5th ODI (D/N), Chennai, December 10, 2010, New Zealand tour of India [Nov 2010]
(21.1/50 ov, T:104) 107/2

India won by 8 wickets (with 173 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
42* (46), 2/5 & 2 catches
Player Of The Series
329 runs
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With that, this is Abhishek Purohit signing off, along with Gopi Rangarajan, the scorer. Thanks for all the feedback. Cheers!

So that brings us to the end of a long tour for New Zealand. They started promisingly but became increasingly woeful towards the end, getting bowled out for 103 in this final game. They now take on Pakistan, and India head over to South Africa for the much-awaited top-of-the-table clash. Make sure you don't miss out anything by installing our Chrome extension. And it's free!

Gambhir is the Man of the Series. Gambhir: "We were up to it, it was fantastic to see the bowlers performing even after sealing the series 4-0. Always exciting to play for the country. I thought the wicket would turn in the second innings, but it started turning in the first over of the match itself. The fast bowlers deserve a lot of credit as well. Everyone performed, credit goes to the entire team, I always felt we had the talent to win 5-0. Really excited about my first Test series against South Africa. Hopefully I can do well." Gambhir collects the trophy, Kohli rushes to him, takes it in his hands and the entire squad sits down to pose for the cameras.

Vettori: "Was an incredibly difficult wicket, We thought we would put up a decent score, but India played really well. When you continue to lose wickets, it takes the entire momentum away. Important series against Pakistan coming up. Franklin's form has been pleasing." Ravi Shastri tells him his time will come.

Yuvraj is the Man of the Match for his allround show. Yuvraj: "Have been working hard for the six-eight months, and it's paying off now.Playing domestic cricket has definitely helped a lot. I am very happy with this clean sweep. Hopefully by the World Cup I'll be completely fit."

Nandan: "Maybe the officials will allow people to stay back and sit in the stadium for the other half." Just like that?

Mike: "Well...that was embarrassing. At least everyone in NZ will be in bed at a reasonable time."

Hasrat Bhanot: "It will be a huge task for the selection board to select playing 11 from this talented team, all youngsters showed their skills and talent."

Anup: "Will the authorities refund the ticket price partially for only showing half match?"

A disappointed Vettori trudges off, Yuvraj and Parthiv celebrate with a punch and a hug, this has been a dominating performance from India, who despite resting so many key players, have completely outclassed New Zealand. A smiling Kris Srikkanth, the chairman of selectors, puts an arm around Gambhir. High fives all around the Indian dressing room

Elliott to Patel, FOUR runs

scores the winning runs with a pull to the deep midwicket boundary off a long hop from Elliott, there's the clean sweep for India, the second time they have won 5-0 after beating England by the same margin in 2008, and it's come just at the innings cut-off mark.

end of over 215 runs
INDIA: 103/2CRR: 4.90 RRR: 0.03
Yuvraj Singh42 (46)
Parthiv Patel52 (69)
Daniel Vettori 6-0-30-1
Grant Elliott 4-0-23-0
Vettori to Yuvraj, no run

carefully played out in to the on side

Vettori to Patel, 3 runs

gets to his second half-century with a skip down the track and a drive through midwicket, acknowledges the crowd, he has played the spinners so well

Vettori to Patel, no run

defended down the track

Vettori to Patel, no run

turns in sharply and hits him on the pads, it lobs up in the air, they appeal for the catch as Brendon takes it

Vettori to Yuvraj, 1 run

picks this from way outside off and slap-drives it down to long on to get Parthiv on strike

Vettori to Patel, 1 run

whips this full delivery wide of long on to move on to 49

end of over 206 runs
INDIA: 98/2CRR: 4.90 RRR: 0.20
Yuvraj Singh41 (44)
Parthiv Patel48 (65)
Grant Elliott 4-0-23-0
Daniel Vettori 5-0-25-1
Elliott to Yuvraj, no run

almost yorks him this time, but Yuvi is up to it and keeps it out

Elliott to Yuvraj, no run

defended off the back foot as Elliott bowls it shorter

Elliott to Yuvraj, SIX runs

clean as a whistle, casually lifts this half volley over mid off and it goes all the way for six, "timing, timing," goes SMGavaskar on air

Elliott to Yuvraj, no run

drives stylishly but cannot beat extra cover

Elliott to Yuvraj, no run

fired in on the pads, he lunges at it and works it to midwicket

Elliott to Yuvraj, no run

leans forward and clips this one to midwicket

end of over 192 runs
INDIA: 92/2CRR: 4.84 RRR: 0.38
Parthiv Patel48 (65)
Yuvraj Singh35 (38)
Daniel Vettori 5-0-25-1
Grant Elliott 3-0-17-0
Vettori to Patel, no run

defended off the front foot

Vettori to Patel, no run

drives again, but now Dan runs across the pitch and cuts it off

Vettori to Patel, no run

Parthiv comes down the track, drives this one towards midwicket and sets off for the single, but is sent back rightly

Vettori to Patel, no run

sharp turn and bounce for Dan, Parthiv keeps it down with soft hands

Vettori to Patel, 2 runs

cut off the backfoot wide of the man at sweeper

Vettori to Patel, no run

gets it on the pads as he presses forward

Dan brings himself on

end of over 187 runs
INDIA: 90/2CRR: 5.00 RRR: 0.43
Yuvraj Singh35 (38)
Parthiv Patel46 (59)
Grant Elliott 3-0-17-0
Scott Styris 4-0-7-0
Elliott to Yuvraj, no run

struck on the pads, Elliott pleads, the shouts, then bellows, but that man umpire Saheba remains stonefaced, looked to be going down leg, but replays show it just hitting leg stump