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2nd T20I, Belfast, July 20, 2022, New Zealand tour of Ireland
(13.5/20 ov, T:180) 91

New Zealand won by 88 runs

New Zealand Innings
Ireland Innings
Match Details
New Zealand  (20 ovs maximum)
Martin Guptill c McCarthy b Young1117400064.70
Finn Allen c McCarthy b Little35201942175.00
Dane Cleaver not out 78557754141.81
Glenn Phillips  b Young23162521143.75
Daryl Mitchell c †Tucker b Little14102430140.00
James Neesham not out 1260050.00
Extras(lb 10, w 7)17
TOTAL20 Ov (RR: 8.95, 97 Mts)179/4
Fall of wickets: 1-44 (Finn Allen, 4.2 ov), 2-70 (Martin Guptill, 8.6 ov), 3-123 (Glenn Phillips, 14.2 ov), 4-171 (Daryl Mitchell, 18.6 ov)
Craig Young403428.50111300
8.6 to MJ Guptill, back of a length, on off. Pulls behind square, but it's taken a top edge. Easy peasy for fine leg to gobble up! Guptill falls for 11 in 17 balls.. 70/2
14.2 to GD Phillips, bullseye! Fullish length ball on middle, Phillips backs away from leg stump for an almighty heave over midwicket and misses everything. The ball blasts middle stump 3/4 of the way up and uproots it out of the ground.. 123/3
Mark Adair402807.0073020
Josh Little403127.75104100
4.2 to FH Allen, sliced in the air, and a smart diving catch from McCarthy! The Allen juggernaut ends at 35. Length ball, on off, and angling slightly across. Allen tries to smack it over the off side but ends up slicing it over the bowler's head. McCarthy runs from mid on to his left and gets the wicket for his bowler. 44/1
18.6 to DJ Mitchell, bounced out! Cramped him for room on the body with a well-directed short ball. Top edged pull swirls over Tucker before coming down into his gloves.. 171/4
Barry McCarthy4048012.0073310
George Dockrell302006.6672000
Curtis Campher10808.0011000
Ireland  (T: 180 runs from 20 ovs)
Paul Stirling c Santner b Ferguson21151231140.00
Andy Balbirnie (c)c †Cleaver b Duffy1011261090.90
Gareth Delany  b Duffy011000.00
Harry Tector run out (Phillips)2350066.66
Curtis Campher c Neesham b Sodhi14142220100.00
Lorcan Tucker st †Cleaver b Sodhi2780028.57
George Dockrell c Neesham b Sodhi011000.00
Mark Adair c Phillips b Bracewell27222241122.72
Barry McCarthy c Phillips b Bracewell1181720137.50
Craig Young c Sodhi b Bracewell012000.00
Josh Little not out 00100-
Extras(w 4)4
TOTAL13.5 Ov (RR: 6.57, 60 Mts)91
Fall of wickets: 1-23 (Paul Stirling, 2.6 ov), 2-24 (Gareth Delany, 3.2 ov), 3-27 (Harry Tector, 4.1 ov), 4-41 (Andy Balbirnie, 5.5 ov), 5-45 (Lorcan Tucker, 7.5 ov), 6-45 (George Dockrell, 7.6 ov), 7-54 (Curtis Campher, 9.4 ov), 8-91 (Mark Adair, 13.3 ov), 9-91 (Barry McCarthy, 13.4 ov), 10-91 (Craig Young, 13.5 ov)
Mitchell Santner402506.25153120
Jacob Duffy302026.6673000
3.2 to GJ Delany, castled! Full just outside off, Delany offers no footwork and brings the bat in front to meet it. Through his defense, and the stumps are knocked back. First-ball duck for Gareth. 24/2
5.5 to A Balbirnie, full outside off stump. A bit wide, and he goes for an expansive drive by getting down on one knee. But the ball moves away slightly, and that is enough to take the outside edge. 41/4
Lockie Ferguson201015.0081020
2.6 to PR Stirling, in the air, and taken by mid off tracking to his right! Not full enough for Stirling to accurately loft it over mid off. The length ball bounces a little extra, and he's through the shot a bit late as well with Lockie's pace. Sliced, and Santner gobbles it up. 23/1
Ish Sodhi302137.0082100
7.5 to LJ Tucker, Keeper gets keeper! Full just outside off. Big stride forward, and tries to slog sweep. Misses, and the ball goes behind to the keeper. Tucker thinks he has hit it somewhere else and runs off for a run, realises its only gone to the keeper and tries to return, but by that time the bails are already on the floor. 45/5
7.6 to GH Dockrell, on a hat-trick next over! Fullish, outside off stump. Presses forward, trying to feel bat on ball. Delivery turns away, takes the outside edge, and the smart strategy of keeping a first slip pays off in a jiffy!. 45/6
9.4 to C Campher, backs away from leg stump trying to create room to carve a good length ball on middle stump over the off side but a tame shot splices off a thick edge and flutters to Neesham at backward point for a simple catch at head height.. 54/7
James Neesham1010010.0022000
Michael Bracewell0.50536.0031000
13.3 to MR Adair, charges a full ball on middle, flicked high in the air toward deep midwicket, simple catch at chest height five yards in from the rope.. 91/8
13.4 to BJ McCarthy, length ball on fourth stump, another big heave toward the leg side, another basic catch at chest height five yards inside the rope. Bracewell is on a hat-trick.. 91/9
13.5 to CA Young, It's a hat-trick for Bracewell as Young slices a simple catch to backward point! Having his first bowl in T20Is, he takes three in his first five balls to end the match! Young could have left this alone. It was floated full on sixth stump, but he tries to attack and instead skews this fluttering comfortably to Sodhi on the ring.. 91/10
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Civil Service Cricket Club, Stormont, Belfast
TossIreland, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
New Zealand
Dane Cleaver
Series resultNew Zealand led the 3-match series 2-0
Match numberT20I no. 1678
Match days20 July 2022 - day (20-over match)
Alex Wharf
Paul Reynolds
TV Umpire
Roly Black
Reserve Umpire
Alan Neill
Match Referee
Kevin Gallagher
  • New Zealand innings
  • Powerplay: Overs 0.1 - 6.0 (Mandatory - 51 runs, 1 wicket)
  • New Zealand: 50 runs in 5.5 overs (35 balls), Extras 5
  • New Zealand: 100 runs in 11.5 overs (71 balls), Extras 10
  • 3rd Wicket: 50 runs in 29 balls (D Cleaver 23, GD Phillips 23, Ex 5)
  • D Cleaver: 50 off 39 balls (3 x 4, 3 x 6)
  • New Zealand: 150 runs in 17.1 overs (103 balls), Extras 16
  • Innings Break: New Zealand - 179/4 in 20.0 overs (D Cleaver 78, JDS Neesham 1)
  • Ireland innings
  • Powerplay: Overs 0.1 - 6.0 (Mandatory - 41 runs, 4 wickets)
  • Ireland: 50 runs in 8.2 overs (50 balls), Extras 2
  • MG Bracewell took a hat-trick with the wickets of 8-91 (Mark Adair, 13.3 ov), 9-91 (Barry McCarthy, 13.4 ov), 10-91 (Craig Young, 13.5 ov)
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