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12th Match (D/N), Centurion, Nov 21 2019, Mzansi Super League
(15/15 ov)141/4
(2.1/5 ov, target 66)21/3
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• The Report by Firdose Moonda

Rain plays spoilsport after Lungi Ngidi jolts Durban Heat's chase

Earlier, Dean Elgar led the Tshwane Spartans' innings with an unbeaten 57

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Commentator: Hemant Brar
Scorecard summary
Tshwane Spartans141/4(15 overs)
Durban Heat21/3(2.1 overs)

8.30pm And the rain has got heavier enough for the umpires to call it off. Handshakes all around with the Spartans clearly in the driving seat. But the teams share two points each. Both these teams have their three out of four games washed out so far.

Morkel to Vilas, OUT

and he strikes straightaway. Fuller around off, Vilas moves across and looks to paddle it fine. Misses and the off stump is out of its groove

Dane Vilas b Morkel 14 (9m 6b 0x4 2x6) SR: 233.33

Morne Morkel

end of over 219 runs
DH: 21/2CRR: 10.50 RRR: 15.00 • Need 45 from 18b
Alex Hales7 (5)
Dane Vilas14 (5)
Tom Curran1-0-19-0
Lungi Ngidi1-0-2-2

A light drizzle out there but we will continue

Tom Curran to Hales, FOUR runs

fuller on the stumps and smashes straight over the bowler's head

Tom Curran to Hales, no run

full and wide outside off, Hales reaches out for it. Did he get some bat on it? Klaasen thinks so and is celebrating a caught-behind. The umpire doesn't think so

Tom Curran to Hales, 2 runs

in the blockhole. Digs it out towards deep midwicket

Tom Curran to Vilas, 1 run
Tom Curran to Vilas, SIX runs

back-to-back sixes for Vilas. Moves across, goes down on one knee and slaps it over deep square leg once more

Tom Curran to Vilas, SIX runs

short of length at the batsman. Vilas transfers his weight bat and pulls it over deep square leg. First six of the innings

64 needed from 24 balls. The first two overs are the powerplay overs. Here is Tom Curran

end of over 12 runs • 2 wickets
DH: 2/2CRR: 2.00 RRR: 16.00 • Need 64 from 24b
Alex Hales1 (2)
Dane Vilas1 (2)
Lungi Ngidi1-0-2-2
Ngidi to Hales, no run

backing away too much and Ngidi just bowls a length ball outside off. Vilas cannot reach there

Ngidi to Vilas, 1 run

length ball around off, flicks it towards deep midwicket. Was looking for the second but will have to settle for only one

Ngidi to Vilas, no run

length outside off, goes for the cut but ends up under-edging it towards the keeper

Ngidi to Hales, 1 run

short of length outside off, guides it towards third man. No hat-trick here

Hat-trick ball.

Ngidi to Lubbe, OUT

and that's two in two. Ngidi is on a hat-trick. Short of length outside off, Lubbe pulls it fine but ends up hitting straight to de Villiers at deep midwicket

Wihan Lubbe c de Villiers b Ngidi 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

Around the wicket

Ngidi to Marshall, OUT

and a wicket first ball. You cannot ask for a better start. Was a short of length around off, Marshall went for the pull only to sky it up straight and Ngidi settles under it and pouches it easily

Wesley Marshall c & b Ngidi 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

8.16pm Alex Hales and Wesley Marshall are out to chase 66 in five overs. Ngidi has the ball.

end of over 1512 runs • 1 wicket
TS: 141/4CRR: 9.40 
Wiaan Mulder6 (2)
Dean Elgar57 (37)
Kyle Abbott3-0-33-1
Malusi Siboto3-0-25-1

8.00pm The covers are coming off. Play will resume at 8.18pm. Heat to chase 66 in five overs.

7.25pm There is a flash of lightening in the sky. And the umpires have asked the players to leave. A little bit of rain as well but apparently it's more about the lightening. The main cover is coming on slowly. And I think it will Durban Heat batting whenever we resume. And then if it's a 15-over game, Heat's target would be 160.

Abbott to Mulder, FOUR runs

length ball around off, hits it over mid-off for four

Abbott to Mulder, 1 wide

length but down the leg side, goes for the big swipe but cannot reach there

Abbott to Mulder, 2 runs

almost a yorker, Mulder takes it on the full and flicks it towards deep square leg

Abbott to Elgar, 1 run

a low full toss outside off, hits it towards long-off

Around the wicket. And I can see some rain in the background

Abbott to van Biljon, OUT

short one, hurries on to van Biljon who goes for the pull but the ball hits the bat than the other way around and balloons up. Abbott settles under it to complete one of the easiest return catches

Pite van Biljon c & b Abbott 5 (6m 4b 1x4 0x6) SR: 125
Abbott to van Biljon, no run

fuller and wider outside off, reaches out for it but cannot connect

Abbott to van Biljon, FOUR runs

length ball around off, backs away and smashes it over extra cover


Match details
SuperSport Park, Centurion
TossDurban Heat, elected to field first
SeriesMzansi Super League
Hours of play (local time)17.30 start, First Session 17.30-19.00, Interval 19.00-19.20, Second Session 19.20-20.50
Match days21 November 2019 - daynight(20-over match)
South Africa Image
Abdoellah Steenkamp
South Africa Image
Stephen Harris
TV Umpire
South Africa Image
Siphelele Gasa
Reserve Umpire
South Africa Image
Jurie Sadler
Match Referee
South Africa Image
Zed Ndamane
PointsTshwane Spartans 2, Durban Heat 2