10th Match (N), Dubai (DSC), September 28, 2020, Indian Premier League

Match tied (RCB won the one-over eliminator)

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Scores: Chandan Duorah
Comms: Varun Shetty
Scorecard summary
Royal Challengers Bangalore 201/3(20 overs)
Mumbai Indians 201/5(20 overs)

Rohit is the new man but he will be at the non-striker's end

RCB: 11/0CRR: 11.00 

10:41pm Can you ask for more from this league? Two back to back blockbusters. We have our experts on the job to make sense of it all for you. So stay on the site and watch them, read them, and tweet at us as we close off our coverage. Thank you for joining me and I hope you had fun. See you tomorrow!

Kohli standing in for AB, who is too dehydrated to be out for the award: I wish I was AB de Villiers to be honest! I think he was coming off a long break. Some of the shots he played were outstanding. Good with the gloves as well. You speak with him and he keeps things simple. Doesn't watch a lot of cricket, enjoys his life, enjoys his golf. Comes out here relaxed and backs his ability.

AB de Villiers is the Man of the Match.

Virat Kohli: I don't have words because it was such a rollercoaster. We batted really well to get past 200 and the start with the ball was outstanding as well. They played well in the middle overs, patiently, waiting for the dew to kick in. I hope we didn't think we'd done the job [at 90 off 5 overs]. Fielding is something we have to keep working on. If we'd taken out chances again it wouldn't have been so close. As I said, these little things we're not capitalising on, we need to work on. [Super Over] I thought about, Jasprit's going to bowl and use the longer boundary. Thought about who are the best guys to come back for twos and it was me and AB. It was a good match with Jasprit being the best bowler they have. We felt he's in the game, we're in the game, and that's what the people love. But not for the captains involved. We'll take lessons and close the games better in the future. I think the changes that we made, making Washy bowl in the powerplay paid off. I think Isuru did well as well. Gurkeerat didn't get a bat but we had the balance right. Zampa did well too other than that last over. Outstanding super over from Saini aganst Hardik and Pollard. I think the long boundary gave him confidence. [2 in 3] A bit different from the past, isn't it?! Need to plug in those gaps in those performances and keep accumulating those points.

10:25pm Hello, it's me again, with a moment to breathe. What a finish to a game that was headed for a more straightforward end than this. That drop from Pawan Negi - who took three important catches otherwise - kept Pollard in. And keeping Pollard in means staying in the game. Just turned the game with a 27-run over and then Kishan kicked off from the other end too. Unfortunate not to have a hundred, the young man playing his first match in place of state senior Saurabh Tiwary. He nearlyfinished it in regulation time. A little more juice on that shot and it would have been the most incredible finish - 80 runs scored off the last 23 balls. But those are rare in this game, even when you get that close. For RCB, a big sigh of relief. Came in with a rejigged bowling line up today but it still looks like they're overdependent on Saini at the death. It took an extra over from him for them to win a match in which they made 201 after some solid batting. They sneak through to another win. Two matches now that they've narrowly taken But four points in three matches are precious and these wins set you up when you have a more settled team later on. Let's hope they can find that at some point. Always helps to be winning even when you're not entirely 100%.

Washington Sundar: I have to do my job and happy to have contributed to this. I just wanted in any way I could for RCB. I was glad I was given this particular role against a team like Mumbai Indians and shows a lot of confidence as well. I think we did an amazing job to restrict them to seven runs. The win really means a lot because we did really well with the bat and we cannot go back to the room losing this match. We couldn't have lost this, really glad that we won this game.

Rohit: It was a great game. We were not in the game at all when we started with the bat. Great innings by Ishan to get us back. Polly was brilliant as usual. Just that we didn't start well, I thought we could have got 200 with the batting we have. With Polly being there, anything can happen, and Ishan can hit it. We had the belief that we could do it. They held their nerves although we put pressure. [Kishan] was drained out and he was not comfortable for the Super Over. He was not feeling fresh and Hardik is someone we trust hitting the long balls. It's not coming off but we're confident. Seven runs, you have to have luck on your side and get a wicket in the first two balls. And that unfortunate edge over fine leg made it two in two for them.

