1st Test, Abu Dhabi, Nov 9 - 13 2014, New Zealand tour of United Arab Emirates
566/3d & 175/2d
(70.3 ov, target 480)262 & 231
Pakistan won by 248 runs
Player Of The Match
4/22 & 2/48

11.35pm That's all, folks. It's been yet another spectacular performance from this hugely impressive Pakistan team. New Zealand showed signs that they are capable of coming back in the second Test. That one begins in Dubai in four days time. Do join us for that. Until then, it's ta ta from all of us.

Salman bhai: "Good to see a bowler get acknowledgement "

Omer Salam: "I think McCullum makes a fair point. It would be interesting to see how Pakistan respond when asked to field first. They have batted first in all 3 Test matches this season."

Usman Bashir: "How many innings missed by Asad Shafiq in last 3 matches Pakisan played? He just fielded...fielded and field." He scored 89 in the first innings of the first Test against Australia, batted briefly in the first innings of the second Test, and hasn't been required to bat since then.

Misbah: It's a great feeling to be part of the winning team. It's a young team, nobody expected us to perform like this. I'm really thankful to all the persons who supported me on and off the cricket field. The important thing is always never lose hope, especially as an individual. Always believed in myself, always believed if I work hard, it's definitely going to pay off. Sometimes you have to be patient. It was an absolute disaster for me, I didn't get any runs in Sri Lanka and one-day series against Australia, but I kept calm through that. You just needed one person to stand up and give a good performance, I've already mentioned that partnership between Younis and Azhar Ali in the first Test against Australia. That was a key moment for us. And the way the youngsters have bowled, everyone has the belief that we can do it. I don't want to give up our good work, because it can change very quickly, and we have to focus on the basics and keep doing them right."

Rahat Ali is the man of the match. "It's my first man of the match. Very happy. Waqar's coaching and Mushtaq's support are helping me a lot. They gave me a lot of plans. Mainly it was to bowl a lot of dot balls and bowl wicket-to-wicket. I've worked very hard with the coaching staff and I want to keep performing like this in the future."

Presentation time. First up for the interviews, it's Brendon McCullum. "Obviously we were clearly second in this Test match," he says. "Congratulations to Misbah and his team. They were dominant in this Test match and we have a fight on our hands in the next two games. We've got to make sure we keep improving. Spin is obviously a threat but so is reverse swing. It's a Test match we will take a lot of learning from, but we were clearly second best. For a New Zealand team to come out here, Australian team as we saw as well, it's very difficult, mostly starting your innings [against spin], with those men around the bat. The partnerships at the end of our innings gives us confidence for the rest of the Test match. I thought we bowled pretty well. Conditions were much slower in the first two days and it got quicker as it went on. It would be nice if we could win the toss, bat first, and put some scoreboard pressure on Pakistan, but at the moment, hats off to Pakistan, they played the perfect Test."

Zain Khan: "Sodhi's luck finally ran-out. Kudos to Pakistan. Well played boys. Hard luck to NZ but I'm sure, they will come back stronger in the next match."

Chintan: "Pakistan's domination and confidence is good to see, but such poor away performances by all Test-playing nations shows how good South Africa are at the moment. Unmatched!!!"

Salman: "That awesomely awkward moment when you can't say 'Hell Yeahhhhhhhh' at office and only end up punching the air under your desk... :) "

AZHAR SAEED: "Imran Khan helps Misbah go past the great Imran Khan. BTW both Misbah and the great Imran Khan are from the same area (Mianwali) and same clan (Niazi)"

11.11am Misbah-ul-Haq is now Pakistan's most successful Test captain. He's never captained them in a single Test match at home, but he's made their new home, the UAE, an absolute fortress. This is his 15th win, and it moves him ahead of Imran Khan and Javed Miandad. It's a staggering achievement.

Fantastic performance in this Test, went a little ragged towards the end, but don't let that distract you from the bigger picture. A huge gulf in quality between these two teams, in these conditions, but New Zealand will be pleased they showed a bit of fight and that some of their batsmen looked capable of tacking the spinners, even if none of them went on to play the length of innings that can change matches in these conditions.

Md Imran Khan to Sodhi, OUT

Imran might just have done it! It's full, and he's struck on the pad as he's halfway forward. Given out and New Zealand have reviewed. It struck him below the knee roll in front of middle stump. Is the angle taking it down the leg side? Big angle in, but it's clipping leg stump according to Hawkeye. The decision stands, and Pakistan have won a massive win.

Ish Sodhi lbw b Imran Khan 63 (119m 102b 7x4 1x6) SR: 61.76
Md Imran Khan to Sodhi, no run

ooh. It's full and it's angling in, and he looks to drive and inside edges it and it gets stuck between the flap of his pad and his leg

Md Imran Khan to Sodhi, no run

looks for the full inswinger, slants it way down the leg side

Zohaib: "Please Karthik can you ask Waqar Younis to go bowl one over of reverse swing yorkers?" I wish I had that sort of influence over cricketers and coaches, but I sadly don't.

Looks like they've called for drinks. New Zealand have survived the crucial first hour.

end of over 701 run
NZ: 231/9CRR: 3.30 
Trent Boult19 (43)
Ish Sodhi63 (99)
Zulfiqar Babar 24-6-48-2
Imran Khan 10-1-37-1
Babar to Boult, no run

fuller now, on leg stump, blocked down the pitch

Babar to Sodhi, 1 run

angled in, back of a length, and he makes room to dab it down towards third man

Babar to Sodhi, no run

back of a length outside off, chopped away towards point

Babar to Sodhi, no run

ohohoho. That straightened on off stump and nearly bowled Sodhi. He looked to leave initially and then jammed his bat down at the last moment

Babar to Sodhi, no run

a little slower, he stretches out to defend and it goes with the angle and it's off the inside half of the bat towards short leg

Babar to Sodhi, no run

tossed up, angled in towards middle stump, and he presses forward to smother the spin

end of over 691 run
NZ: 230/9CRR: 3.33 
Trent Boult19 (42)
Ish Sodhi62 (94)
Imran Khan 10-1-37-1
Zulfiqar Babar 23-6-47-2
Md Imran Khan to Boult, no run

good ball, a bit of swerve in towards off on a full length, and he manages to bring his bat down in front of his pad to tuck it away towards short midwicket

Md Imran Khan to Boult, no run

angled in towards off, and he jumps across to block into the off side

Md Imran Khan to Boult, no run

back of a length on a fourth-stump line. Hops across to block into the off side

Md Imran Khan to Boult, no run

fuller, but still too wide to make Boult play

Md Imran Khan to Boult, no run

length ball on a sixth-stump line, easily left alone

Md Imran Khan to Sodhi, 1 run

back of a length outside off, dabbed away towards backward point

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