MI: 183/4CRR: 9.63 RRR: 19.00 • Need 19 runs from 6b
Ishan Kishan86 (54)
Kieron Pollard55 (22)
Navdeep Saini4-0-43-0
Yuzvendra Chahal4-0-48-1

12 from the over. Isuru Udana must defend 19 against Kishan and Pollard on his RCB debut. Leg side is the short side for Kishan at this end.

Saini to Ishan, 1 run

slower ball, dug in short at leg stump. Miscued pull out to deep square leg

Kishan has to get a boundary here from Mumbai's perspective. They'll want Pollard facing six balls from Udana. The towels are out and Saini is giving the ball a working at the top of his mark.

Saini to Ishan, SIX runs

clears Kohli at long-off! Another mis-hit turns into six for Mumbai. This is a knee height full toss wide outside off. He wants to hit over the leg side but the angle is against him. It ends up a slice, and that is enough after keeping Kohli interested for a moment

DEEP PATEL: "Really good stuff from Saini here! "

Ritesh: "Saini has bowled pure gold dust here... "

Saini to Pollard, 1 run

straight long-off saves them three. That is a position people have for Pollard. This is a low full toss outside off and he sends it whistling past the bowler

Saini to Ishan, 1 run

good enough. 143kph, full and at off stump. Kishan is too late on the slog. Perhaps his hands slipped off too. He calls for new gloves immediately

Third man, point and extra cover are in. Fine leg is in. Saini stays over the wicket.

Saini to Pollard, 1 run

outside edge but gathered on the bounce by Chahal at third man. Short and wide from Saini, missed out on the big cut and third man is fine

Saini to Ishan, 1 run

full slower ball just outside off, mistimed slog along the floor to deep midwicket

Saini to Ishan, 1 wide

short and down leg side. Kishan has a whip at it and is beaten but he gets a run