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Scores: Chandan Duorah
Comms: Nikhil Kalro
Scorecard summary
South Africa 263/10(87.4 overs)
Trent Boult3/52 (21.4)
Neil Wagner3/47 (15)
New Zealand 15/2(12 overs)
end of over 12Maiden
NZ: 15/2CRR: 1.25 
Ross Taylor2 (10)
Kane Williamson2 (16)
Vernon Philander 6-1-12-0
Dale Steyn 6-4-3-2

9.50am Right then, that's it from us for this first Test. Thanks for your comments opinions and feedback. It may have been a depressing Test, but a lot of cricket on the horizon. We'll be back then to bring it to you, so see you soon.

9.40am Here is BlackCaps' tweet: "Very disappointing. We were dying to get out there. But we respect the decision." - Faf du Plessis.

"It's a hard decision. Player safety comes first and that's why the umpires make the call," says Faf.

9.20am The outfield has not improved overnight, and so the fifth day of the first Test has been called off. So, that's it from Kingsmead. One horrendous thunderstorm has ruined what was promising to be a sensational Test. The CSA did admit it was the unseasonal rain to blame for the abandonment of a Test match after one bad-weather day. Plenty to look forward to for the second match in Centurion, especially with the CSA's assurance that rain won't affect that as badly as it did this. A shame, that this contest went down this path after what was probably the most intriguing period of play I've seen all year, on the second morning.

Ivan: "3 things suffer here: Guptill's & Latham's batting averages & the reputation of Durban re ground preparation. The latter will stick in peeps' minds for what has been a disaster of a Test Match. CSA, you can do better than this!"


2.18pm Play has been called off for the second consecutive day without a ball bowled. Not in too much doubt actually with so little happening to the state of the ground. More than two and a half days have been scuppered in this Test after one thunderstorm. The result of this Test, barring miraculous circumstances, is headed for a comfortable draw, but we shall be back to bring you day 5. 10 am is the scheduled start, but we'll be back before then for more from Kingsmead. Until then.

Bruce: "Could I hazard an "I told you so"- nothing was going to change in the 90 mins since the last "inspection"- ho hum. Let's just wrap it up and go to Centurion shall we."

1.58pm Time for yet another inspection. It has gotten slightly dark overhead too. Same areas being inspected.

Waseen: "Watching the inspection and it doesn't look good. Saw an umpire twist his foot in the ground a big piece of mud comes up"

1.10pm Graham: "No time for a test match result now. Maybe we should schedule a T20 match for tomorrow instead?"

David: "A lot has been said and a lot of blame has been thrown around. When it comes down to it though - cricket is a summer game. "

12.20pm Just like yesterday, another inspection at 2pm. "Underfoot conditions are still soft," reads the scoreboard at the ground. It is already overcast and light fades rapidly after 5 pm, so we could see a maximum of two hours today (if at all, of course).

Phil Loomes: "Everyone has to accept that rain will delay cricket games, but this is unreasonable. Professional cricket in this day and age is a pay per view sport in much of the world and paying to 'view' this test is a joke. Somehow I don't think I'll get a refund. A professional sports ground should not have drainage this poor in 2016." Normally not this bad, it's just the recent relaying process that has unfortunately scuppered this Test.

Corne: "The sun is starting to break through the clouds a bit here in Durban. But after all the sun of yesterday I am not sure how optimistic I should be?"

Nikhil Bhatia: "This has to be the most week ever in the history of cricket in spite of having so much possible cricket. Ind vs Wi washed out, SA vs NZ nearly done, Pak vs Ire also washed out. How should I pass time at work?" I feel your pain.

Charlie: "Just looking at the little stat boxes. 30.71 is a remarkably high average for Taylor vs SA with no 50s against them."

KiwiSteve: "Dear World. This is our game. It's very well loved by millions. It has excitement, drama, suspense and can be sometimes be a little bit bizarre. But if it rains, nothing will happen for three days."

Robert: "Is there any point in trying to attract new fans to test cricket? They won't hang around for this. " Not a good advert at all.

Dave: "And South Africa's Test ranking points continue to fall away, we just don't play enough games to replace them! Feel like the tide's rushing out and the Proteas are trapped in a rockpool!"

