1st ODI (D/N), Dubai, Dec 8 2014, New Zealand tour of United Arab Emirates
(49.3/50 ov, target 247)250/7
Pakistan won by 3 wickets (with 3 balls remaining)
player of the match
Haris Sohail

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"Very tough game. After we lost Hafeez as a bowler, it was difficult to get the fifth bowler," Misbah-ul-Haq says. "The way Haris and Shahid went about it, it was really a wonderful performance. We are looking to try different things because this is the last series before WC. We will try more things in coming games. We have to take chances at this stage. Sarfraz could be really helpful down the order, he plays spin and big shots under pressure really well.. we are looking for that role for him in Australia. The partnership was really special. The temperament of Haris for the way he bowled for very good. And that helped him well in batting as well. And Shahid played a tremendous knock according to the situation."

"Yeah, I think on the back of Ross' superb knock we had a reasonable total on the board but we didn't do the job well with the ball," says Kane Williamson. "We picked up the wickets early but couldn't finish the job. There are some positives, lot of things to learn by playing in this part of the world. Pakistan played extremely well and deserved to win. Vettori's was an outstanding catch and an important one too. We certainly want to win every game we play, we want to put out this team as much as possible."

"I tried my best. Thanks to Shahid bhai, it didn't feel like I was playing in international cricket during that stand," Haris Sohail, who is the Man of the Match, says. "He supported me really well. Vicky bhai and Mushy bhai gave me confidence.. they told me that I would bowl. I wanted to play a long innings like this and it worked out well."

A wonderful contest. New Zealand had the upper hand once they dismissed the first six Pakistan batsmen for only 124. But then that partnership between Haris Sohail and Shahid Afridi - uncharacteristic in its flair but utter important.. It slowly ground New Zealand out. That after New Zealand's innings had followed the same pattern with Ross Taylor leading them to 246. Sohail, in fact, played the mirror role perfectly to bring up his maiden half-century... and what an important one that was! Add to that his 10 overs of economical bowling. Pakistan would also have been pleasantly surprised by the restraint Afridi showed during the chase, scoring 61 important runs.

lefty: "poor captaincy by Williamson. Fine leg and third man needed to be much finer for at least the last 5 overs. Needed a short cover and short mid wicket for the same period. And once it got down to a run a ball had to have the most of the fielders stopping one. Elementary stuff really"

Saad: "Happy to see team didn't rely on the bigs Younis and Misbah to bail them out. They took responsibility."

Neesham to Haris Sohail, FOUR runs

short ball, Sohail finishes it with a boundary over fine-leg. Fantastic knock from Sohail and he deservingly gets to hit the winning runs

Umar Gul has his helmet on but i don't think it's needed now

Neesham to Wahab Riaz, 1 run

slower delivery on the pads, Riaz dabs it to square leg for a quick single to level the scores

Neesham to Wahab Riaz now.

Neesham to Haris Sohail, 1 run

short delivery outside off, the batsman ramps it to third man for an easy single

Easy from here. Three runs are all they need. Neesham in conference with Williamson.

end of over 499 runs
PAK: 244/7CRR: 4.97 • RRR: 3.00 • Need 3 runs from 6b
Wahab Riaz8 (5)
Haris Sohail80 (107)
Kyle Mills10-2-54-1
James Neesham9-0-56-2
Mills to Wahab Riaz, no run

looks to swing down the ground but misses it completely.. Mills keeps appealing for a caught behind but no one else shows interest

Mills to Wahab Riaz, 2 runs

nicely crashes it to third man and calls for a second as it's Vettori down there. The throw comes in at the striker's end.. Could be a run-out..It's a tough one.. His dive has saved him

Mills to Wahab Riaz, no run

quicker delivery outside off, past the outside edge

Wolverine: "Black Caps need a Maxwell "

Mills to Wahab Riaz, FOUR runs

poor ball from Mills, this is on the pads and all Wahab has to do is to get some bat on it.. That he does, with the fine leg up, there is no one there to stop it

