2nd Match, Dublin, May 4 2021, Cricket Ireland Inter-Provincial Limited Over Cup
(38.1/42 ov, target 234)163
Leinster won by 70 runs (D/L method)
player of the match
George Dockrell
Leinster Lightning
Leinster Lightning INNINGS (50 overs maximum)
Kevin O'Brien  b McCarter3747796078.72
Jack Tector c †Rock b McCarter1028382035.71
Jamie Grassi  b Adair3485905040.00
Lorcan Tucker c White b Foster312180025.00
George Dockrell (c)not out 1008411285119.04
Simi Singh c Stirling b Pretorius3839672197.43
Tim Tector c Georgeson b Adair3490075.00
Barry McCarthy not out 22400100.00
Extras(b 3, nb 1, w 20)24
TOTAL(50 Ov, RR: 5.02, 210 Mts)251/6
Fall of wickets: 1-33 (Jack Tector, 9.3 ov), 2-64 (Kevin O'Brien, 19.5 ov), 3-73 (Lorcan Tucker, 24.4 ov), 4-109 (Jamie Grassi, 32.1 ov), 5-213 (Simi Singh, 47.2 ov), 6-230 (Tim Tector, 48.6 ov)
Mark Adair1015725.70346041
Graeme McCarter1042722.70505000
Ruhan Pretorius1015915.90323410
Matthew Foster822813.50332120
Luke Georgeson604106.83185110
Ben White603606.00162030
Northern Knights INNINGS (target: 234 runs from 42 overs)
Paul Stirling  b Chase1718222194.44
Ruhan Pretorius  b Chase46151066.66
Jeremy Lawlor c †Tucker b O'Halloran3255864058.18
Harry Tector (c) b McCarthy524260020.83
Luke Georgeson c †Tucker b Chase4676993060.52
Neil Rock  b O'Halloran4870050.00
Mark Adair not out 36355241102.85
Graeme McCarter run out (TH Tector/†Tucker)1330033.33
Ben White c TH Tector b Simi Singh54410125.00
Matthew Foster run out (JB Tector/Dockrell)024000.00
James McCollum absent hurt-----0.00
Extras(nb 2, w 11)13
TOTAL(38.1 Ov, RR: 4.27, 161 Mts)163
Fall of wickets: 1-21 (Ruhan Pretorius, 3.4 ov), 2-22 (Paul Stirling, 5.1 ov), 3-40 (Harry Tector, 10.6 ov), 4-88 (Jeremy Lawlor, 24.5 ov), 5-94 (Neil Rock, 26.4 ov), 6-155 (Luke Georgeson, 36.1 ov), 7-156 (Graeme McCarter, 36.4 ov), 8-161 (Ben White, 37.3 ov), 9-163 (Matthew Foster, 38.1 ov)
Barry McCarthy721912.71331100
Peter Chase7.103735.16276011
Simi Singh803013.75272010
David O'Halloran802022.50320021
George Dockrell805707.12256130
Pembroke Cricket Club, Sandymount, Dublin
TossNorthern Knights, elected to field first
SeriesCricket Ireland Inter-Provincial Limited Over Cup
Player Of The Match
George Dockrell
George Dockrell
Match days4 May 2021 - day(50-over match)
Ireland Image
Mark Hawthorne
Ireland Image
Paul Reynolds
Match Referee
Ireland Image
Kevin Gallagher
PointsLeinster Lightning 5, Northern Knights 0