Alex: "As much as I would love to see it extended, I think this is a sign that the ICC need to stick to a more regulation test cricket season. The only thing worse than not having any cricket on, is having cricket on but no play taking place."

Bruce: "I think its a pointless exercise having another inspection at 2. If the ground is not ready now then very little will have changed in 90 mins. Call the match off and let's focus on the next match please. " The fact that the umpires are bothering with a second inspection indicates improvement to ground conditions. Their only question will be if it is enough.

ModernUmpsPlz: "I wonder if "drier than yesterday" means a slightly smaller lake, a mere swamp, or (doubtfully) something that might actually be a playable surface today." Seems the latter, but makes no sense to play, with no result possible, even if conditions are soft, yet playable.

James: "Test cricket must have a very sore foot at the moment, after repeatedly shooting itself in the foot. We have tests in Port of Spain and Durban, both being played out of season, and both with long periods washed out even though the sun is shining."

12.10pm 'Lots of time being spent on areas at the Old Fort Road End,' says Firdose from the ground. The word is that it's drier than yesterday.

Simon: "A field taking this long to dry is pitiful. Sort your drainage out South Africa "

12.00pm The inspection is upon us. If it's still soft underfoot, could be trouble. Standby for an update. I'm told the umpires' focus is still on areas where the edge of the covers would be. Still overcast and windy.

Sandy: "I think it's time the ICC made some changes to the points system in test matches. Ratings points should be given in a rain affected game only if atleast 250 overs of play is possible. This is being done in ODIs(min 20 overs) and T20s(min 5 overs), so why not in test matches?"

ModernUmpsPlz: "@Douglas The difference is MLB is entirely based in one country, those standards wouldn't hold around the world for baseball. It's not as though there aren't any cricket grounds that don't have incredibly good drainage. The first one that springs to mind is the Gabba where a whole lot more than 65 mms of rain is taken very, very often during the middle of a Test match with no delays due to a wet outfield whatsoever. In fact the drainage is a little too good, resulting in things being overly dry if it doesn't rain at all. That solution is unfortunately not economically viable in say, Sri Lanka or the West Indies, but the 30 grand for covers that cover the entire ground should really be chump change for a national cricket board."

10.50am So, what else is happening in the cricket world: here's Mitchell Starc's wondrous effort last evening, and Aaron Finch labelling the Khettarama pitch a "poor wicket" after Australia's three-wicket win. And ICYM this.

Gandharv: "If there is no play today & tomorrow (virtually no play on day 3 & 4)... Wouldn't this test match be abandoned?" Theoretically, there is enough time on day 5 to have a result so no.

Taco: "One way to get a result is to agree to scrap the 2nd innings. I would say that the match is relatively evenly poised. SA may have the upper hand having knocked off the black caps' openers but then again, SA did only got 263... What do you reckon' Kane & Faf?!?! Game on!?!" Declaration bowling and set a target? Play to win or don't play at all :p

Dave: "The Kingsmead outfield was relaid presumably because of the Comrades Ultramarathon that finished there in the last week of May. Just unfortunate that the combination of drought and flooding in Durban hasn't allowed the new turf to bed in. Blame El Nino!" At least Misbah's safe.

Sam: "I would volunteer to play in these conditions right now. Somehow help me and my ilk qualify for either of these teams. I would not insist on you paying to see me play either." Making some calls.

Roland: "Seeing that Pakistan will become #1 in the test rankings, and Mickey Arthur is now their coach, will he be the first to be coaching three different teams when they were at the #1 spot? (presumably he was coach when SA and AUS were at #1, too)"

Douglas: "American major league baseball fields are built to the standard that they can drain away a week's worth of rain in several hours. That means if it is not currently raining, the grounds are ready for play very quickly. There has not been a game called off for wet grounds in decades. The technology exists but cricket grounds haven't installed it due to lack of money or will." Ooh, did not know that

Sajid Shah: "We have a new No.1 test team fellas! A team which hasn't played at home for 6 long years. Reached this level by playing 8 of the last 19 series' in a home away from home, and 11 overseas series'. No less than a fairytale. Hail Misbah! " Remarkable effort.

Jez: "I remember cricket! It was this game people played with a stick and a ball.. I think. It was at least better than watching paint dry.. or lawn anyway."