Mills to Wahab Riaz, 2 runs

he gets off strike with a push to long-on.. Sohail trusts Riaz and asks him to come back for the second as the fielder is a bit deep

Fine leg comes in

Mills to Haris Sohail, 1 run

back of length on the pads, clipped to short fine leg for a single

Mills comes in

end of over 489 runs • 1 wicket
PAK: 235/7CRR: 4.89 • RRR: 6.00 • Need 12 runs from 12b
Haris Sohail79 (106)
Wahab Riaz0 (0)
James Neesham9-0-56-2
Kyle Mills9-2-45-1

Xaideez: "@Kashid Siddiqui : Indeed it was restored:)"

Neesham to Haris Sohail, 1 run

short delivery outside off, Sohail ramps it to third-man for a single

Wahab Riaz comes in. 13 off 13 needed

Afridi, though, is a bit disappointed for not closing out this game

Awais Sohrab: "STAT : 2nd time in Afridi's 50 plus runs innings that he completed 50 runs without hitting a 6. Last time, 53 vs WI in 1997. "

Neesham to Afridi, OUT

direct hit and this could be tight! Afridi hits it straight to Taylor at cover and takes off immediately. There was no single in there. Once Taylor hit, it was over for him. He gets a standing ovation for a superb 61

Shahid Afridi run out (Taylor) 61 (81m 51b 7x4 1x6) SR: 119.61

Kashif Siddiqui: "Boom Boom services have been restored! We apologize for any inconvenience that it may have caused. Thank you for your patience!"

Neesham to Afridi, FOUR runs

short outside off and this has been roundhouse kicked through square leg. Slapped over the fielder at square leg

Neesham to Haris Sohail, 1 run

comes down the pitch and dabs the short delivery to cover for a quick single. A throw comes in at Afrid's end but Williamson misses. Afridi is not happy with that call

Neesham to Haris Sohail, no run

short delivery outside off, Sohail gets out of the way too early.. Realises later he could have just steered it to third man

Neesham to Haris Sohail, 2 runs

another slower delivery, this is sliced to deep backward point for a couple

Neesham to Haris Sohail, 1 wide

slower delivery wide outside off, goes over the wide marker.. the umpire calls in favour of the batsman

I have got a feeling that there are not calm shots left in Afridi's bag anymore

end of over 4711 runs
PAK: 226/6CRR: 4.80 • RRR: 7.00 • Need 21 runs from 18b
Shahid Afridi57 (49)
Haris Sohail75 (102)
Kyle Mills9-2-45-1
James Neesham8-0-47-2
Mills to Afridi, SIX runs

the Afridi is in town! The length doesn't matter.. Afridi just goes with the big shot and although it looks like he hasn't got enough, it actually just eludes the long-on fielder..

Allen: "For me Sohail should be the MOM. The maturity shown in this innings with his wonderfully economical 10 overs consisting of 30 dots and conceding only a single boundary. He has shown the rest of the team how to play.. Everything said, I want New Zealand to win... :-P :-D"

Mills to Afridi, no run

slower delivery outside off, Afridi wanted to smash it through point but is beaten

Mark: "Neesham is a mixed bag. He bowls too many wides and no-balls to be a good death bowler but he does have a knack of sometimes picking up lucky wickets. Hope he can do so here."

Mills to Afridi, 2 runs

fuller on off, he brings his fifty not with a six but with a calm push to deep midwicket for two. He applauds his partner.. The dressing room is up to applaud the innings too

Mills to Haris Sohail, 1 run

moves to the leg side again and drags the short ball to midwicket for a single

Mills to Afridi, 1 run

oh this could have gone anywhere! Afridi wanted to clip this short of length delivery to the leg side but got a leading edge straight back towards the bowler.. just drops short of him .. The batsmen steal a single too

Observer: "Since Grant Flower has been roped in as batting coach of Pakistan. There has been a drastic change in their batting. Now they look a much more formidable side as in 90's. Though early to say, but on right track."

Mills to Haris Sohail, 1 run

makes room by moving outside leg and punches the length ball straight down the ground, the fielder at mid-off cuts it off

Mills comes in.