3rd Test, Napier, Dec 11 - 15 2009, Pakistan tour of New Zealand
223 & 455
(19 ov, target 208)471 & 90/0
Match drawn
Player Of The Match
134 & 2/93
end of over 196 runs
NZ: 90/0CRR: 4.73 
Tim McIntosh23 (54)
BJ Watling60 (62)
Danish Kaneria 5-0-21-0
Umar Gul 3-0-24-0

6.45pm The match has been called off as it is still raining in Napier. Rain has robbed the series of what had shaped to be an enthralling finish, so the series is drawn 1-1.

It's been a superb Test, with both teams tussling for the upper hand. New Zealand had the better of the first half of the Test, but Pakistan's batting showed plenty of spine to bring them back in the second innings, batting out a mammoth 193.2 overs. Their efforts might yet have been of no avail, as New Zealand's openers, particularly Watling, started off promisingly in their chase of 208. It was rain that had the final say, though, leaving New Zealand gutted.

The biggest gain from this series for Pakistan has to be the emergence of Umar Akmal, who rescued them several times in his debut series. The successful return of Mohammad Asif also bodes well for them. And the performances of their openers in this Test will also be a good sign ahead of the Australia Tests. Danish Kaneria also did well, getting seven on a flat track.

For New Zealand, BJ Watling made a promising debut. Tim McIntosh is likely to have saved his career with his performance in Napier, and Daniel Flynn should be a worried man when Jesse Ryder returns. There will be no Iain O'Brien to bowl tirelessly into the wind for them as he has announced his retirement. Shane Bond had a typical series: almost unplayable when fit, before injury caused him to miss matches.

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6.20pm The rain had stopped for a few minutes but it has started drizzling again. So the covers will stay on.

Derek Holmes joins the Tim McIntosh fan club: "McIntosh has got to stay. OK he may not be the flashest around, but Ryder, Taylor, McCullum and the other strokemakers need to have that new ball seen off to give them the best chance of success. Good gutsy stuff to score big, under pressure, in the first dig and NZ got 471 as a result."

Thinktank from Australia: "It is a wonderful match that is now hit by rain. How disappointing. Most of the comments I see here are from ' fans ' against Pakistan. Is there anyone out there, including these commentators on the site who see what an extra ordinary comeback was made by Pakistan ? They not only cleaned the initial huge deficit but also put on an imposing target on the board. New Zealand openers are doing very good. I would certainly like to see this match concluded on merit of game rather than an intervention by the nature. "

Btw, Virender Sehwag has just completed a 66-ball century against Sri Lanka in Rajkot. Hop on here for commentary on that game.

6.10pm The rain has become a little lighter. The Supersopper has come out. The umpires are inspecting the conditions. Play can be extended by one hour to make up for lost time.

Dr. Syed Erfan Asif from Canada: "I still feel that New Zealand has done their best to push Pakistan on the backfoot and are likely to win the series. Rain may result in a 1-1 draw. As a Pakistan supporter I would be happy for this result however it's sad to achieve this result with the support of weather and not by team efforts. Like many others, I too am wondering how things would turn up for them in Australia."

Greg from New Zealand: "This is the sort of situation that demands the use of lights for test cricket."

5.55pm Still raining steadily at the ground.

Mark from the US sends us the oldest cliche in the book: "Who says Test cricket is boring?"

Paddy sends in a plea from the heart: "It broke my heart last year when NZ almost got a series-winning victory in the one-dayers and poor little Guptill had rain streaming down his helmet after a superb innings. Don't let it happen again, please!"

Fareed Ahmed from the US: "I think this game will be in people's memory for while becasue of some valuable innings that have been played on this ground by Daniel, Brandon in the first innngs, Pakistani openers in the second innings ,and Second inning chase by Newcomer Watling. Keep it up guys."

For the New Zealand fans asking about the Plunket Shield game, Central Districts have won by nine wickets. Peter Ingram 245*.

Santosh Kumar J from India: "Let say - if 15 overs are remaining and 118 runs to be scored. With 10 wickets in hand that wont be a big ask. NZ must have these kind of knocks to deserve a series victory. I feel Nz has the upper hand here, only if rain gods have mercy on them."

Rajesh from Australia joins the chorus asking about starting each day's play at noon. "Well that's how you pay for the folly of starting play at lunch time!!"