Ernest: "To those of us that are lambasting the authorities for organizing this match in Durban this time of the year should bare in mind that all these delays were caused by the downpours that occurred on one particular day of the match (Saturday), most of which wasn't even during game time (20:00-06:00) and for the rest of the five days the weather was actually alright. If anyone should be blamed here it is those that decided to relay the outfield of the ground 2 months before it is scheduled to host a test match - even though they knew a long time ago about this test match. Considering the few nations that are able to host tests during this time and the packed schedule from Sep-April - which is SA's traditional period for hosting cricket games, I applaud the thinking. Its just a pity that their thinking was let down by an oversight from a third party."

Alex: "What's the earliest the captains can shake hands and agree to a draw, and put us all out of our misery?" Good question. I reckon that Port-of-Spain outfield is worse than this one, and that is heading into the fifth day. Pakistan all set to become the No. 1 Test team, too.

10.40am Dan: "It's the variability of the surface that is the problem. A dewy outfield is slippery all over. Kingsmead is soft in patches. Much of the time in cricket fielders are watching the ball when running, not the ground in front of them. If the surface changes consistency from one step to the next and a foot sinks or digs into the turf, guaranteed ligament damage. These guys need to be playing to earn. Let's allow them a safe work environment, as we would want for ourselves."

Doc: "This bickering is absurd! Of course we all want cricket, but surely the health and safety of players must be considered too? What would Kiwi fans say if Williamson tore a knee ligament chasing a ball to third man and was out for 9 months?! Where would fingers then be pointed? South African weather has been crazy for months. We have just gone through the worst drought in recorded history. This was followed by highly unseasonal rainfall in Durban - more than 300mm in the last week of July, which resulted in serious flooding and even loss of life, and then a further 60mm in the last couple of days. Durban is a summer rainfall area! The relaying of the outfield and the timing thereof was unfortunate, but has to be done. Maybe we should rather be venting our anger at these absurdly short test series. Surely 3 tests must be a minimum!"

Richard: "Your argument re greater chance of injury from a soft outfield as opposed to a slippery surface does not hold water (unlike this outfield). Far easier to slip and turn an ankle or go down and suffer other kinds of injury on a slippery surface. Strange that contact sports such as rugby are still played in varying conditions - hard surfaces, water logged surfaces, soft surfaces........" Didn't say they should play on slippery surfaces. Just that a soft outfield is riskier than a wet surface.

Blake : "Player safety is paramount, I've often wondered if would be worth having a reserve day in case of weather. Such a shame that a mouth watering game has been turned into a dull affair. Onto the next test I guess"

Jimbo: "I'm with the moaners on this one, rule makers are way too inflexible for me. The sports test cricket is competing with are vastly more physical and yet play in all conditions. Yet a damp patch a mid off and we're worried about serious injury? Think everyone needs to man up a bit. (As a UK viewer, possibly just annoyed at having to watch the Bob Willis documentary for the 50th time. Give me an 80th rerun of the ABV batting masterclass anyday of the week!)" Can't help you there

Jonathan : "Test cricket is really doing itself no favours with what is going on in both Durban and Port of Spain, the spectacle of days of sunshine and no rain and not a ball being bowled at the top level of the sport is embarrassing. "

sriram: "having recently undergone a knee surgery to fix a couple of ligament tears, as a non-athletic person, I can only think how bad it will be for athletes to damage their knees by risking playing on a surface that is soft underfoot. One match vs an entire career, a no-brainer if you ask me. Knee injuries can end careers in matter of seconds. "

Driskyle: "The rain is an issue of course, however for me the biggest problem is the fact that there are only 2 tests in this series. 2 teams of such quality should get a 3 match series minimum."

9.25am More despondent news: An inspection is scheduled for 12pm today. Still soft underfoot, which doesn't bode well for play later on. If a day of sunshine and a night of wind wasn't enough, what will be? No sunshine today, either.

MrGarreth: "What I don't understand is when they don't want to play on slightly damp fields yet they run around on dew soaked fields in high octane ODIs or T20is where the risk of injury is far greater?? Yet how many injuries do we actually see from those wet conditions? Not very many from my recollection. Non-sensical." I think the difference here being a soft underfoot, rather than a wet surface. Can't dive on this Kingsmead surface, and even while running, can dig your leg deep into the ground, resulting in a knee injury for years.

