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England vs Ireland, 3rd ODI at Southampton, IRE in ENG, Aug 04 2020 - Ball by Ball Commentary

3rd ODI (D/N), Southampton, August 04, 2020, Ireland tour of England
(49.5/50 ov, T:329) 329/3

Ireland won by 7 wickets (with 1 ball remaining)

Player Of The Match
142 (128)
Player Of The Series
98 runs • 8 wkts
Full commentary

10.15pm: That's your lot from the white-ball bubble - we've had fun, haven't we? Matt's report will sum up a run-filled series finale, and then get ready for a change of pace, because there's a Test match starting in about 12 hours' time. Thanks for chipping in, as always. From myself, Miller and Vishal, as well as Chandan and Thilak, it's goodnight and good luck. Bye!

10pm: Well, that was worth staying up for... Time for the presentations, starting with Man of the Match Paul Stirling: "It was brilliant to get our first win in the competition, especially after a couple of tough games, showed a lot of character to come back. We've chased over 300 a number of times, particularly in World Cups, so we knew we could do it, freed us up to go hard at the top, have a bit of fun and it was a solid chase in the end. We haven't played for so long, you get used to sticking your pads on having some nerves and then you get back to normal. You get past that and feel like you're back to normal again. Nice to go on. [Partnership?] Love batting with Bal, we seem to put on good partnerships. Great to bat with and his knock was pretty special as well. [Innings rank?] This is sup there, definitely, against England in England, nice knock to have but it's the win and the team that counts."

Player of the Series, David Willey: "Nice to get a go, and be back in the fold. When I bat it means we're in a bit of strife, but it was nice to get a few runs and a few wickets. I'm happy to get another chance, after the World Cup and not being involved in the winter, I wasn't sure if I was done, so wanted to come out and enjoy it. Yorkshire want me to play Saturday but we'll see how we go there. Normally when I go back and play county I get injured!"

Ireland captain Andy Balbirnie: "We're delighted with how that finished, didn't perform with the bat at all in the first two ODIs, so to come back in the field and then chase a total like that against a good side was great. We thought we could chase it but we had to bat well. Faded a bit in the field but manged to take regular wickets and 320-330 we knew we were in the game. [Powerplay approach?] I tried to be positive, different to Paul but we dovetailed well, and we created the big partnership which went a long way to winning the game. [Super League] It's going to be a scrap for us, we have to be competitive in all our games, we're grateful for the opportunity to come here, to the ECB for putting it on, and to come away with 10 points. We've got two weeks back home in quarantine and we have to get through that and back to training, but we're grateful and hopefully there'll be many more fixtures ahead."

England captain Eoin Morgan: "Full credit to Ireland, they've outplayed us today. We had an average day, stuttered throughout, we rebuilt from three down and then stuttered again, got to in-and-around a par score. But Ireland played well, and we have to thank them for coming over. [Target defendable?] We have more than enough wicket-takers in our group., Paul Stirling came out and had a good day but we failed to take opportunities when they arose. We weren't on top of our game today. We're learning more about players coming in and have opportunities to show what they can to. David WiIley, Sam Billings, Tom Banton, the bowling unit... Today was an insight on a better wicket what 50-over international cricket is like. It can be cruel. [Fitness?] Bit of a groin tweak, so didn't risk coming out, thought Moeen did a great job, he's very wise and uses every bit of experience, and he did everything he could. We have bowlers who take wickets, but we didn't take opportunities. Short and sharp but great fun to be back and hopefully the start of some more exciting white-ball cricket to come."

9.52pm: The whoops and cheers from the Ireland balcony were audible around a deserted Ageas Bowl, as Ireland completed only their second victory over England - the other being a certain Bangalore bushwhacking back in 2011 (when they also finished on 329, by the way). Kevin O'Brien was out in the middle to finish this one off, after twin tons from Paul Stirling and Andy Balbirnie, as Ireland finally roused themselves after two tepid performances had seen the series slip away. They've knocked England over on their home patch, despite a century from the captain, Eoin Morgan, and you can bet the world is going to hear about it, behind closed doors or otherwise!

"Ireland hit nine less 4s than England and one less 6," notes Ramble. "Just over 40 runs less in boundaries, as well as losing 7 less wickets. More than one way to achieve a total. Smart chase."

