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ENG Women vs NZ Women, 2nd T20I at Brighton, NZ-W in ENG, Sep 04 2021 - Match Result

2nd T20I (N), Hove, September 04, 2021, New Zealand Women tour of England
(18.2/20 ov, T:128) 128/6

NZ Women won by 4 wickets (with 10 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
50 (41) & 2/28
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Comms: Alan Gardner
Scorecard summary
England Women 127/7(20 overs)
35 (29)
2/12 (2)
New Zealand Women 128/6(18.2 overs)
2/32 (3.2)
21 (19)
1/24 (4)

10.05pm: Time for the presentations, starting with England captain Nat Sciver: "We were a bit short with the bat, not starting well in the Powerplay doesn't help and having to rebuild, [although] Maia Bouchier had a brilliant debut. We couldn't get a partnership, 15 more runs and we would have been in with a shout. [Devine] She's been a brilliant allrounder for a long time, 100 games later she's still showing us how to do it. We were just slightly off in the bowling, but managed to fight back and put the pressure on. [Bouchier] That's what the Hundred's for, it expose players to pressure moments and she did brilliantly."

Sophie Devine is Player of the Match: "Feels good to be back in the winners' circle, been a tough 12-18 months but we know that we're growing as a team, nice to put out a performance against a quality England side. We've got to be honest, we've not won much lately, and winning is a habit, so to get the job done is great. I had full confidence in the girls. Nice to put it all together on the park, adapted quickly from the first game, where we were pretty rusty. [100th cap] We've got a curse for milestone games, think it's the first one anyone's won, so nice to break the hoodoo. Even though we lost the first game, the intent was there, so good for the group to push on with the run rate. Nice to be out running around and show the hard work we've been putting int. We were disappointed [after the first match] but this is part of building towards the World Cup and Commonwealth Games. It certainly helps to start to win game and know what it feels like."

There we go, simply Devine from New Zealand, they are up and running on this tour. Stick around for Valkerie's report, and we'll be back for more in a few days, as the teams move on to Taunton. Thanks for chipping in, as ever. Good night!

10pm: It was a nervy finish but NZ got there with room to spare in the end. Sophie Devine's half-century saw them most of the way, and although they lost 4 for 24 as the chase got tight, Katey Martin was the old head who scampered and scraped them over the line. England made a game of it, particularly through Mady Villiers' efforts in the field, but didn't have enough runs on the board. They'll doubtless be hoping to have Heather Knight back for the decider at Taunton on Thursday.

Here's Hiren: "No doubt about that due to Devine's all round performance both with bat and bowl helped New Zealand to win the match but 19 wides made an immense impact on England's defeat."

Farrant to Martin, 2 wide

full and drifting down leg, Martin scampers off as Saggers against signals wide - and that's it, NZ win by four wickets!

Farrant to Newton, 2 wide

short, sprayed down leg, Jones can't gather this... and they scamper a second wide, too!

Thamsyn Newton is next in, fielders crowding in the ring

Farrant to Jensen, OUT

floats the knuckle ball down leg with Jensen sweeping, Jones makes a good grab and appeals... Martin Saggers gives a wide, but England review, and there's a feather on UltraEdge as the ball goes through! Just a tickle of glove, Jensen will have to go. England four wickets from burgling a win!

Hayley Jensen c †Jones b Farrant 7 (6b 1x4 0x6 7m) SR: 116.66
Farrant to Jensen, FOUR runs

smashed over cover, halves the requirement! Full and wide and Jensen piles into a slogged up-and-over that brings the game within touching distance

Down to 8 from 12, Farrant is back

end of over 185 runs
NZ-W: 120/5CRR: 6.66 RRR: 4.00 • Need 8 from 12b
Hayley Jensen3 (4b)
Katey Martin7 (8b 1x4)
Sophie Ecclestone 4-0-20-0
Sarah Glenn 4-0-24-1
Ecclestone to Jensen, 1 run

dabbed in front of point for another single

"Surely NZ can't lose it from here? It's less than a run a ball. The don't need death and glory type shots. Working the ones and twos will easily get then home." It sounds simple, Mark. But is there a cool head out there to bring it home for the White Ferns?

Ecclestone to Martin, 1 run

flighted, drifting leg side and squeezed out for one

Ecclestone to Jensen, 1 run

slightly short and cut, Davies does well to get some thing on it at backward point - otherwise that was going for four

Ecclestone to Jensen, no run

strangled appeal for lbw, think she got some inside edge on that

Ecclestone to Martin, 1 run

angled in from round the wicket, Martin goes for the reverse-ramp and gets it into the off side for one

Ecclestone to Jensen, 1 run

fizzed down wide of off, steered through point to the sweeper

Hayley Jensen is in, 13 needed from 18. Ecclestone to bowl

end of over 172 runs • 1 wicket
NZ-W: 115/5CRR: 6.76 RRR: 4.33 • Need 13 from 18b
Katey Martin5 (6b 1x4)
Sarah Glenn 4-0-24-1
Mady Villiers 1-0-8-1
Glenn to Halliday, OUT

Halliday looks for the big shot - picks out long-on! Villiers the woman, again. Tossed up by Glenn and Halliday got under it, she had enough to clear the rope, only for the fielder to intercept it. Taken above her head a couple of feet in front of the boundary. Villiers at the heart of everything for England right now

Brooke Halliday c Villiers b Glenn 3 (5b 0x4 0x6 13m) SR: 60
Glenn to Martin, 1 leg bye

shuffles forward and scuffs this into the off side via the pads

Glenn to Martin, no run

another swing and a miss

Glenn to Martin, no run
Glenn to Martin, no run

floated down the leg side, Martin sweeps and misses. "How's that not a wide?" she asks, audible over the stump mic

Glenn to Halliday, 1 run

lobbed up on the stumps, nudged to long-on

NZ still well ahead of the rate, 15 needed from the last four. Glenn to bowl out

end of over 168 runs • 1 wicket
NZ-W: 113/4CRR: 7.06 RRR: 3.75 • Need 15 from 24b
Brooke Halliday2 (3b)
Katey Martin5 (2b 1x4)
Mady Villiers 1-0-8-1
Tash Farrant 3-0-24-1
Villiers to Halliday, 1 run

flat outside off and Halliday chops a bottom edge past Jones

Villiers to Martin, 1 run
Villiers to Martin, FOUR runs

sliced off the back foot for four! Too much width and Martin opens the face to runs this down to third. Another crucial boundary, eases the pressure a touch

Katey Martin is next in

Villiers to Green, OUT

thumped back, but Villiers grabs another blinder! Off her feet again, the ball practically behind her as she clung on, but she was smiling mid-air as she realised it had stuck! Green connected well there but has to go. The NZ tremors deepen

Maddy Green c & b Villiers 21 (19b 3x4 0x6 23m) SR: 110.52
Match details
County Ground, Hove
TossNew Zealand Women, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Series result3-match series level 1-1
Match numberWT20I no. 946
Match days04 September 2021 - night (20-over match)
WT20I debut
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
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