Ryan: "I hear you there Nikhil (about possible injury). Batsman are taught to handle a bouncer @ 150km (high-risk), short-leg is prepared to take a hit, spinners bowl with dew and in slippery conditions. Shouldn't fielders have to learn to cope with 1% of a soft walk-able out field? In truth - I JUST WANT SOME CRICKET! Put blow dryers on it."

Dan: "Mixed emotions as a NZ fan. Turns this "series" into a one-off match and increases our chance of finally winning a test series against SA. But it would be a pretty hollow way to achieve such a feat."

Dean: "To defend the administrators, this is an anomaly for Durban. In August, Durban has an average rainfall of 60mm all month with a likelihood of only 4 days rain. The rainy months are Dec-Mar. It's the warmest August city in SA so it made sense in theory I guess. Still infuriating." Would we have seen those spells of Philander and Steyn under blue skies?

Ryan: "If 75% or more of the pitch is playable then get on with it lads! SA don't play enough tests as it is, so stop being picky. What's the meaning of "learning to play the conditions" if 5-8% of the field (being bad) stops everything. It's not test cricket that needs changing me thinks, just the people running it. " 1% of the field is enough to end the career of a professional sportsman. Worth it?

Bez: "In addition to climate problems, the decision to play a winter Test at Kingsmead looks particularly silly when you consider that they had to lay new sod less than a month ago. Rain + soft new soil = bad idea for a cricket match."

Juan-Claude: "1 afternoon of rain equates to 3 days of no play? The field looks good. Come on, get the game going!" Makes no sense to jeopardise safety of players.

Tiger: "@Igor - I hate to tell you but Durban actually has a sub-tropical climate with ummer rain but is coming off a huge drought. If we had the same climate as the Cape we would also be making wine."

MrGarreth: "100% agree with Igor. I was flabbergasted when I found out they were playing a test in Durban at this time of the year. Makes no sense whatsoever. Any South African could have told you that you run a very high risk of an interrupted at this time of the year in Durban. Joburg and Centurion are completely dry this time of the year. EVERY South African knows this! I live literally a minute away from the Wanderers and we have had #glorious weather! Such a strange decision by the powers that be."

Igor: "Are we surprised? The first ever Test Winter in SA and they choose ... Durban??!! We could have been 120% certain of 5 days play at Wanderers, Centurion, Bloemfontein or any other inland venue. Cape Town and Durban have winter rain. The highveld does not!"

9.20am 67 overs lost to a thunderstorm, and a full day lost to its after-effects as Kingsmead could not handle 65 mm of overnight rain. And so, entering day 4, a result is becoming increasingly implausible. Right into weather news first up: Windy and cloudy, but dry, at least in the air. Still unsure of what the status of the outfield is, though. You'll know when I do. Until then, here's Karthik Krishnaswamy on what has gone wrong for Test cricket at two of its more iconic venues.


2.10pm That's it for day 3 as well, folks. It's stumps, without a ball bowled today. On a beautiful, bright, sunny day in Durban, Kingsmead's winter outfield has been caused too much damage by overnight rain. Too many wet, un-improvable patches across the outfield has resulted in the abandonment of the day. At least, there's some cricket going on. The forecast is for good weather over the next two days, so we'll be back tomorrow early for the 10am start. Stay safe.

Utsav: "After 742 tries, with 53 different names from 20 different computers, today I am finally retiring from sending feedback to your commentary" Some say the 742nd is the charm.

Di: "Really was looking forward to some cricket in August - should have known it was too good to be true!"

2.00pm Here we go then. Time for another inspection. Beautiful, sunny day today by the way. Just to rub it in. 'The umpires are going straight to the patch which was the problem, mid-off from the Umgeni End - to the right hander and then mid-on. That would be where the edge of the covers would be,' informs Firdose from the ground. Some NZ players have been spotted lingering about, to have a net probably but I'm also told the SA players aren't here. Does not look good this for today's prospects.

Sandy: "@Joey, Kevin wasn't wrong in adding averages. You see, he is adding the averages of two different batsmen, both of whose scores will be counted towards the team total. So, if both the batsmen score according to their averages, then the team gets 99.99 runs every innings."