Bumrah to Kohli, FOUR runs

whipped to the square leg boundary and a win is sealed after the longest of routes for RCB. It's a low full toss at the stumps, he shuffles and whips it through square leg with ease

Conference time between the bowler and captain. Pollard is in on that discussion too. The fielders are coming into the circle, barring a deep midwicket. Short midwicket, short extra cover and big ring square on the off side. Is he going length ball outside off?

Bumrah to de Villiers, 1 run

nails the yorker at off stump. AB looks to clip that into the leg side and it hits his left boot and rolls out pitch side on the off side. They'll sneak the single, no worries there

Bumrah to de Villiers, FOUR runs

"come on!" screeches Kohli as AB gets a top edge on this bouncer that clears short fine. Would have been taken if fine leg was back, so you have to question the tactics from Mumbai here. The field was not set for this ball. It was a good bouncer, mind you, making him evade as he it headed at his helmet. He was swishing out of balance but it was enough

Bumrah to de Villiers, no run

there's a sound on that and the umpire gives the catch behind. AB sends it for a review. Short ball cramping him at helmet height and he's out of shape trying to hook. But replay shows the hands and the bat were far enough out of the way. Ultra Edge confirms no nick on that. And there's no signal even as the ball passes helmet with AB's eyes off the ball. So the sound had nothing to do with any connection. He survives. It's not above the head, so just a dot ball

Bumrah to Kohli, 1 run

he hits it on the bounce to that deep backward square! Sweet timing on it, a short ball fetched from off stump. Boult agile to his left to stop that, some five yards inside the line

Short fine moves into midwicket now and deep square moves finer for Kohli

Bumrah to de Villiers, 1 run

gets in the blockhole. Low trajectory on the low full toss, slanted in for off stump. AB can only tap this towards long-on off the toe of his bat

It will be AB to take strike. Fine leg in, third man in. Point and extra cover in.

As expected, it will be Jasprit Bumrah who'll bowl for Mumbai Indians. Remember, he didn't have a great time with the ball either. Went for 42 off his four. And the man who contributed to that - AB de Villiers - is coming out. To partner him is Virat Kohli, who had the most indifferent innings tonight. He's come out to seal it for his team in the Super Over.

SUPER OVER 1 - END OF OVER7 runs • 1 wicket
MI: 7/1CRR: 7.00 

The death over RCB never got on the first attempt has kept them in the game. There's still an over to go before we have a result, but this pretty much RCB summed up. They needed a fifth over from Saini to contain Mumbai Indians. Eight to win.

Saini to Hardik, 1 bye

beats him! Superb bowling from Saini. Pandya was braced for the full ball at off stump, deep in his crease and on an off stump line. But Saini goes slower ball, he goes short of a good length, and he digs it in such that Pandya is just hitting air with his attempted drag into the leg side

Rohit is the new man but he will be at the non-striker's end

Saini to Pollard, OUT

Pollard finds Gurkeerat again but this time into his lap at deep midwicket! Low full toss at middle stump. Pollard can't get more than a whip at that because of Saini's pace. It's flat and it's straight to the fielder

Kieron Pollard c Gurkeerat Singh b Saini 5 (4b 1x4 0x6)
Saini to Pollard, FOUR runs

goes straight and long-off tumbles over the ball! Gurkeerat the man. Low full toss outside off, this time he offers the full face and drives past the bowler. Gurkeerat has made the ground and Saini is not please as he lets this go low to his right. Not a great effort. Kohli replaces him at long-off now

Chahal in Saini's ears and drying the ball with the towel

Saini to Pollard, no run

beaten. Pollard misses out on a ball in the slot too! This is overpitched, right in the swinging arc. He was hitting these straight or wide of long-off. This time he looks for the slog and misses

Rohit Sharma is also padded up by the way, and has his helmet on

Saini to Hardik, 1 run

on the bounce to long-on. Lets out a groan, Pandya, he's missed out on a full toss. A full at knee height outside off. His short-arm whip doesn't come off

The field remains the same for Pandya. The leg side is the bigger side.

