2nd T20I, Leeds, Jul 18 2021, Pakistan tour of England
(20 ov, target 201)155/9
England won by 45 runs
Player Of The Match
36 (16) & 2/32
end of over 201 run
PAK: 155/9CRR: 7.75 
Mohammad Hasnain0 (1)
Shadab Khan36 (22)
Tom Curran 4-0-22-1
Saqib Mahmood 4-0-33-3

6.15pm: Well, it was scorchio in the stands, and England were too hot to handle on the field. George Dobell's report is just about to land in the slot, and we'll be back to mow a few more over midwicket in Tuesday's decider. Thanks for your comments, from myself, Danyal and Thilak, that's a wrap. Bye!

6.05pm: Time for the presentations, then. Pakistan captain Babar Azam: "We gave away too many runs, perhaps 30 too many, and weren't able to carry through the momentum we built at the top. Lost my wicket at a crucial time, but we back our ability to chase down a total because we've done it in the past. Happy with our spinners but the fast bowlers leaked too many runs and we'll look to rectify that in the next game. Hope for an improved performance."

England captain Jos Buttler: "Thought we were fantastic, quite good to lose the toss, put together a good score and put a lot of pressure on them. [Spinners] Yes, absolutely Rashid's been fantastic for a long time and Parky has earned his chance, they bowled fantastically well in tandem. [Return from injury] Great to be back and nice to contribute. Great team performance, asked a lot of the guys and improved on the other night. Two great games and I'm sure the decider will be as well."

Moeen Ali is Player of the Match: "Getting an opportunity up the order is fantastic, and bowling a few overs was great. Brilliant team performance, so many other guys could have been Man of the Match. Just tried to spin the ball, the two spinners before me bowled fantastically well, Parky is very accurate and they stuck to their skills. But to get a couple of wickets was great. [Batting position] I'm happy to float, when you bat up the order you can get going in the Powerplay and play your shots. Nice to bat with Jos and take it to the bowlers. Great for the series and going into Old Trafford it'll be a fantastic game."

6pm: The Pakistan fans in the ground never gave up, vuvuzelas blaring to the last, but England have crushed this one - and that leaves things nicely set for a series decider at Old Trafford on Tuesday. It seemed as if England might have undershot their innings, losing 7 for 63 during the final seven overs of their innings; but 200 was still a score on the board, and they bowled intelligently, the three spinners in particular capitalising on a grippy surface to claim 5 for 87 between them. Pretty much from the moment Mohammad Rizwan fell in the 11th over, Pakistan's chase went downhill

Tom Curran to Mohammad Hasnain, no run

length outside off, Hasnain aims a swipe down the ground and fails to connect - England win by 45 runs, and level the series at 1-1

Tom Curran to Shadab, 1 run

fullish and dinked through point, this time he runs one - there'll be no 20th over maiden for Curran

"Why wasn't that wicket a dead-ball? Clearly it would have been distracting to the batsman." Rauf might have stood a chance if he'd asked, Ahmed, that's for certain

Tom Curran to Shadab, no run

fired in full and he inside-edges this towards fine leg. Still no run taken

Tom Curran to Shadab, no run

pitched up on off stump, 82mph/132kph and this is driven to long-off for one another dot

Tom Curran to Shadab, no run

low full toss, Shadab swats it up and over towards deep midwicket, doesn't move again

Tom Curran to Shadab, no run

in the channel and Shadab pings it through the covers, won't be running

Curran to close out. Chris Jordan, by the way, has bowled just one over. Pakistan need 47, or snookers

end of over 199 runs • 2 wickets
PAK: 154/9CRR: 8.10 RRR: 47.00 • Need 47 runs from 6b
Shadab Khan35 (17)
Saqib Mahmood 4-0-33-3
Tom Curran 3-0-21-1
Mahmood to Haris Rauf, OUT

cleaned up first ball! Rauf opens up his shoulders and mows across the line, only to hear the crash of ash behind him. Looks like Mahmood actually ran in with one of the 30-yard circle markers stuck to his spikes, which then flew up behind him. But Rauf is heading off regardless, and this one is almost done

Haris Rauf b Mahmood 0 (5m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

Haris Rauf is the batter at No.10

Mahmood to Shadab, 1 run

slung down wide of the stumps and carved through cover for one

Mahmood to Shadab, SIX runs

smoked over long-on! Clean as a whistle connection from Shadab, sending a low full toss into the stands

Mahmood to Shaheen Shah Afridi, OUT

88mph short ball, Afridi holes out to mid-on! Cross-seam from Mahmood, skidding on to hit high up the bat as Afridi swung for the fences, sent a looping catch up to safe hands CJ. Could we see both teams bowled out here?

Shaheen Shah Afridi c Jordan b Mahmood 2 (9m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50
Mahmood to Shadab, 1 run

decent attempted yorker, 87kmph/140kph tailing on off stump, drilled to mid-off and he runs this time

Mahmood to Shadab, no run

fullish length in the channel, clumped through the covers - turns down the single

Mahmood to Shadab, 1 wide

hurls this down wide of the stumps, too wide for the umpire as Shadab flails at it

Mahmood to bowl out

"Hafeez, Fakhar and Azam scoring 19 off 24 in a chase that required an average of 10 an over? Simply not good enough." But did a relatively pedestrian start by the top two put them under pressure, Hammad Afzal?