Taushulu: "Cleared my schedule, drove down to Durban, sunny day and no play. And then people wonder why Test attendances are so poor. So furious right now." Life.

Joey: "Mathematicians cringe when averages are added like Kevin did. Taylor and Kane have scored a combined 9909 runs. Taylor has been dismissed 115 times, Williamson 84, so a total of 199 dismissals. Their combined average is this 9909/199 = 49.79."

Mvubu : "In Durban, it's HOT...It's dry where I am, about 500m from the stadium. Wonder what would make Sahara stadium so heat resistant that we are still waiting for play "

12.17pm There will be another inspection at 2pm, close to two hours from now. Some drying going on, but last evening's storm was too much for this winter outfield. This is what the Durban scoreboard has to say: "Underfoot conditions remain treacherous. Water comes up to the surface on footfall." Explains it all, doesn't it.

Richard: "Unbelievable the only sport in the world that finds as many reasons as possible not to play. Will be a full day of sunshine with no play, how ridiculous."

12.09pm Here's Firdose with an update: 'Inspection has begun. Umpired paying special attention to some areas around the run ups. There are a couple which can be fairly easily scuffed up. But its the fine leg boundary from the Umgeni End which could be the most problematic. Very dark patches of sand, which suggests it hasn't dried completely.'

Kevin: "Kane and Ross combined average currently is 99.99. kiwis could do with an average performance right now." Cricket could do with some cricket.

Sanjay: "Not using super sopper to dry out the outfield? Or they dont have one like at Port of Spain in Caribbean?" Apparently, the ground was too soft to use one. Now that the ground has had some sun, that could change.

11.58pm The inspection is almost upon us. About the conditions, it is quite sunny and has been for a while now. An update when we have it.

AJ: "So, what is the expectation - wet outfield and sun out will reduce the movement for the bowlers? Is this weather break an advantage to NZ or SA? It will at least let Steyn and Philander refresh fully" They'd prefer to bowl in yesterday-like conditions. Or even yesterday, for that matter.

9.52am Here's Firdose Moonda's assessment of conditions: 'The first session at Kingsmead will be lost to a wet outfield with chances of play dependant on whether the mud patches dry out. It is unlikely there will be any action before at least mid-afternoon.

After only 22 overs were possible on day two, 65 mm of overnight rain left the outfield a virtual lake on the morning of day three. By 9:30am, the ground had already dried significantly but several patches on the perimeter of the outfield remain damp. An inspection will be held at noon to determine whether play will be possible later on.

No equipment is being used to dry the ground with the first bright sunshine in two days warming the ground. The outfield was relaid in June and did not have enough time to recover in time for the Test, leaving several sandy patches with scant grass. It is those patches that will need to dry before play will be possible.'

Mark: "So I've been living under a rock for the last ten years, and came out and saw yesterday's action, and my, those Sth Africans have a pretty decent attack for a No.7 ranked team "

Johan: "This test should honestly have rather been at the Wanderers in Jo'burg. Dry weather here and the turnout would have been much greater"

KW Fan: "This is so frustrating! I was eagerly waiting for this series. Besides its only a 2-match series. And was looking forward to see a matured KW in SA. Hate this rain!! =("

9.20am In fact, it had rained so hard last night that an inspection for 12pm has been scheduled. So, there goes the first session of play today.

Pollyanna: "I have to agree with Dan, as an NZ fan there usually isn't any news to worry until the third wicket falls."

Dan: "Well I'm tucked up in bed early ready to follow the cricket all night. May have to rethink that plan. As much as getting the two wickets will be a boost for SA, our openers have been gimmes for years now."

9.15am A superb day for old-school South Africa to swing their way back into this game was ruined by inclement weather yesterday. After being bowled out for 263, Steyn and Philander brought back memories of old to remove New Zealand's openers before the clouds were satisfied with their share of the cricket. Important news first up is that it is not raining, the sun is out, but Firdose informs me that 'it rained all night - started around 8pm and stopped by 6am. A lot of it was hard rain too.'


4.00pm That's stumps, officially. There is no early start, so we'll get on at 10am earliest tomorrow morning. We'll be back before that, so see you then. Plenty of cricket, or what was supposed to be, around the world. Watch out for that. Until tomorrow.

