3rd T20I (N), Napier, Dec 22 2020, Pakistan tour of New Zealand
(19.4/20 ov, target 174)177/6
Pakistan won by 4 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
89 (59)
Player Of The Series
176 runs

And that brings our coverage to the end. Great series win for NZ and excellent consolation win for Pakistan. Was good fun throughout, and played in fantastic spirits, as you might expect. In front of crowds, too. I'd forgotten what that was like. I'm signing off, watch out for Al's report. Take care.

"Pakistan played very well tonight," says a slightly subdued Williamson. "I thought our first innings total was a very good one, but Pakistan showed their class in the chase. No matter what total you have to chase, you have to bat well. They put up partnerships and we struggled to break them. At times it's just as simple as that.

"I'd like to thank Pakistan for coming over and making this series possible, and giving the Kiwis some cricket to watch over this period," says Williamson. Always knows what to say and hits the right notes, does Kane

"How Rizwan and Hafeez play shows the character of this time," Shadab says. "They stand up and deliver at crucial times. It's a good learning experience for me. We learned a lot. We made many mistakes in the field and we need to improve upon that. This will boost our Test team as well, so this win's great for that, too."

Tim Seifert is the Player of the Series

. "The main thing is we got the series win but credit to Pakistan. They played very well tonight. In T20, you get a couple of wickets and it's game on. I thought our bowlers stuck to it nicely and unfortunate we couldn't get over the line."

Rizwan is, of course, the Player of the Match. "The last match of the series is very important to us because we need confidence for the Test series. It's an honour that I will be captain for that series. The management trusted me despite missing out in the first two games. They told me again and again that I will perform, and I am grateful to them. I love the Pakistan fans because they support us wherever we go."

Well, what a T20I this has been. Congratulations of course to New Zealand, for wrapping up the series; they have overall been the better side. And to Pakistan for a brilliant chase tonight that for long periods seemed unlikely.

Jamieson to Iftikhar, SIX runs

Iftikhar seals it with a HUUUUGE six! that's it, and Pakistan finally get this done. It was in the slot and Iftikhar swing for the fences - and connected!. Pakistan win by four wickets, they finally get the job done. That'll do them the world of good after a difficult month in New Zealand, and maybe, maybe give them a shot in the arm before the Test series

Jamieson to Iftikhar, no run

short and wide, that cut shot needed to be a metre either side of backward point. Three off three now

Jamieson to Rizwan, OUT

this has gone straight up, and Pakistan lose Rizwan!This game is still alive. Rizwan thought it was in the slot and he looked to deposit it over cow corner like he's done so often this innings, but it goes high up. A glorious knock comes to an end, and Pakistan still need three

Mohammad Rizwan c Conway b Jamieson 89 (103m 59b 10x4 3x6) SR: 150.84
Jamieson to Iftikhar, 1 run

full ball to start off. Carves it down to cover point for a single, gets Rizwan on strike

Jamieson to bowl the final over

end of over 197 runs • 2 wickets
PAK: 170/5CRR: 8.94 RRR: 4.00
Iftikhar Ahmed7 (4)
Mohammad Rizwan89 (58)
Tim Southee 4-0-25-2
Trent Boult 4-0-43-0
Southee to Iftikhar, 1 run

short ball and Iftikhar keeps the strike. Sensible batting

jasnesh: "pakistan is the manchester united of cricket. every game is a jekyll and hyde performance. "

Southee to Iftikhar, 2 runs

that one's timed better, but fine leg will cut it off. Iftikhar gets another priceless two, though

Mohammad Malik: "Pakistan doing what Pakistan does best!"

Southee to Iftikhar, FOUR runs

an ungainly hoick, there was nothing convincing about that but no fielder out there around cow corner on the boundary. NZ had one too many in the ring and Iftikhar manages to punish them

Southee to Iftikhar, no run

that hat-trick ball was on the money. Tailing back in to Iftikhar and he gets a thick inside edge. Three dot balls in a row, and this is getting tricky again

Southee to Shadab, OUT

Two in two! Shadab gone for a golden done. A little too close to cut and he only manages to get an edge through to Seifert. Are Pakistan going to blow this?

Shadab Khan c †Seifert b Southee 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Southee to Faheem, OUT

gets the wicket of Faheem! Is there life in this contest still? Nothing special about that ball, short and wide and there to be hit, but he only manages a faint edge, and Pakistan lose their fourth

Faheem Ashraf c †Seifert b Southee 2 (11m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 66.66

Alam Ali: "Pakistan's game to loose now at this stage."