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2nd Test, Leeds, June 01 - 03, 2018, Pakistan tour of Ireland, England and Scotland
174 & 134

England won by an innings and 55 runs

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10 wkts
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Scores: @Cricket_Lama | Comms: Alan Gardner
Scorecard summary
Pakistan 174/10(48.1 overs)
56 (52)
3/38 (15)
28 (57)
3/43 (15)
England 363/10(106.2 overs)
80* (101)
3/60 (20)
49 (95)
2/78 (26)
Pakistan 134/10(46 overs)
34 (64)
3/28 (12)
3/33 (11)
end of over 462 runs • 1 wicket
PAK: 134/10CRR: 2.91 
Mohammad Amir7 (20b 1x4)
Stuart Broad 12-2-28-3
Dom Bess 11-1-33-3

5.05pm: Two-Tests series always have the potential for an unsatisfactory result, but both these teams might be quietly pleased there isn't the possibility of suffering a blooper in the decider. Pakistan remain unbeaten in four Test series against England, while the hosts have something under their belt to take into the main challenge of the summer: India in August. Next up are a batch of ODIs, Scotland in Edinburgh and then a five-match series against Australia. If you've not had enough for today, Bangladesh and Afghanistan are playing a T20 in Dehradun; we'll be back for more japery in a week. Thanks for your contributions, from Gnasher, myself and Thilak, it's cheerio for now. Bye!

4.40pm: Time for the presentations, then. First up, Man of the Match is Jos Buttler: "Yeah, absolutely, great to be back in, brilliant opportunity, wanted to make the most of it and really enjoy the occasion. Think the bowlers were always in the game, there's always a delivery that can take a wicket, made batting tricky at times. Some fantastic players around, we showed that after a tough week at Lord's, showed everyone what the side is capable of, which is pleasing. Had the opportunity to try and slog a few, playing the situation. [Selection without playing red-ball?] I think I'm lucky, for someone to take a punt on you, that gave me confidence, to say there's a Test player in there, doesn't matter what you've been playing. Quietly confident in my own ability but nice for someone to show that faith in me."

Man of the Series is Mohammad Abbas: "Thank you so much, disappointed not to get the five-for at Lord's and get on the honours board, but if Pakistan had won the series it would have been the icing on the cake. But happy to be Man of the Series. Part of the game on a seaming track, sometimes you get the nicks, sometimes you don't. [England attempts to combat movement] I'll work on my bowling next time, they changed the ploy and got on the front foot, standing outside the crease, but I'll keep looking to improve. Thanks, and happy birthday to Wasim Akram!"

Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed: "First we won the toss and batted, that didn't work out for us. Good batting pitch, but the first two sessions they bowled well and we couldn't capitalise. Not as disciplined as Lord's, batting wasn't up to the mark. [Hasan drop of Buttler?] You take some good catches, but dropped catches are part of the game. We were down 180, pressure on the batting side, but again we didn't capitalise. We have a young side, we learned a lot and inshallah will improve. The way we came back at Malahide and Lord's, I'm proud of my team."

England captain Joe Root: [Pleasing result?] "It was, we spoke as a group, it was a tough week and we responded well, spoke about character but wanted to play with pride and enjoyment. We learned quickly and adapted well to the conditions. Didn't win the toss, ended up bowling first and it went in our favour. A few guys stood up, think that was a good thing for us. [Senior bowlers on first morning] They set the tone, were fantastic and backed up by the group. When it came to the batting we were disciplined, good balance of attack and defence and that's the aim of the game. Came out and proved what were about as a side. Nature of the pitch, it offered a lot throughout the game, swung and seamed, made for some really good cricket. Credit to the groundstaff for producing the wicket, credit to the lads for their performance. I said we had a point to prove and a lot of hard work to do. We've got time to achieve that, this is a good step and chance to take it forward. [Three new players?] Think they did a really good job, Keaton played well first up, the two young lads performed exceptionally well, exactly what you want from your attack. [First Test?] We were below par, we know that. We were down on confidence from a tough winter, but we came back and showed the character, showed we were a better side. [Can you beat India?] I think so, absolutely. It's about making sure we continue to improve and have good weeks like this, taking confidence forward."

4.25pm: Is that bouncebackability? Or just mercurial England/unpredictable Pakistan? Joe Root is certainly all smiles as he leads his team off, a first victory in nine Tests to end as grim a run as England have had in recent times. Headingley hasn't been their happiest hunting ground over the last decade but they did a good job ramming home the advantage after Sarfraz Ahmed's unwise-in-hindsight decision to bat first on Friday. Pakistan don't do draws away from home, and they were never likely to rescue this match once England opened up a near-200 lead; which means the series is shared at 1-1, after two strikingly similar Tests (with different victors). Here's what Miller made of it all.