Saini to Pollard, 1 run

nails the yorker! Just outside off, Pollard can only chop this to sweeper cover's left

Saini has the ball for RCB. Kieron Pollard will take strike. Hardik Pandya at the other end. Kishan is still padded up.

Extra cover, point, third man, fine leg are in the circle

end of over 2018 runs • 1 wicket
MI: 201/5CRR: 10.05 
Kieron Pollard60 (24)
Krunal Pandya0 (0)
Isuru Udana 4-0-45-2
Navdeep Saini 4-0-43-0

9:53pm Time and time again, RCB find ways to mess it up at the end. But that statement alone will be a ridiculous disservice to what Kieron Pollard has done in Ishan Kishan's company here. Superb, superb T20 batting from one of the all-time greats. An unbeaten 60 off 24 balls and you better bet he's going to be back out there for the Super Over now. And will Kishan join him? No, it appears it will be Hardik Pandya. Kishan is still padded up.RCB have conceded 79 off their last four overs. Now they've to bowl a fifth.

Udana to Pollard, FOUR runs

it's a tie! A super over! Unreal. Slower short ball and that is...well, completely predictable. Sits up at off stump. Pollard deep in the crease and clobbers this between deep square and deep midwicket. One bounce and over the rope

They have crossed over. Pollard on strike. A six gives them the win. A four the tie.

Udana to Ishan, OUT

taken at deep midwicket! Oh boy! A matter of yards from victory, a matter of yards from an IPL hundred. Slower length ball outside off, gets down on a knee and brings out the slog sweep. Flat and right into the lap of the fielder at the line. Have they crossed over? That is all that matters right now

Ishan Kishan c Padikkal b Udana 99 (58b 2x4 9x6) SR: 170.68
Udana to Ishan, SIX runs

nails it and he's up to 99! Kishan has connected one and dragged this wide of long-on so casually! An overpitched ball from Udana, sliding nicely on as he swipes across the line

More towel work. 11 needed off 3.

Udana to Ishan, SIX runs

tipped over the boundary at long-on! Looks like it's Gurkeerat. Low full toss outside off, slogs at it and gets it off the low part of the bat. Gurkeerat leaps to his left and it's got his fingertips. Tough chance. Kishan still hasn't nailed one off the middle. Now is the time

Udana to Pollard, 1 run

slower short ball and he pulls straight to deep square. This is Udana's USP at the death. Really digs the cutters in. Pollard can't get it away

Third man, point, extra cover, mid-off in the circle. Udana is around the wicket. They want Pollard hitting into the long leg side.

Udana to Ishan, 1 run

they might have Kishan at the non-striker's end. Udana really gpotaway with this ball. Overpitched on middle, square leg was in, but Kishan finds him with the slog. Runs through and dives at the other end...and he's made it

end of over 1912 runs
MI: 183/4CRR: 9.63 RRR: 19.00
Ishan Kishan86 (54)
Kieron Pollard55 (22)
Navdeep Saini 4-0-43-0
Yuzvendra Chahal 4-0-48-1

12 from the over. Isuru Udana must defend 19 against Kishan and Pollard on his RCB debut. Leg side is the short side for Kishan at this end.

Saini to Ishan, 1 run

slower ball, dug in short at leg stump. Miscued pull out to deep square leg

Kishan has to get a boundary here from Mumbai's perspective. They'll want Pollard facing six balls from Udana. The towels are out and Saini is giving the ball a working at the top of his mark.

