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CSK vs KKR, Final at Dubai, IPL, Oct 15 2021 - Full Scorecard

Final (N), Dubai (DICS), October 15, 2021, Indian Premier League

CSK won by 27 runs

CSK Innings
KKR Innings
Match Flow
Chennai Super Kings  (20 ovs maximum)
c Shivam Mavi b Narine32274131118.51
c Iyer b Shivam Mavi865910473145.76
lbw b Narine31152603206.66
not out 37203623185.00
Extras(b 1, lb 1, nb 1, w 3)6
TOTAL20 Ov (RR: 9.60)192/3
Fall of wickets: 1-61 (Ruturaj Gaikwad, 8.1 ov), 2-124 (Robin Uthappa, 13.3 ov), 3-192 (Faf du Plessis, 19.6 ov)
19.6 to F du Plessis, he's holed out to long-on! Won't get the orange cap but what a knock he's played. Absolutely incredible. Faf went after this full ball, looked to swing this over long-on, but just didn't get enough on it.. 192/3
8.1 to RD Gaikwad, dances down, and slices to long-off! Narine strikes immediately after the break. Gaikwad came down the pitch early, and looked to loft that full delivery outside off. But the bat face seemed to have opened last moment as Narine seemed to have bowled the knuckle ball, and the ball landed right where the man was placed. 61/1
13.3 to RV Uthappa, big appeal for lbw and given by umpire Nitin Menon! Uthappa was looking to play a reverse sweep. He reviews. I think it'll come back as umpire's call. There's absolutely no bat involved, so all we need to see if where the impact was. And ball tracking confirms this was marginally within the stumps. And so Uthappa will have to go. What a knock he's played though.. 124/2
Kolkata Knight Riders  (T: 193 runs from 20 ovs)
lbw b Chahar51437460118.60
c Jadeja b Thakur50325653156.25
c du Plessis b Thakur013000.00
c Jadeja b Hazlewood22600100.00
c Chahar b Hazlewood48320050.00
c Rayudu b Jadeja97801128.57
lbw b Jadeja017000.00
c Ali b Thakur2340066.66
not out 18112711163.63
c Chahar b Bravo20132212153.84
not out 00100-
Extras(nb 1, w 8)9
TOTAL20 Ov (RR: 8.25)165/9
Fall of wickets: 1-91 (Venkatesh Iyer, 10.4 ov), 2-93 (Nitish Rana, 10.6 ov), 3-97 (Sunil Narine, 11.3 ov), 4-108 (Shubman Gill, 13.2 ov), 5-119 (Dinesh Karthik, 14.5 ov), 6-120 (Shakib Al Hasan, 14.6 ov), 7-123 (Rahul Tripathi, 15.4 ov), 8-125 (Eoin Morgan, 16.3 ov), 9-164 (Shivam Mavi, 19.5 ov)
13.2 to Shubman Gill, brain fade or what? Gill is struck flush on the pad by this full toss as he walks across to scoop it over. It was so dead in front that Chahar didn't even bother looking back at the umpire and Gill didn't even think of reviewing that. . 108/4
11.3 to SP Narine, what a catch and it's Jadeja again at deep midwicket! Narine picked the bones out of this short ball and it looked set to sail over the ropes even as Jadeja ran back to catch. He also had to be mindful of the ropes behind him but he ended up taking it well in front by timing his jump to perfection. He kept his balance and didn't allow the momentum to take him over. CSK can sniff victory or what? This would've been a six in Sharjah. 97/3
16.3 to EJG Morgan, such is Morgan's luck that even his best-timed shot finds the fielder. Chahar has done outstandingly well at fine leg to leap high, get his hands on the ball. He then lets go of the ball as he goes over the ropes, comes back in and calmly grabs the ball back. Morgan sees that on the big screen and walks back disappointed.. 125/8
10.4 to VR Iyer, sliced high in the air, so high that the spidey was in danger of tipping this again, but it doesn't and Jadeja takes an excellent catch coming in from sweeper cover. The ball swerved a bit, Jadeja nearly misjudged it but managed to hang on. Iyer was looking to hit over mid-off.. 91/1