Wali from Canada: "I have one of the toughest exam in 2 days "Classical Mechanics" and I can't get my eyes off this match."

5.45pm It's still raining at Napier. Worse, it's become heavier than before. The rain gods seem to like Pakistan. It won't be till well after 6pm that we start.

G2 from India sums up the situation. I like how the message gets increasing hysterical: "what a pity! What a pity!! WHAT A PITY!!!"

Benny from Australia: "I really dont care if they dont win. NZ has shown enough in this test match to make me keep faith. Watling genuinely looks the goods. Still not convinced McIntosh is the man for the job and Guptil and Flynn still have to prove themselves at Test level. But with Bond (hopefully) coming back and Ryder back in the fold. NZ looks good to push a few places higher in he rankings over the next few years."

5.35pm It's pelting down now. Rain halts play. It doesn't look good, it seems like BJ Watling's efforts will be in vain. Unlikely there are going to be enough overs left for New Zealand to chase down what was already a stiff target.

Plenty of people asking for a Duckworth-Lewis system in Tests.

Mike is a McIntosh fan: "I can't understand all the criticism of Mcintosh. He's seen off the new ball, now the key is for him to rotate the strike & let Watling, Taylor & Mccullum go for the runs ."

Danish Kaneria to McIntosh, no run

too wide outside offstump, McIntosh looks to sweep that instead of dabbing to the off, he misses

A delay between almost every ball as Pakistan wipe the ball dry

Danish Kaneria to Watling, 1 run

full and down the leg side again, swept to deep backward square leg

Danish Kaneria to McIntosh, 1 run

McIntosh gets the single and off the strike by pushing the ball towards cover

Danish Kaneria to Watling, 1 run

down the leg side, lap-sweep straight to Yousuf, but the batsmen take a single anyway

Danish Kaneria to McIntosh, 1 run

McIntosh pushes the ball towards point and was struggling to complete the single but the throw misses the stumps again, Umar Akaml was the fielder again

Around the wicket

Danish Kaneria to McIntosh, 2 runs

poor delivery, overpitched outside legstump, paddled down to fine leg

end of over 1810 runs
NZ: 84/0CRR: 4.66 
Tim McIntosh19 (50)
BJ Watling58 (60)
Umar Gul 3-0-24-0
Danish Kaneria 4-0-15-0
Umar Gul to McIntosh, 1 run

McIntosh drops the ball at his feet, and the batsmen sprint through for a tight single

Umar Gul to McIntosh, no run

slapped firmly to backward point, straight at the fielder

Umar Gul to Watling, 1 run

Watling nearly run out there, chanced a single after slashing the ball to backward point, Umar latches onto the ball but he can't hit the stumps at the non-striker's end

It's still drizzling, Umar Gul uses a towel to keep the ball dry

Umar Gul to Watling, 2 runs

Watling backs away and chops it into the ground and it bounces over backward point

Umar Gul to Watling, FOUR runs

four runs, New Zealand have shifted into top gear, that was a poor ball, full ball on the pads, glanced to fine leg

Umar Gul to McIntosh, (no ball) 1 run

oversteps, on the pads, tucked towards square leg

Umar Gul to McIntosh, no run

short ball and a bit wide, McIntosh stands tall and slaps it to backward point

end of over 1710 runs
NZ: 74/0CRR: 4.35 
BJ Watling51 (57)
Tim McIntosh17 (46)
Danish Kaneria 4-0-15-0
Umar Gul 2-0-14-0

Ali from the US: "The last time Pakistan toured New Zealand there was a similar situation where out of the blue Mohammad Sami got a 5 for. The game ended up being a draw when the rain came. Unfortunately, that was the last time we saw Mohammad Sami bowling well."

Danish Kaneria to Watling, no run

short ball, Watling dabs it behind point, but can't beat the fielder

Danish Kaneria to Watling, no run

good ball from Kaneria, a length ball heading into offstump

Danish Kaneria to Watling, FOUR runs

Watling brings up a super half-century, paddles the ball to fine leg where the fielder puts in a dive but slides over the rope as he stops it

Danish Kaneria to Watling, SIX runs

Watling has slammed that one for six, gets down on one knee and launches a fullish ball over wide long-on, he's has the win on his mind

Danish Kaneria to Watling, no run

punched towards short cover off the front foot

Danish Kaneria to Watling, no run

full and down the leg side, looks to tap it to the leg side, gets it off the back of the bat towards the off side