2nd T20I (N), Cardiff, Sep 7 2010, Pakistan tour of England
(14/20 ov)90/4
England won by 6 wickets (with 36 balls remaining)
player of the match
end of over 1410 runs
ENG: 90/4CRR: 6.42  • Need 0 run from 36b
Michael Yardy6 (6)
Eoin Morgan18 (14)
Mohammad Hafeez2-0-15-0
Shahid Afridi3-0-15-1

England win by six wickets and win series 2-0. That is England's seventh Twenty20 win in a row, setting a new record and it could not have come much easier. Pakistan were completely dismal and England nothing more than efficient. It was not a contest and Pakistan have a huge task on their hands to lift themselves before the one-day series.

Andrew Miller has his wrap of events in his end-of-game bulletin so do check that out.

Shahid Afridi describes the Pakistan performance as 'immature' and 'irresponsible'. Other than adding 'incompetent' there is not much more to say.

Paul Collingwood says England's run of wins is a 'special achievement' and as always praises his potent bowling unit who set up the victory today.

Tim Bresnan is named Man of the Match for his 3.3-0-10-3. He began the rot by removing Kamran Akmal and Mohammad Yousuf and Pakistan couldn't recover.

Thanks for all the emails, that's all from us. Let's hope for a keener contest come the 1st ODI on Friday.

Hafeez to Yardy, 4 runs

this should be it! Yardy strokes through cover gently and though the fielder chases manfully England run all four and take the match and series. Easy as you like!

Hafeez to Yardy, no run

Yardy pushes this back down the wicket to Hafeez

Hafeez to Morgan, 1 run

just a fraction short, Morgan leaps back and cuts in a flash down to deep point. Just a boundary needed now

Hafeez to Morgan, no run

Morgan itching to finish things off in style, but gets a good ball he can only defend

Hafeez to Morgan, FOUR runs

touch of flight from Hafeez, Morgan clears his front leg and thwacks this imperiously down the ground for four, England nearly there now

Hafeez to Yardy, 1 run

carefully worked away to point for a single

end of over 1312 runs
ENG: 80/4CRR: 6.15 RRR: 1.43 • Need 10 runs from 42b
Eoin Morgan13 (11)
Michael Yardy1 (3)
Shahid Afridi3-0-15-1
Mohammad Hafeez1-0-5-0
Afridi to Morgan, no run

more conventional this time and Morgan defends

Afridi to Morgan, 4 byes

bouncer in response! Really swift from Afridi, almost cleaned Morgan up! Akmal had no chance either!

Afridi to Morgan, FOUR runs

good work from Morgan again, makes this look so easy, too short from Afridi and Morgan cuts crisply to the deep point boundary

Afridi to Yardy, 1 run

Yardy shuffles into place from outside leg stump and dabs this towards midwicket for a single

Afridi to Morgan, 3 runs

oh good shot this, Morgan just waits a fraction and opens the face at the last minute on a drive to pick a gap at cover, stroking stylishly for three

Afridi to Morgan, no run

good delivery from Afridi, pacey and on a good length and line, Morgan defends