1st Test, Johannesburg, Feb 1 - 4 2013, Pakistan tour of South Africa
253 & 275/3d
(100.4 ov, target 480)49 & 268
South Africa won by 211 runs
player of the match
Dale Steyn
South Africa

It's youth day at the Wanderers, they have bused in a whole lot of school kids

and they are all singing now.

WaKXx: "Steyn goes 2 up over Amla."

Sifiso: "Dale Steyn, you beauty! 11 for 60. What a bowling performance. The best bowler in the world by quite a mile!"

South Africa utterly dominant in this game. Pakistan seemed to have had a decent first day, when Junaid Khan showed his ability to snake the ball around, but Steyn and Co demolished Pakistan for 49 on the second morning, after which there was no coming back. AB de Villiers finished the game with a century and a record-equalling 11 catches, but no doubts over who the star of the show was - Dale Steyn finished off the match with a lung-busting spell of 11 overs, to complete another five-for and hand South Africa a 211-run victory.

AhmadSaeed: "Its no wonder that Pakistan have lost to the very good side. But that 2nd day morning storm was the time when we lost the game, rest of the time we were OK. There are some positives to be taken, and still don't understand why Rahat was playing ahead of Irfan and Ehsan Adil."

Sharjeel: "A bit sad over the lbw. 'AB' should have broken the world record of most caught behinds alongside with Steyn's 5. Would have been icing on the cake."

Oliver Jones: "Steyn is just ridiculous. Clearly the best bowler in the world at the moment. Anderson's immense at swing bowling, but there's no doubt that when Steyn's in the groove, he can just downright bully teams into giving up and losing their wicket. He's got a brute of a bouncer, vicious swing, precision accuracy and the look of a man who will get you out, even if it takes all day. Anderson doesn't have the aggression for that."

Farhan: "Cape town has quite a spinning pitch. We'll play well there. Nevertheless SA showed why they deserve the No1. Pak Batting improved in the 2nd innings. Good fight back. Overall good test cricket."

Post-match presentation:

Misbah-ul-Haq: "I think that was a great spell of innings, that hurt us really. I think such a big batting line-up, we got them 250- something, we could have scored 300 runs or equal to them, this could have been a good Test match. I think everybody knows that once we can see off the new ball, we can score runs, I think in the next match you will see that. They are the No. 1 side, but they have top-class bowlers, top-class batsmen, we can learn a lot from them."

Graeme Smith: "You always get a bit nervous in milestone game, people could say that you are not totally focused. We knew we wanted to bat first, we were looking at 250-odd, but we left ourselves down a little bit. But we knew the cracks would come into effect. Blessed to have Steyn in the attack, No. 1 bowler in the world, he has been helped Morkel and Philander. Hopefully AB has silenced the critics with his keeping, our intensity on the third morning was very good. We've got two Tests left this summer, hopefully back in Cape Town the turnout will be amazing. Think I'm going to go home tonight and spend two days in bed to recover from all the emotions, all the support from the fans."

The Man of the Match is Dale Steyn: "I bowled quite nicely (grins), AB's hundred, Biff's 100th Test as captain, the decision to bat on a tough track, that's what this team is about, great performance from the team. I've not been able to pick up wickets at the top in recent times but glad I did it here. I'd like to say I've bowled better in the nets, but this is what counts. We wanted to try and get these wickets as quickly as possible today, the guys pushed hard, there wasn't a lot of chances, we were pumped to try and finish off the game. Things just kind of clicked, the ball just came out nicely, there's not much thinking going on, your natural instinct takes over, I just got the ball in my hand and ran in and bowled."

Omar: "Steyn's such a great guy, that post match presentation with him was a delight to watch. He throws vicious jabs on the field but he is a gentlemen when its all done and dusted. Brilliant."

Vijaypc: "There was once a bowler called Steyn, who made the batsman grimace in pain, "He finishes the game too fast." the broadcasters would lament, hey it aint his fault, he is just quick, accurate and adamant."

And here's our (disgruntled?) reader Abdullah: "well, thanks to cricinfo for not publishing any of my comment. i am so grateful to you guys. if u had them published, i may have been more happy but we don't want that, do we... hahaha."

On that note, this is Siddarth Ravindran signing off. Thanks for all the comments!

Steyn to Junaid, OUT

given lbw, review time, short of length ball on middle and that strikes him low on the front pad, batsman was deep in the crease, that was going on take out middle and leg, it's all over at Jo'burg, Steyn gets another five-for, undoubtedly the world's greatest bowler

Junaid Khan lbw b Steyn 9 (44m 23b 2x4 0x6) SR: 39.13
Steyn to Junaid, no run

again teasing the batsman outside off, who doesn't nick it

Steyn to Junaid, no run

appeal for a caught-behind, Steyn had his arms aloft but there was no bat involved there, off the pad and through to the keeper, no chance of lbw since that was quite high

Steyn to Junaid, no run

getting the ball to move away once more, beats the batsman's flail outside off

Steyn now bowling his 11th over in a row

end of over 1006 runs
PAK: 268/9CRR: 2.68 
Rahat Ali3 (9)
Junaid Khan9 (19)
Morne Morkel25-7-89-2
Dale Steyn28-10-52-4

Pakman: "10 overs in a spell for a out and out pace bowler!! Steyn is the complete package, he has the stamina of Ntini and the pace of Donald and the cleverness of Pollock. Superb performance!! You will not find one Pakistan who is not in awe of Steyn!"

Morkel to Rahat Ali, no run

shortish ball outside off, looks to cut that and misses

Morkel to Rahat Ali, 2 runs

pitched up and that is past mid-on for a couple, there was a shout of 'Catch,' as the ball was in the air for a bit but wide of Amla

Morkel to Rahat Ali, 4 byes

that stays quite low, slipping down the leg side, AB could have done better with that one, he dives but can't prevent four byes

Morkel to Rahat Ali, no run

moving away after pitch back of a length, batsman swings at it but is a long way away from the ball

Morkel to Rahat Ali, no run

short of length and outside off, pokes at it and misses

Morkel to Rahat Ali, no run

scythes at it outside off, misses

end of over 991 run • 1 wicket
PAK: 262/9CRR: 2.64 
Junaid Khan9 (19)
Rahat Ali1 (3)
Dale Steyn28-10-52-4
Morne Morkel24-7-87-2

This is the cheapest-ever ten-for by a South African fast bowler

Steyn to Junaid, no run

outside off and he gets the outside edge, but it doesn't carry through to the cordon, bounces through to slip

Steyn to Junaid, no run

short off length on leg stump, off the thigh pad and towards short leg

Steyn to Rahat Ali, 1 run

short of length and spearing in towards leg, guided uppishly towards cover

Steyn to Rahat Ali, no run

short of length ball on middle and off, defended down the track

Also, the extra half hour has been taken, which means there's still 40 minutes to lunch.

Steyn to Rahat Ali, no run

slips this down the leg side

This is the tenth over in Steyn's spell

Steyn to Umar Gul, OUT

is that caught-behind? review after it is turned down, that was back of a length and outside off, Gul swipes and there was a sound as it passed the bat, HotSpot acting up as usual, but the decision is overturned and Junaid is gone, another ten-for for Dale Steyn, and that's catch No. 11 for AB de Villiers, that equals the world record

Umar Gul c †de Villiers b Steyn 23 (71m 43b 3x4 0x6) SR: 53.48