2nd Match (D/N), Dhaka, Jun 10 2008, Kitply Cup
(35.4/50 ov, target 331)190
India won by 140 runs
player of the match

It was a terrific opening partnership between Sehwag and Gambhir - the second best for India against Pakistan - that set up the Indian victory. Sehwag was not his usual flamboyant self but played cleverly, eschewing risks and taking toll of the loose deliveries. He stood well inside the crease, waiting for the ball to come to him and still did enough to score rapidly. Gambhir was more adventurous; he stood well outside the crease, walked into the line of the delivery and at times, charged at length deliveries to keep the scorecard moving. Yuvraj started off slowly but adapted to the sluggish nature of the wicket well to play a neat cameo to push India to a strong total. Pakistan chase never got going after Praveen Kumar swung out four top-order batsmen and India went on to wrap a facile win.

Hang on for the post-match ceremony.

Malik: " We didn't hit the right areas and they batted very well. We had a bad day. "

Dhoni: "We got a good start, winning the toss was important. Sehwag and Gambhir played really well, it was a display of exceptional running between the wickets. The bowling was also up to the mark: Ishant, Praveen, Piyush all bowled well; we exploited the conditions very well. The credit goes to the batsmen who waited for the boundary balls and ran well. It's always good to have a bench strength like this; it was difficult to leave a bowler like RP Singh or the other batsmen."

Man of the Match: Virender Sehwag : "I took my time to get set and then went for my shots. If you are playing Twenty20 you are trying to hit every ball, here I wanted to play myself in. The new ball came on the bat nicely. We (Gambhir and I) have a good understanding as we play for Delhi."

On behalf of Sid Ravindran and my scorers Srinivas Raju and Raymond, this is Sriram Veera, signing off. Alvida!

Chawla to Wahab Riaz, OUT

Dead plumb. Done by one that skidded on straight. It landed on a length around off and middle and caught him in front. He had expected it to turn and had stretched his front leg across and was surprised by the one that went on straight. India win by 140 runs.

Wahab Riaz lbw b Chawla 0 (6m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Chawla to Wahab Riaz, no run

lands outside off, sucking the batsman forward before spinning away

Chawla to Wahab Riaz, no run

well flighted delivery, full, pushed to covers

Chawla to Wahab Riaz, no run

leans forward to dab a full delivery to the off side

end of over 3510 runs
PAK: 190/9CRR: 5.42 RRR: 9.40
Iftikhar Anjum16 (19)
Wahab Riaz0 (1)
Praveen Kumar 9-1-53-4
Piyush Chawla 8-0-40-3
Praveen to Iftikhar, FOUR runs

125.9 kmph change of pace delivery and full in length, Rao Iftikhar picked it up early, leaned into his drive, and sent it soaring over wide mid-off region

Praveen to Iftikhar, no run

on the off stump line, pushed to covers

Praveen to Iftikhar, FOUR runs

slightly slower one, back of length and Rao Iftikhar responds with a punchy drive off the back foot. Good comeback.

Praveen to Iftikhar, no run

hit on the helmet. It was banged in short and Rao ducked but ducked straight into the ball

Praveen to Iftikhar, no run

outside the off stump, nudged to point

Praveen to Iftikhar, 2 runs

on a length, on the middle, squeezed to long leg region for couple of runs

end of over 343 runs • 1 wicket
PAK: 180/9CRR: 5.29 RRR: 9.43
Wahab Riaz0 (1)
Iftikhar Anjum6 (13)
Piyush Chawla 8-0-40-3
Praveen Kumar 8-1-43-4
Chawla to Wahab Riaz, no run
Chawla to Malik, OUT

goes for the lofted shot over mid-off but edges it to right of mid-off where its held safely. And then they were one.

Shoaib Malik c Raina b Chawla 53 (89m 67b 3x4 1x6) SR: 79.1
Chawla to Malik, no run
Chawla to Malik, 2 runs

almost caught by Irfan Pathan at wide midwicket region. Very tough chance, though. Malik slog swept from outside off stump to the cowcorner and Irfan rushed across and dived but couldn't reach it as it dipped .

Chawla to Malik, no run

on the middle and leg, stretches forward to defend

Chawla to Iftikhar, 1 run

outside off stump, pushed to cover point. There is a slip and a gully in

end of over 331 run
PAK: 177/8CRR: 5.36 RRR: 9.05
Shoaib Malik51 (63)
Iftikhar Anjum5 (12)
Praveen Kumar 8-1-43-4
Yuvraj Singh 4-0-17-1
Praveen to Malik, no run

cuts in a touch off short of length towards middle, worked to midwicket.

Praveen to Malik, no run

on a length, straight on the stumps, punched to mid-on

Praveen to Iftikhar, 1 run

well outside off, inside edges a square drive to the on side

Praveen to Iftikhar, no run

short of length, on the middle, pushed towards mid-on

Praveen to Iftikhar, no run

outside off stump, dabbed to backward point.

Praveen to Iftikhar, no run

on a length, around that off stump, pushed back to the bowler