Broad to Abbas, OUT

short of a length, Broad's legcutter and it takes the shoulder of the bat, steered to third slip - that's job done for England! Root grabs it in front of his face, the crowd gurgles in delight, and England have won by an innings and 55 runs

Mohammad Abbas c Root b Broad 1 (10b 0x4 0x6 13m) SR: 10

Here's Andy C: "There's been some chat in this match about highest team totals without half-centuries (until Buttler spoiled the stat-party this morning). So where to turn next? Well, with that last scoring shot Amir has ghosted past Mkaya Ntini's 699 career runs into 12th place in the list of highest career run makers without a half-century. Top of that tree is Waqar Younis with 1,010. The only current player ahead of Amir is Nathan Lyon on 820 so it's all to play for."

Broad to Abbas, no run

ooh, superb line, that's straightened past the bat with Abbas deep in the crease

Broad to Amir, 1 run

arrowed in from round the wicket, Amir glances through backward square leg

Sai: "Who should be MoM today? Guys any inputs? I vote for Butler." It's a tricky little decision (for whoever decides these things). Bess, maybe?

Broad to Abbas, 1 run

fired in straighter and Abbas turns it nearly off his pads past short leg for a single to get off nought

Broad to Abbas, no run

bangs the ball in short, head-hunting bumper but Abbas has got his bonce down below the parapet

Broad to Abbas, no run

length ball, Abbas gets solidly into line on off stump

end of over 458 runs
PAK: 132/9CRR: 2.93 
Mohammad Amir6 (19b 1x4)
Mohammad Abbas0 (5b)
Dom Bess 11-1-33-3
Stuart Broad 11-2-26-2
Bess to Amir, 4 byes

tossed up into the rough, big spin as Amir again fails to connect, beats the keeper and skips away for byes

"Is it fair to say that the choice to bat first was the determining factor in both Tests?" asks Bennett Mendes. Well, it's certainly not helped either team

Bess to Amir, no run

flat delivery, cut off the back foot but again he picks out point

Bess to Amir, no run

flighted, dipping and spinning outside off, Amir heaves across the line and misses

Bess to Amir, FOUR runs

gets too straight, this pitches on leg stump and Amir is able to clear the front leg, thump four over midwicket

Bess to Amir, no run

tossed up on the stumps and punched back to the bowler

Bess to Amir, no run

pushed through outside off, Amir sits back and swipes the ball towards point

"Is it over now, Alan?" Ummm, no, JB... Have England stopped bowling?

end of over 44Wicket maiden
PAK: 124/9CRR: 2.81 
Mohammad Abbas0 (5b)
Mohammad Amir2 (13b)
Stuart Broad 11-2-26-2
Dom Bess 10-1-29-3
Broad to Abbas, no run

seams away from a length as Abbas swings for the hills... He wouldn't have hit that with a frying pan

Broad to Abbas, no run

good length and blocked coming across on off stump

Broad to Abbas, no run

lets this one go outside off

Tea was due at 4.10pm, but England will get an extra half hour to try and finish this

Broad to Abbas, no run

comes across and defends to the off side

Broad to Abbas, no run

short and rising towards the ribs, Abbas nudges it behind short leg

Mohammad Abbas is the last man in

Broad to Hasan Ali, OUT

edged, that's a super grab at slip! Hasan is snuffed out, Broad has the wicket, Cook swooping to his left to take the catch. That ball was travelling, extra bounce from a length for Broad and Hasan could only fence at it like the tailender he is

Hasan Ali c Cook b Broad 9 (11b 0x4 1x6 17m) SR: 81.81
end of over 431 run
PAK: 124/8CRR: 2.88 
Mohammad Amir2 (13b)
Hasan Ali9 (10b 1x6)
Dom Bess 10-1-29-3
Stuart Broad 10-1-26-1

"These two need to bat out whole day and prevent innings loss. The good thing is that Pakistan hasn't lost both reviews." That's the spirit, Waqar. Ain't over till it's over

Bess to Amir, no run

pushed through quicker and chopped into the ground, Bess comes across to field

Bess to Amir, no run

pushed through and Amir defends coming forwards

Best performances - batters
Spike Graph
Wagon Zone
JC Buttler
80 runs (101)
11 fours2 sixes
Productive shot
cover drive
23 runs
5 fours0 six
Shadab Khan
56 runs (52)
10 fours0 six
Productive shot
cut shot
16 runs
4 fours0 six
Best performances - bowlers
SCJ Broad
SCJ Broad
Match details
Headingley, Leeds
TossPakistan, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Player Of The Series
Series result2-match series drawn 1-1
Match numberTest no. 2305
Hours of play (local time)11:00 start, Lunch 13.00-13.40, Tea 15.40-16.00, Close 18.00
Match days1,2,3 June 2018 - day (5-day match)
Test debut
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