10.6 to N Rana, did that stick into the pitch? Looks like it did. Thakur bowls cross-seam length ball, Rana goes with hard hands but checked his shot and ended up chipping it to mid-off. Double-strike for CSK . 93/2
15.4 to RA Tripathi, he's not timed that and Moeen takes a simple catch moving to his right at long-on! Thakur dug this into the pitch, got a bit of bounce and Tripathi got it off the top part of the bat as he looked to swing that over the ropes. It's all falling apart for KKR. Lord Shardul, as they call him, continues to have a dream run in the UAE. 123/7
19.5 to Shivam Mavi, has he cleared the ropes? Nope, just turns out to be catching practice for Deepak Chahar at the deep midwicket boundary. Bravo with a slow offcutter into the stumps, Mavi had to manufacture too much power to clear the long boundary there.. 164/9
14.5 to KD Karthik, Rayudu didn't have to move an inch! Karthik's eyes may have lit up as he saw this short and angling in, he rocked back and thought he'd helped it along well, but found deep backward square leg. Is that the beginning of the end for KKR this season?. 119/5
14.6 to Shakib Al Hasan, struck on the pad and gone! Shakib plays all around this sharp-spinning delivery, misses it and that would've crashed into the stumps. Jadeja was so confident that he was running in celebration even before the umpire raised his finger.. 120/6
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  • Chennai Super Kings innings
  • Powerplay 1: Overs 0.1 - 6.0 (Mandatory - 50 runs, 0 wicket)
  • Chennai Super Kings: 50 runs in 5.6 overs (37 balls), Extras 2
  • 1st Wicket: 50 runs in 37 balls (RD Gaikwad 26, F du Plessis 22, Ex 2)
  • Strategic Timeout: Chennai Super Kings - 61/0 in 8.0 overs (RD Gaikwad 32, F du Plessis 27)
  • F du Plessis: 50 off 35 balls (5 x 4, 2 x 6)
  • Chennai Super Kings: 100 runs in 11.3 overs (70 balls), Extras 3
  • 2nd Wicket: 50 runs in 25 balls (F du Plessis 28, RV Uthappa 22, Ex 1)
  • Strategic Timeout: Chennai Super Kings - 124/2 in 13.3 overs (F du Plessis 57)
  • Over 13.3: Review by Chennai Super Kings (Batting), Umpire - Nitin Menon, Batter - RV Uthappa (Struck down)
  • Chennai Super Kings: 150 runs in 16.6 overs (103 balls), Extras 5
  • 3rd Wicket: 50 runs in 29 balls (F du Plessis 23, MM Ali 27, Ex 2)
  • Innings Break: Chennai Super Kings - 192/3 in 20.0 overs (MM Ali 37)
  • Kolkata Knight Riders innings
  • Powerplay 1: Overs 0.1 - 6.0 (Mandatory - 55 runs, 0 wicket)
  • Kolkata Knight Riders: 50 runs in 5.4 overs (34 balls), Extras 2
  • 1st Wicket: 50 runs in 34 balls (Shubman Gill 21, VR Iyer 30, Ex 2)
  • Strategic Timeout: Kolkata Knight Riders - 59/0 in 7.0 overs (Shubman Gill 23, VR Iyer 34)
  • VR Iyer: 50 off 31 balls (5 x 4, 3 x 6)
  • Kolkata Knight Riders: 100 runs in 12.2 overs (74 balls), Extras 4
  • Shubman Gill: 50 off 40 balls (6 x 4)
  • Strategic Timeout: Kolkata Knight Riders - 120/6 in 15.0 overs (EJG Morgan 3)
  • Kolkata Knight Riders: 150 runs in 18.3 overs (112 balls), Extras 7
Dubai International Cricket Stadium
TossKolkata Knight Riders, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Player Of The Series
Series resultChennai Super Kings won the 2021 Indian Premier League
Hours of play (local time)18.00 start, First Session 18.00-19.30, Interval 19.30-19.50, Second Session 19.50-21.20
Match days15 October 2021 - night (20-over match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
Win Probability
CSK 100%
100%50%100%CSK InningsKKR Innings

Over 20 • KKR 165/9

Shivam Mavi c Chahar b Bravo 20 (13b 1x4 2x6 22m) SR: 153.84
CSK won by 27 runs
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