8th Match, Bready, Jun 25 2021, Cricket Ireland Inter-Provincial Twenty20 Trophy
(18/20 ov, target 134)137/3
Reds won by 7 wickets (with 12 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
95 (58)
end of over 1816 runs
REDS: 137/3CRR: 7.61 
Peter Moor95 (58)
Matt Ford20 (18)
Simi Singh 4-0-32-0
George Dockrell 4-0-25-1

What a fantastic win for the the Reds, PJ Moor was brilliant with the bat and his 95* is by far and away the best batting performance of the IP20 so far.

After losing those early wickets, Moor and Carty did well to blunt the Lightning attack and build a steady partnership. Matt Ford then came in and gave Moor the strike to power the Reds forward.

That's three losses in a row now for the Lightning, that's never happened before, although in truth they were well beaten today. Apart from those two early wicket for McCarthy, they never looked like taking another wicket.

The Lightning are now bottom of the table.

The truth is that the Reds deserved that win today, better with the ball, better with the bat and showing that they are here to compete, not make up the numbers.

The Reds have also moved into second place in the table, ahead of the Knights on runrate.

You won't be surprsied to here that PJ Moor has just been named player of the match. Well deserved.

What a first day we have had here at Bready Cricket Club. What will tomorrow bring? Hopefully a bit less wind and some more great action out in the middle!

Thanks for following along today, hopefully you'll be back to join me tomorrow morning from 10am, until then this is Justin Smyth saying goodnight, Goodnight!

Simi Singh to Moor, FOUR runs

and the Reds win it! Moor pulls the ball through mid-wicket, Little can't stop it and it runs away to the boundary.

Simi Singh to Moor, SIX runs

Moor clears the front leg and hammers the ball over long-on, scores are tied

Simi Singh to Ford, 1 run

hits the ball to wide long-on

Simi Singh to Ford, no run

Simi tosses the ball up, Ford is in two mind and ends up just pushing the bat at the ball, lucky not to edge it in the end!

Simi Singh to Ford, FOUR runs

Ford gets the reverse sweep out, you see quite a few of them in this neck of the woods. Hit's it very cleanly and it goes fine past the short third man fielder

Simi Singh to Ford, no run

steps forward, guides the ball to short third man

Simi Singh to Ford, 1 wide

spins the ball too far outside off-stump

end of over 1710 runs
REDS: 121/3CRR: 7.11 RRR: 4.33
Matt Ford15 (14)
Peter Moor85 (56)
George Dockrell 4-0-25-1
Barry McCarthy 3-1-25-2

Reds need 13 off the last 18 balls for the win

Dockrell to Ford, 1 run

pulls the ball towards deep square leg for a comfortable single.

Dockrell to Ford, no run

Ford misses with the sweep shot, Dockrell screams the appeal at the Umpire as the ball hits Ford on the pad. Looked to be going down leg

Dockrell to Moor, 1 run

driven clamly up to long-on

Dockrell to Moor, FOUR runs

Moor gets down low and sweeps the ball down towards the long leg boundary, there is a fielder in the deep but he has no chance to stop it as it's hit so well

Dockrell to Moor, FOUR runs

leans back in the crease, manages to edge the ball past the keeper. Runs away fine and McCarthy gives chase, can't stop it

Dockrell to Moor, no run

hits the ball into the ground, heads back towards the bowler