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KKR vs SRH, 35th Match at Abu Dhabi, IPL, Oct 18 2020 - Match Result

35th Match, Abu Dhabi, October 18, 2020, Indian Premier League

Match tied (KKR won the one-over eliminator)

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Scorecard summary
Kolkata Knight Riders 163/5(20 overs)
36 (37)
2/40 (4)
34 (23)
1/20 (4)
Sunrisers Hyderabad 163/6(20 overs)
47* (33)
1/28 (4)
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6:38pm And that is all from here! Head over to Mumbai Indians v Kings XI Punjab, where the defending champions are three down in the eighth over.

Ferguson: I think getting David Warner out especially at the start of the super over [was my favourite wicket]. It's great having Morgs at the top off the mark with his calmness and of course I had my plan which was working throughout the game. Look we'll take this win and enjoy tonight, it was a very good win on a tough wicket. It was nice to put the icing on the cake after the batsmen's effort.

Lockie Ferguson is the Man of the Match.

E Morgan: They're nice to be part of, get a glimpse into what the guys are about. For Lockie to come in and perform in both phases was outstanding. We've been sort of striving to get wins out of the last couple of games, didn't happen against Mumbai; today we were competitive. It'll all depend on a lot of match-ups, what we think are the right dynamics at the time [the batting order]. Dre went off the field, we thought he was injured. He came back on and said he could bowl. I think he showed a lot of character to get us to the Super Over after not starting well. He's a superstar player for us. Hopefully we an gather up some momentum after this.

D Karthik: Relief. It was a game we could have won comfortably. Made it a little tough for ourselves. I think it was a little hard to bat on, a little sticky, that's why you see low scores defended. I started 4, depending on how the match goes Baz [sends me out] so I'm not fussed about where I bat.

Warner: I don't know where to start. At the end of the day, we probably leaked a few too many in the middle overs and at the back end. For us it's about finishing games and we've failed the last 2-3 occasions. Not at all in two minds about bowling first. I thought this was a nice wicket that wouldn't change and to be fair it didn't. 165 was about par. We lost wickets at crucial times again. Kane had to open because he had a slight niggle with his adductor. Will need some physio work.

6:25pm A morose looking David Warner at the post-match chat there. He's been harping on about his team not being able to close off games, and it's the same story once again. Might sting more knowing he was there at the end to take control of things too. But the fact is that Lockie Ferguson was too good for them. A special spell in regulation time and then back to close it all in the Super Over. After the start in the powerplay, and Russell's injury, KKR needed something of the sort he produced today because they'd fallen a few runs short with the bat. SRH mixed their line-up around and managed to get a quick powerplay start, which was the motive - but the middle overs played out much the same. They're now four points behind KKR, who are fourth on the table. A massive wedge in the middle of the IPL table that will be difficult to plug now for the teams in the lower half of the table.

Rashid Khan to Karthik, 2 leg byes

fumble by short fine and DK comes back for the second run. Googly at a length, deflecting off the thigh guard and running fine. Sandeep got into a tangle and couldn't pick up cleanly as he attempted to pick up and throw on the turn

Rashid Khan to Karthik, no run

good length and sliding into the pads. Waits on that and looks to turn through square leg but cops it on the pad. Can't nick a single from short midwicket

Third man, fine leg, midwicket and extra cover are in

Rashid Khan to Morgan, 1 run

full ball at middle stump, swept along the floor to deep midwicket's left. Lots of shouting around from both teams, but DK has the hand up. No risks as Garg picks up and sends it back

Rashid Khan to Morgan, no run

reverse sweep straight to short third. Full ball on off stump, firmly struck but can't find the gap

Shubman Gill is padded up for KKR. Coming out to the middle are Morgan and Karthik. Morgan will take strike.

Rashid Khan is the designated bowler for SRH.

SUPER OVER - END OF OVER2 runs • 2 wickets
SRH: 2/2CRR: 2.00 

Lockie is immortal tonight. Five balls ago, KKR seemed to have surrendered meekly. Now, they need to score 3 off 6 to win this game.