Saini to Ishan, SIX runs

clears Kohli at long-off! Another mis-hit turns into six for Mumbai. This is a knee height full toss wide outside off. He wants to hit over the leg side but the angle is against him. It ends up a slice, and that is enough after keeping Kohli interested for a moment

DEEP PATEL: "Really good stuff from Saini here! "

Ritesh: "Saini has bowled pure gold dust here... "

Saini to Pollard, 1 run

straight long-off saves them three. That is a position people have for Pollard. This is a low full toss outside off and he sends it whistling past the bowler

Saini to Ishan, 1 run

good enough. 143kph, full and at off stump. Kishan is too late on the slog. Perhaps his hands slipped off too. He calls for new gloves immediately

Third man, point and extra cover are in. Fine leg is in. Saini stays over the wicket.

Saini to Pollard, 1 run

outside edge but gathered on the bounce by Chahal at third man. Short and wide from Saini, missed out on the big cut and third man is fine

Saini to Ishan, 1 run

full slower ball just outside off, mistimed slog along the floor to deep midwicket

Saini to Ishan, 1 wide

short and down leg side. Kishan has a whip at it and is beaten but he gets a run

end of over 1822 runs
MI: 171/4CRR: 9.50 RRR: 15.50
Kieron Pollard53 (20)
Ishan Kishan77 (50)
Yuzvendra Chahal 4-0-48-1
Adam Zampa 4-0-53-1

They've got 49 in the last 2. Now they need 31 off 12. Saini was saved for the 19th. Here he is.

Chahal to Pollard, SIX runs

forehand slap flat and over the bowler! 20-ball fifty, get outta here you beast! Talk about clutch player. He is doing EVERYTHING he is paid to do. Dropped short at a middle stump line, backs into the leg side and flat-bats this over Chahal like he's facing tennis serves from the Under-14s

Chahal to Ishan, 1 run

short of a length outside off, punched to long-off's left off the back foot

Chahal to Ishan, SIX runs

carts him over deep midwicket! He does stick with the loopy stuff. But Kishan has figured that out now. Kohli asking Chahal why he isn't making him into the off side. Good length at off, gets low and slogs it. Just about clears the fielder

He's kept him quiet with some loopy stuff. Does he dare?

Chahal to Pollard, 1 run

good length and pushed flat down leg side. No room this time. Whipped to deep midwicket off the back foot

Aditya: "Someone said Pollard snatching victories from RCB on smaller grounds, he may do it on bigger ground tonight"

Chahal to Pollard, 2 runs

full and following him down leg side. Miscued slog bounces out to deep midwicket's right

Chahal to Pollard, SIX runs

drilled over long-off! Good length ball, legbreak at off stump. Backs into the leg side, has the reach and the room to absolutely nail this. 81 metres

A V K: "That famed 18th over."

end of over 1727 runs
MI: 149/4CRR: 8.76 RRR: 17.66
Kieron Pollard38 (16)
Ishan Kishan70 (48)
Adam Zampa 4-0-53-1
Navdeep Saini 3-0-31-0

27 off that over! Kohli goes with Chahal for the next over. Can he make amends? Required rate is down to 17.66.

Zampa to Pollard, 3 runs

dropped at backward point! Chahal running backwards barely gets a finger on that. And they're back for the third which means Pollard keeps strike. Zampa slows it down, goes good length legbreak outside off. Pollard looks for the slog again and the leading edge floats over Chahal's head and his lunge to the right won't get him to it

Match details
Dubai International Cricket Stadium
TossMumbai Indians, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
AB de Villiers
Hours of play (local time)18.00 start, First Session 18.00-19.30, Interval 19.30-19.50, Second Session 19.50- 21.20
Match days28 September 2020 - night (20-over match)
Nitin Menon
Paul Reiffel
TV Umpire
Anil Chaudhary
Reserve Umpire
Yeshwant Barde
Match Referee
Javagal Srinath
PointsRoyal Challengers Bangalore 2, Mumbai Indians 0
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