3.35pm Thunder makes its appearance. Do not see us getting back on today. Won't be long before the day is called off.

phat boy: "Bowlers like Marshall and Walsh added to their legacy by bowling the way they did after their lace started to go. Despite people writing him off steyn is easily good enough to do the same. He is the lone bowler who I've been excited about watching over the last decade (I'm a batsman man usually) and I still love him."

3.27pm Heavy rain now. Hard to see the players getting back on today.

3.08pm More covers being brought on. And the light has worsened.

Fahad: "Three international matches today - all affected by rain at the moment"

3.00pm The pitch has been covered up again, I'm told. The light has got worse too. Yesterday, the light was deemed unplayable at around 5.15pm. Reckon we got a maximum of about two hours left in the day.

2.49pm Firdose tells me the umpires are on the field, maybe making an inspection, maybe checking the light. The covers are also coming off, she adds.

Ryan: "Really hope the Proteas don't let up the pressure, maybe a quick wicket or two. If play gets under way.."

2.33pm Here's what the BlackCaps have tweeted: 'Rain seems to have stopped. Still very gloomy out there.'

2.07pm The rain has gotten worse, it is bucketing down. Light deteriorates rapidly towards the latter half of the day, so prepare for the Springboks, I'd say. 2543 is the attendance at Kingsmead today.

With the controversy surrounding the calling of no-balls, here's big news

Meanwhile, the All Blacks have thrashed the Wallabies.

Praneeth: "Glad to see Steyn steaming in and continously troubling the batsmen but it's sad that we will never be able to witness Steyn clocking over 145 kph consistently again. Pace, aggression, pin-point line and length; he was a complete package."

1.36pm Most covers have been brought on for what looks like a steady drizzle.

Sunny: "Thanks GOD its raining again... (big fan of NZ)!!!"

Mitch W: "Massive Guppy fan, but unfortunately doesn't cut it at test level. Time to assess other options such as Raval or Popli"

Erik: "Glad to see Dale Steyn back he will most definitely break Shaun Pollock's record. It's sad there is no Wanderers Match."

1.24pm Welcome back to what was supposed to be the middle session. But seems like the covers are still on. The big covers. So we will have a delayed start to the session. Hang around for updates. You have ;em when I have 'em.

12.44pmThe umpires get together to assess the light. Starting to drizzle too. The players will walk off, and that will be lunch. Haven't seen this quality of SA bowling for a while, but they have delivered in a brief period before lunch. An absolutely brilliant period too. Steyn was sensational, Philander was wicket-less but not less sensational. NZ's most prolific pair - Taylor and Williamson - have some work to do, lots of it. Join us soon to find out more.

Philander to Taylor, no run

130 kph, superb over from the leggie. Good length on middle, Taylor is solidly behind the line

pierre: "If you were captain, would you bring Rabada on now, or keep these two and hope they break this important potential partnership? Remember you only have three seamers on a green track and you have to give them enough rest throughout the day. When do you bring Piedt on?" No breaks for now, mate

Philander to Taylor, no run

good leave. Good length outside off, the ball moves away but not as prodigiously. Left alone

Philander to Taylor, no run

smiles all around. Not sure how he is getting this much seam? Full outside off, the ball darts away and Taylor is beaten again. Absolutely no chance for the batsman

Philander to Taylor, no run

128 kph, full and straight, a good follow-up. Taylor is shuffling across and flicks towards midwicket, good stop to keep Taylor on strike

Philander to Taylor, no run

132.5 kph, not sure the batsmen can do anything about this. Full delivery on off, the ball jags away so late that is beats the outside edge. Legspinner? How has that gone so far?

Philander to Taylor, no run

full on off, 129 kph. Lots of oohs, Taylor was solid behind the line of that

end of over 11Maiden
NZ: 15/2CRR: 1.36 
Kane Williamson2 (16)
Ross Taylor2 (4)
Dale Steyn 6-4-3-2
Vernon Philander 5-0-12-0
Steyn to Williamson, no run

lovely bowling. Goes wider of the crease, bowls this closer to off and draws a stroke from KW, who softens his hands and quells to gully, on the bounce

Sagar: "Dale Steyn averages 17.05 per wicket against New Zealand - the best he averages against any team he has played more than one Test."