Rashid Khan is the designated bowler for SRH.

Ferguson to Abdul Samad, OUT

bowled out! A full slower ball, delivered like a legcutter and coming in with the angle. He got one like this in regulation time too. Superb, superb stuff. It crashes into middle stump as Samad clears the front leg and looks for the big slog

Abdul Samad b Ferguson 2 (2b 0x4 0x6)
Ferguson to Abdul Samad, 2 runs

short of a length and just outside off, ha a big swat at that but it comes off the high part of the bat. Past Bairstow at the other end and weak enough that long-on can't cut off the second

Abdul Samad the last man for SRH

Ferguson to Warner, OUT

takes off stump first ball! Good length ball pitching at middle stump. Gets the front leg into the leg side and wants to carve it behind point. And he misses. That tonks the top of off stump

David Warner b Ferguson 0 (1b 0x4 0x6)

Warner is taking strike. Mid-off is inside. Square leg and fine leg too. Looks like they'll be going wide yorkers because point is back.

end of over 2017 runs
SRH: 163/6CRR: 8.15 
David Warner47 (33b 5x4)
Rashid Khan1 (2b)
Andre Russell 2-0-29-0
Shivam Mavi 3-0-34-1

6:05pm I see Warner has his helmet back on. He's coming out with Bairstow. Lockie with the ball.

6:02pm You almost feel KKR have got away with that last over. It was certainly a tame end to it, looks like even Warner was winded by the end of it. But that's it now, both teams start equally. SRH will, of course, bat first. Possibly against Lockie. Don't know that yet. Big discussions in the SRH dugout about who will bat.

Russell to Warner, 1 leg bye

we'll have a super Over! KKR just manage to hang on. Good length ball at middle stump, looks to flick that and cops it on the back leg. Only a single in the off side. But they don't even attempt a second. On the flip side, KKR didn't appeal for lbw.

Russell to Warner, 2 runs

overpitched on middle stump, mistimed slog to where mid-on would have been. Their halfways-in fielder from mid-off runs across but can't stop Warner from retaining the strike

Russell to Warner, FOUR runs

walks into the off side and swats this past square leg. Good length ball, slow and friendly on leg stump. an easy put away. It was 124kph

Looks like they've stationed a man halfway in form the straight boundary, in line with the non-striker

Russell to Warner, FOUR runs

swatted past the non-striker. Good length, loopy outside off. Waits on it and flat-bats it aerially between non-striker and umpire

Russell can barely jog in the run up...

Russell to Warner, FOUR runs

whipped to the long leg boundary. Full and into the pads, waits on it and just gets enough on the thick inside edge to get this between the fiedlers

Russell over the wicket. Square leg in, fine leg in.

Russell to Rashid Khan, 1 run

whipped straight to deep midwicket. Low full toss floated outside off, he gets low and drags this out to the fielder who takes a catch very close to the padding. They check it and he's alright

Free hit

Russell to Rashid Khan, (no ball)

whew very very wide outside off. Almost a slingy action. Russell ran in very gingerly there, almost as if he was checking if he can bowl. And what's more, the siren's gone off. He's overstepped

end of over 1912 runs • 1 wicket
SRH: 146/6CRR: 7.68 RRR: 18.00
David Warner33 (28b 2x4)
Shivam Mavi 3-0-34-1
Lockie Ferguson 4-0-15-3

Into the final over it is then, and I think they crossed over so Rashid Khan will take strike against Russell, who is around the wicket with a very short run up.

Shivam Mavi to Abdul Samad, OUT

a relay catch at deep midwicket! Oh this is a leg stump full toss and Samad doesn't get a clean swing out at it. The soft signal is out. He reached out a touch and just flicked this in the end. Lockie covered the ground to his left, caught it, and then put in a backhand flick to long-on. They're checking it upstairs. His right boot, on the balancing step, comes very very close to the boundary padding. He is confident about it. And this should remain out given there's no way to conclusively say the foot touched the padding. There's hardly a ripple there. And yes, it does stay out.

