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18th Match (N), Dubai (DSC), February 16, 2016, Pakistan Super League
(20 ov, T:202) 203/8

Gladiators won by 2 wickets

Player Of The Match
55 (30)
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end of over 2016 runs
QG: 203/8CRR: 10.15 
Mohammad Nabi30 (12)
Zulfiqar Babar1 (1)
Zohaib Khan 4-0-38-0
Dwayne Bravo 4-0-30-3

11.50pm Wow, what a nail-biter that was. Sensational stuff this. Mohammad Nabi has helped chase 15 off the last over. Quetta chase down 202 and complete an awesome victory, a win that surely will boost their confidence even more. I wonder if Azhar could have given the last over to the medium-pacer of Delport, all easy in hindsight though. The match looked dead after 18 overs, but Nabi kept it alive with successive boundaries. In the end, this could be a catastrophic loss for Lahore. Karachi have to win their game tomorrow to go through and keep Lahore out of the playoffs.

Bismillah Khan is the Man of the Match: "They gave me a chance and I'm happy for that, the staff gave me a lot of confidence. the cricket is easy, it is the pressure at this level. You handle the pressure well, you'll be successful."

SabawoonSalik: "Great to see Nabi scoring some runs a real booster for the play-offs"

Zohaib Khan to M Nabi, FOUR runs

it has gone for four and Nabi has done it for his side. What drama here. Very full and wide outside off, Nabi scythes it away over point. What a game this has been. Zohaib chose to bowl it full and wide, was that the wisest choice? Nabi got under it and found the gap. Bravo, it seemed, ran around and fumbled at the boundary.

3 off 1.

Zohaib Khan to Babar, 1 run

full toss is drilled back to Zohaib who drops a really hard chance. They scamper one as well. He could have stopped the single. If he had taken it, Nabi would not be on strike.

Right then, the game right here. This is the ball. The all-important penultimate ball. A wicket?

Zohaib Khan to M Nabi, 1 run

yorker outside off, a thick inside edge goes to short fine leg for one. Nabi is off strike

A conference. Coming over the wickets is an option. Lots of hand movement from Azhar. Won't matter if Nabi connects.

Zohaib Khan to M Nabi, SIX runs

that is six. Short outside off, Nabi stays back and whacks it. Long over the fence. Very predictable stuff.

The bowler will have to take a punt, be brave and slow one up outside off.

Zohaib Khan to M Nabi, FOUR runs

that will be four. Anticipating that length, gets back in the crease and drills it back to the long-on fence. Great shot.

15 off 5. If the yorker length is missed, ....

Zohaib Khan to M Nabi, no run

yorker on off, drilled back to the bowler. Zohaib does well. Picks up and removes the stumps, the non-striker is back but.

Not impossible. 15 off 6. They don't have a front-line bowler to bowl. Nabi is key. Zohaib Khan has been given the ball. It is spin. There may be a bit of dew too.

end of over 1912 runs • 1 wicket
QG: 187/8CRR: 9.84 RRR: 15.00
Mohammad Nabi15 (7)
Zulfiqar Babar0 (0)
Dwayne Bravo 4-0-30-3
Ehsan Adil 4-0-39-4
Bravo to M Nabi, 1 run

worked away to deep midwicket for a run. Nabi wants the strike and he'll get it

Rahat : "what a nail biter"

Awais: "No not again.. another twist"

Bravo to Anwar Ali, OUT

gone. What an important wicket. Will it matter though because Nabi is back on strike? Another slower ball on off, hit away into the air to long-on. Umar Akmal takes a quality, pressure catch. This pendulum is swinging again

Anwar Ali c Umar Akmal b Bravo 6 (8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 75

A boundary here changes things, but then again, so does a wicket.

Uzair: "One more six and the game is changed again."

Bravo to M Nabi, 1 run

full on off, full toss maybe. Swatted to long-on for a run

Around the wicket

Bravo to M Nabi, no run

another slower ball outside off, right in the slot again. Nabi fails to connect. Dot ball

Bravo to M Nabi, FOUR runs

four. Wow, what is happening here? Slower ball outside off, Nabi comes down and gets bat on his slice past point for four. Not sure he intended it but in the gap, four.

Bravo to M Nabi, SIX runs

six. What a start to the over that is. Full outside off, Nabi rushes down and just clobbers it over cover. Clears the boundary by a distance. Pressure on Bravo now

Bravo to bowl the penultimate over. One of the spinners or Delport will have to bowl the last.

end of over 184 runs • 1 wicket
QG: 175/7CRR: 9.72 RRR: 13.50
Anwar Ali6 (7)
Mohammad Nabi3 (2)
Ehsan Adil 4-0-39-4
Kevon Cooper 4-0-37-1
Ehsan Adil to Anwar Ali, no run

full outside off, Anwar fails to connect. Beaten. End of an outstanding comeback by Ehsan Adil.

Ehsan Adil to M Nabi, 1 run

full on off, drilled to long-on

Ehsan Adil to M Nabi, 2 runs

nicely hit. Full and wide outside off, scythed away past point for a couple. Good fielding at the boundary

Ehsan Adil to Nawaz, OUT

gone. Nawaz goes. Adil gets him. Put in the slot on off, right there for the big hit and Nawaz goes for it but on;ly manages a thin outside edge which is easily held by the keeper.

Mohammad Nawaz c †Mohammad Rizwan b Ehsan Adil 0 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

Mustafa: "Fair play award goes to Ehsan Adil"

Ehsan Adil to Nawaz, no run

full on off, superbly driven but straight to cover.

Ehsan Adil to Anwar Ali, 1 run

full on off, driven to long-off

Mohammad Nawaz has come out.

end of over 178 runs • 1 wicket
QG: 171/6CRR: 10.05 RRR: 10.33
Anwar Ali5 (5)
Kevon Cooper 4-0-37-1
Ehsan Adil 3-0-35-3
Cooper to Elliott, OUT

oh my. What a terrible delivery. Would have been a wide if Elliott ignored it. He tickled it fine to short fine leg. Adil collects cleanly, but did it carry? Adil draws a box in the air to call for the television replays. Replays seem inconclusive whether it has carried or not. A replay shows it has carried, according to me. Is there too much doubt? No, says the third umpire. It has been given out. The worst ball of the over has the wicket. Another match-turning moment.

Grant Elliott c Ehsan Adil b Cooper 3 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100
Cooper to Elliott, 2 runs

yorker outside off, guided past point. Elliott races back for the second. Excellent running.

Still all about wickets

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