"Might find a pub named 329 somewhere in Dublin," chirps Ajeet

"So all 3 tons tonight are by Irish..!!" One way or another that's right, Azweer

And here's Justin Smyth, of this parish: "Fully deserved the win today. Fantastic display of batting from Stirling and Balbirnie, shame that the series has to end now. 10 points on the table. More then we thought that we could at the start of the series. Night to remember and it might not be an early one!"

Mahmood to K O'Brien, 1 run

short again, KOB swats it through backward square leg, and Ireland have done it! A famous win, by seven wickets - and they're on the World Cup Super League points table, too!

Mahmood to K O'Brien, no run

short ball, 90mph outside off and KOB misses with an attempted cut

"Super over????" Unlikely now, Hayden... One to win from three

Mahmood to K O'Brien, 2 runs

full and straight, 90mph/145kph and swatted through the leg side, leveling the scores

Free hit

Mahmood to Tector, (no ball) 1 run

agh, another high full toss, that'll be a no-ball and maybe the game for Ireland... Tector kept his head and swung it away for one into the deep, too

Mahmood to K O'Brien, 1 run

full toss, 88mph and carted leg side, could have gone anywhere but finds deep square leg for a single

Todd: "Where's Liam Plunkett or Chris Jordan when you need them?" Time for young Saqib to show what he can do...

Mahmood to K O'Brien, 2 runs

full length outside off, 87mph/139kph and KOB munches it though the covers in front of the sweeper for two

Saqib Mahmood it is to bowl the final over, with Ireland needing eight to win. Where's your hard-earned?

end of over 499 runs
IRE: 321/3CRR: 6.55 RRR: 8.00
Kevin O'Brien15 (10b 1x4 1x6)
Harry Tector28 (25b 3x4)
Tom Curran 10-0-67-0
David Willey 10-1-70-1

"Moeen? Vince? Why won't it be Mahmood, the most economical bowler of the side?" Aw, no fun, Ankit Sharma

Tom Curran to K O'Brien, 1 run

full outside off, KOB calmly punches through the covers for one

Tom Curran to Tector, 1 run

back of a length outside off, Tector slashes at it, squirts away behind point, Willey dives to cut it off and prevent four more!

Tom Curran to Tector, FOUR runs

85mph near-yorker on off stump, Tector belts it through backward point! Connects when it matters, Curran didn't quite get that right and pays with a boundary

Tom Curran to Tector, 2 runs

heaved away leg side, into the gap between deep midwicket and long-on, Livingstone does really well on the rope, sliding around to flick the ball back in

Tom Curran to Tector, no run

pace off, ballooning from back of a length outside off, Tector again fails to connect with a wild hack

Tom Curran to K O'Brien, 1 run

pitched up on off stump, swiped down the ground to long-on

Right to the end, 17 from 12, Ireland closing in on that maiden win over England in England...

end of over 487 runs
IRE: 312/3CRR: 6.50 RRR: 8.50
Kevin O'Brien13 (8b 1x4 1x6)
Harry Tector21 (21b 2x4)
David Willey 10-1-70-1
Tom Curran 9-0-58-0
Willey to K O'Brien, 1 run

low full toss to finish, slapped through the covers for one more

Willey to K O'Brien, 1 wide

speared down wide of the stumps, right on the tramline as O'Brien swings and comes off his feet... No, called wide!

Willey to K O'Brien, no run

full in the channel, not quite landed the yorker but KOB swings and misses at this one

Willey to K O'Brien, FOUR runs

full toss, bit of width and KOB launches it over backward point! Willey misses his mark and O'Brien carves out a vital boundary

"I'm guessing Moeen will have to finish it off, if we get to that last over," muses Sumit. James Vince's dobbers, all the way

Willey to Tector, 1 run

wide yorker, 82mph and Tector can only squeeze it towards point off the toe of the bat

Willey to Tector, no run

gets this right again, full and out towards the tramlines as the batsman swipes and misses

Willey to Tector, no run

full and wide, 83mph/134kph and Tector flails at it unsuccessfully

Last three now, Ireland needing 24

end of over 477 runs
IRE: 305/3CRR: 6.48 RRR: 8.00
Kevin O'Brien8 (5b 1x6)
Harry Tector20 (18b 2x4)
Tom Curran 9-0-58-0
David Willey 9-1-63-1
Tom Curran to K O'Brien, no run

Curran finishes with a slowie that KOB heaves at, doesn't land a glove on it

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