Abdul Samad c Shubman Gill b Shivam Mavi 23 (15b 2x4 1x6) SR: 153.33
Shivam Mavi to Abdul Samad, 2 runs

yorker outside off, shuffles and looks to slog into the leg side. Thick inside edge onto his boot and then it trickles out to long-on. Warner hares back for the second

Field remains the same for Samad

Shivam Mavi to Warner, 1 run

slower short ball, wide outside off. Reaches out and can only chop this to sweeper cover

Now mid-off goes back. Square leg is in. As are point, third man and extra cover.

Shivam Mavi to Warner, FOUR runs

lifted over mid-off. A full toss outside off, gets deep in the crease and carves this. Didn't hit that too well but mid-off was in

Shivam Mavi to Abdul Samad, 1 run

full and just outside off, looks to pump that straight but it comes off the toe-end and long-off is quick running in at it

Shivam Mavi to Abdul Samad, FOUR runs

poor start from Mavi. Point is in. He goes short and he goes wide. A slower ball that is. But enough time to adjust and scythe this over point. Sweeper can't get that to his left

end of over 187 runs
SRH: 134/5CRR: 7.44 RRR: 15.00
David Warner28 (26b 1x4)
Abdul Samad16 (11b 1x4 1x6)
Lockie Ferguson 4-0-15-3
Varun Chakravarthy 4-0-32-1

That's the end of the spell that single-handedly brought KKR into the game after the powerplay. Warner makes it into the last two overs with 30 required. Mavi will bowl the 19th over. Third man, point, extra cover and fine leg in the circle.

Ferguson to Warner, 2 runs

low yorker at middle stump, mistimed another attempted slog, it trickles to long-on's left

Ferguson to Warner, 2 runs

high full toss, about thigh height. A slower ball at 119kph. Mistimed slog to deep midwicket's left

Just three off the over. Will Warner look to play him out and take it deep?

Ferguson to Abdul Samad, 1 run

dropped at backward point. Russell lunging to his left. Slower ball again it appears, short of a length outside off. Chops at it with an open face. It's wide to Russell's left and he can't grab on after putting in the dive. On his feet again

Ferguson to Abdul Samad, no run

beats the inside edge. A slower yorker this time, just dips inwards as he sets up outside off. Wants to drive through cover

Ferguson to Abdul Samad, 2 runs

yorker just outside off, half crouch as he feels for this and opens the wrists late. Only a chip to sweeper's right in the end

Ferguson to Abdul Samad, no run

beaten. A full slower ball wide outside off, steps the back leg deep into the crease and swings across the line, but that's gone from under him

end of over 1710 runs
SRH: 127/5CRR: 7.47 RRR: 12.33
David Warner24 (24b 1x4)
Abdul Samad13 (7b 1x4 1x6)
Varun Chakravarthy 4-0-32-1
Pat Cummins 4-0-28-1

Another decent spell from Chakravarthy. SRH won't feel too badly about getting 10 off that over though. 37 needed off the last three. One of those will be bowled by Lockie. It's this one, in fact. Russell is allowed to bowl after this over after going off the field earlier.

Varun to Warner, 2 runs

short of a length and at leg stump. Goes deep in the crease and punches this to long-on's left with soft hands

Only eight off the over so far. What's on Warner's mind?

Best performances - batters
Spike Graph
Wagon Zone
DA Warner
47 runs (33)
5 fours0 six
Productive shot
off drive
11 runs
2 fours0 six
JM Bairstow
36 runs (28)
7 fours0 six
Productive shot
sweep shot
8 runs
2 fours0 six
Best performances - bowlers
LH Ferguson
T Natarajan
Match details
Zayed Cricket Stadium, Abu Dhabi
TossSunrisers Hyderabad, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Hours of play (local time)14.00 start, First Session 14.00-15.30, Interval 15.30-15.50, Second Session 15.50-17.20
Match days18 October 2020 - day (20-over match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
PointsKolkata Knight Riders 2, Sunrisers Hyderabad 0
Win Probability
SRH 50%
100%50%100%KKR InningsSRH Innings

Over 20 • SRH 163/6

Match tied (KKR won the one-over eliminator)
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