Steyn to Williamson, no run

beauty. Full and wide outside off, 134 kph. KW offers no stroke, another good leave to a good delivery

Khalid: "How long will the second session be - 2 hrs or 2 and half??" 2 hours, till 12.50PM

Steyn to Williamson, no run

swings away through the air outside off, bit pitches and comes back in. Too wide to draw a stroke but phew, this is tough

Square leg goes a bit deep

Happy: "Eating my words now. The saving grace for SA is that overhead conditions are even better than on the first day and the pitch stil hace spice. But if NZ 3,4,5 stick around for 25 overs - I am sure they won't Faf around. "

Steyn to Williamson, no run

a good change-up. 136 kph bouncer on off, KW ducks

Steyn to Williamson, no run

good length on off, KW defends right under his eyes. Head over the ball. Need this technique to play this guy

tiaan: "263 is looking more like 320 at this point this is the kind of bowling that made us no1..."

Steyn to Williamson, no run

lovely stuff. Full on a fourth-stump channel, KW shuffles across and leaves. Superb leave for a superb delivery

end of over 103 runs
NZ: 15/2CRR: 1.50 
Ross Taylor2 (4)
Kane Williamson2 (10)
Vernon Philander 5-0-12-0
Dale Steyn 5-3-3-2
Philander to Taylor, no run

good length on off, blocked into the off side

Anush Rajagopal: "Remember the CPL where Steyn told Guptil that evenn he can't wait for him to reach SA. Here's why."

Philander to Taylor, no run

another one, much closer to that outside edge. Good length outside off, the ball moves away late again. Just beats the outside edge

Philander to Taylor, no run

oh my. Another gem. Full outside off, 133 kph. Taylor plays the line but the ball moves away prodigiously. Misses that by some distance. If it didn't put doubt in Taylor's technique, surely Williamson's at the other end

DanielAlexander: "Dale Steyn steaming in and bowling fast and appealing wildly and letting the roar while celebrating is one of the greatest sights in cricket "

Philander to Taylor, 2 runs

full and straight, not a bad option at all, especially because Taylor has shuffled across. Clipped through midwicket for a couple

Philander to Williamson, 1 run

back of a length down leg, nudged down to fine leg for one

Philander to Williamson, no run

phew, close again. Fuller than a good length outside off, the ball darts back in sharply and KW leaves on length? No, line, but close enough to that off stump to add to the doubt

end of over 91 run • 1 wicket
NZ: 12/2CRR: 1.33 
Kane Williamson1 (8)
Dale Steyn 5-3-3-2
Vernon Philander 4-0-9-0
Steyn to Guptill, OUT

gone! Steyn strikes again. Started celebrating even before the umpire's decision. Just sensational bowling. Pushed square leg back before this ball, but he pitches this up - on off and middle. It moves back in from a full length, just enough nip to beat the inside edge but not enough to miss the leg stump. Guptill is struck right in front of middle and no hesitation for umpire Illingworth. Plumb. What a spell of bowling.

Martin Guptill lbw b Steyn 7 (41m 23b 1x4 0x6) SR: 30.43

Nayan: "Dale Steyn v Kane Williamson - Best you can get to see in test cricket these days. Amazing!!"

Steyn to Guptill, no run

lovely channels, 135 kph good length outside off. Left alone, another good stroke from Guptill

Best performances - batters
HM Amla
HM Amla SA
53 runs (71)
10 fours0 six
Productive shot
square drive
18 runs
4 fours0 six
T Bavuma
T Bavuma SA
46 runs (90)
7 fours0 six
Productive shot
cover drive
16 runs
3 fours0 six
Best performances - bowlers
TA Boult
TA Boult NZ
N Wagner
N Wagner NZ
Match details
Kingsmead, Durban
TossSouth Africa, elected to bat first
Series result2-match series level 0-0
Match numberTest no. 2219
Hours of play (local time)10am start, Lunch 12.00-12.40, Tea 14.40-15.00, Close 17.00; Friday: Lunch 12.30-13.30; Tea: 15.30-16.00; Close: 18:00
Match days19,20,21,22,23 August 2016 - day (5-day match)
Ian Gould
Richard Illingworth
TV Umpire
Paul Reiffel
Reserve Umpire
South Africa
Shaun George
Match Referee
Andy Pycroft
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