3rd T20I (D/N), Dhaka, Sep 5 2021, New Zealand tour of Bangladesh
(19.4/20 ov, target 129)76
New Zealand won by 52 runs
Player Of The Match

7.40pm That's all we have for you from this game. Hemant's report (which will be updated shortly) will tell you the full story of the day. Thanks for reading. Until next time, this is Deivarayan Muthu signing off for Hemant Brar and P Ranjith.

Latham: A really good performance - the way we were able to build partnerships even though we lost quite a few wickets upfront. We probably got around the par score and to take wickets upfront, it was always going to be difficult at the back end. Death phase can be tricky but Tom and Henry absorbed the pressure and to get us to the par score was ideal. I thought the spinners were fantastic in all three games. The conditions are different to what we have back home, but looking at the Aussie series, there was no surprises for us. I still feel we have a bit left in the tank for a complete performance.

Ajaz Patel, Player of the Match: I think as a spinner you thrive on conditions like this. It was nice to get a few up at the top and our spinners collectively did a good job. I think both Cole and Rachin bowled brilliantly and we identified what ball was the hardest to play on this surface. We know these conditions may not be necessarily easy, but overall it was a good bowling effort. Yeah, Dan gave me clarity about what more these conditions can offer you.

7.30pm Mahmudullah: The bowlers did a great job to restrict them to 130. We started well, but we lost wickets in a cluster, and couldn't capitalise on it. I think the middle order has been batting well, the top order has been doing a good job, what was missing were the partnerships and hopefully we can come back hard. Still two games to go and hopefully we like to win the next game and the series.

7.20pm What a victory for New Zealand. Their second-string side has toppled Bangladesh's full-strength side in Dhaka. Credit to Ajaz and McConchie who have shared seven wickets between them to roll over Bangladesh for 76, with two balls unused in their chase. Mushfiqur never really got going, managing only 20 off 37 balls, as Bangladesh kept losing wickets around him. Do stick with us for the post-match presentation.

Mash: "Reality check for those who thought BD batters will perform better in a better pitch. As a hardcore BD fan, I am humiliated to the max by our batting. WC qualification stage won't be cake walk. "

Abdul Halim: "Drop Nasum and Afif next match and bring Biplob and Shamim. Mustafiz need rest, Shoriful will be better replacement. Really frustrating to see batting like this."

de Grandhomme to Mustafizur, OUT

pitched up and outside off, Mustafizur swings for the hills and holes out to Bracewell, the sub fielder, at deep midwicket. de Grandhomme runs his fingers across this and closes the game out for NZ

Mustafizur Rahman c sub (DAJ Bracewell) b de Grandhomme 4 (10m 10b 0x4 0x6) SR: 40
de Grandhomme to Mustafizur, 2 runs

back of a length and outside off, Mustafizur slogs and sends an outside edge fine of short third man

de Grandhomme to Mustafizur, no run

full and wobbles away outside off to defeat the outside edge

de Grandhomme to Mushfiqur, 1 run

short and on the hips, swiped to deep square leg

de Grandhomme to bowl his first over on tour

end of over 192 runs
BAN: 73/9CRR: 3.84 RRR: 56.00 • Need 56 runs from 6b
Mushfiqur Rahim19 (36)
Mustafizur Rahman2 (7)
Jacob Duffy 4-0-14-0
Scott Kuggeleijn 3-0-14-1
Duffy to Mushfiqur, 1 run

tucked around the corner for a single

Duffy to Mushfiqur, no run

cutter into the pitch, Duffy also finds extra bounce to beat the batter

Duffy to Mustafizur, 1 run

Mustafiz backs away outside off, drills this from outside off to sweeper cover

Duffy to Mustafizur, no run

Mustafizur backs away and misses this 114.1ks cutter

Duffy to Mustafizur, no run

lifter, climbs through to the keeper as Mustafizur slogs wildly and does not make contact

Duffy to Mustafizur, no run

hoicked to mid-on off the inner half

end of over 182 runs • 1 wicket
BAN: 71/9CRR: 3.94 RRR: 29.00 • Need 58 runs from 12b
Mushfiqur Rahim18 (34)
Mustafizur Rahman1 (3)
Scott Kuggeleijn 3-0-14-1
Jacob Duffy 3-0-12-0
Kuggeleijn to Mushfiqur, no run

slower-ball yorker, something that served him well at the CPL, jammed to mid-on

Kuggeleijn to Mustafizur, 1 run

pretty full on middle, backs away and swings it to the off-side sweeper

Kuggeleijn to Mustafizur, no run

heavy length, skidding off the deck to smash the back thigh

Kuggeleijn to Mustafizur, no run

back of a length and skidding in from round the wicket to ping the thigh pad as Mustafizur plays back and misses

Kuggeleijn to Nasum, OUT

back of a length and clattering into middle stump as Nasum misses his leg-side heave. The middle stump is knocked out. NZ are one away from a stunning victory in Dhaka

Nasum Ahmed b Kuggeleijn 0 (6m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Kuggeleijn to Mushfiqur, 1 run

dug in short and outside off, 142.4ks, sliced to Ajaz at deep third man

Sourabh: "@Nahidul A lot of this NZ team will not be part of the T20 world cup however Bangladesh will have a few players from here in the world cup. Makes even less sense the BCB would go for these wickets."

end of over 173 runs
BAN: 69/8CRR: 4.05 RRR: 20.00 • Need 60 runs from 18b
Mushfiqur Rahim17 (32)
Nasum Ahmed0 (4)
Jacob Duffy 3-0-12-0
Cole McConchie 4-0-15-3
Duffy to Mushfiqur, 1 run

Rahim rides the bounce of this short ball outside off and delays his cut to deep third man

Duffy to Mushfiqur, no run

off-stump yorker, which is stabbed back to Duffy

Duffy to Nasum, 1 leg bye

slower cutter on the hips, diverted through square leg

Sean: "Poor from Bangladesh overall. Be it planning, preparation or application, I think it is disastrous. It will be visible very soon in the T20i WC"

Duffy to Nasum, no run

middle-stump yorker, dug out to cover

Duffy to Mushfiqur, 1 run

pretty full on middle and leg, driven down to long-on

Duffy to Mushfiqur, no run

short and outside off, sticks in the pitch, mistimes a heave back to the bowler

Nahidul Ansar: "Playing in this type of pitch can't be a good preparation for World Cup for either of the team.Not good thinking from BCB"

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