2nd Test, Basseterre, May 20 - 24 2011, Pakistan tour of West Indies
272 & 377/6d
(80.3 ov, target 427)223 & 230
Pakistan won by 196 runs
player of the match
Taufeeq Umar

On behalf of the Cricinfo gang, this is Nitin Sundar signing out. Cheers and take care.

That winds up the action from Pakistan's tour of West Indies. On balance, a success for the visitors, they won the ODIs and have squared the Tests. Action from the Caribbean to continue, with the India tour beginning shortly. In the mean time, the IPL runs to its conclusion, while England and Sri Lanka begin to spar in the Ole' Blighty. The action is not stopping in a hurry.


Man of the series award goes, deservingly, to the smiling doosra merchant - Saeed Ajmal. "Very happy with the bowling ... Rehman has been good at one end, Hafeez has been good against left handers, and that helped me a lot."

Misbah: "I am really proud of these bunch of guys and their fighting spirit. Catching was one of our failings in the previous game, but we turned it around and it was one of the big differences between the teams in this game. Taufeeq took some good catches, the confdence rubbed off on his batting and he got a wonderful 100. I am happy I am performing well, it feels good to lead from the front. We hope to play on our home grounds soon, but on the positive side, we are getting exposure outside and becoming a better team in the process."

Taufeeq Umar is the Man of the Match: "I had my chances, dropped twice.. That happens in cricket and I made use of them. I was always positive that I will come back [and score a Test ton after an eight-year break]. Good pitch, the ball came on well and our bowlers did really well."

Sammy says his side lost momentum through the second Test. "We have not been able to be consistent with the bat or ball. We have some work to do. Can't fault the lower order, they are doing their best. India is going to be a tight series, but we are looking forward to it."

Waseem: "They wasted their time playing 5 ODI, this test series deserves a decider." Can't agree more with you, mate. Down with these senseless two-Test rubbers!

Tayyab: "One thing that I have learnt from this series is that Asoka de Silva should change is field from cricket to soccer. I have never seen such a lower level of umpiring in an international series during my whole life. Give him a break please.."

Fahd: "Wish Misbah were not 37." True, but his fitness is top-notch. Hope he has another 2 years in him. Can't think of a more stabilising influence at the top for Pakistan.

Ali: "Even with those dropped catches Pakistan most probably would have won one this one. They looked strong in fielding and bowling as usual and came down real hard on Windies in this match." Debatable, but yes, Pakistan were the better team all said, in Basseterre.

Misbah is yet to lose a rubber, three series into his regime. They should have probably won this one, but still good on him.. Pakistan have been through tough times recently, and that's a massive understatement.

Abdur to Bishoo, OUT

shambolic finish for the West Indies. Pakistan have wrapped it up with two sessions to spare. Comedy of many errors there. Bishoo works it backward of square on the leg side and watches the ball, Roach hares down the track, turns back too late, by which time Riaz has picked it up and lined up a solid throw at the bowler's end. Roach had no chance, and he did not even try to stretch. He's yards out. Umpire Asoka de Silva asks for the third umpire's assistance. Bizarre. Roach doesn't wait for the lights. He removes the gloves and shakes hands with the jubilant visitors.

Kemar Roach run out (Wahab Riaz) 12 (49m 37b 1x4 0x6) SR: 32.43
Abdur to Bishoo, no run

Bishoo presses forward confidently and drives into the covers.

Abdur to Bishoo, 2 runs

Bishoo does his version of Rampaul, reaches across and swings Rehman into the cow corner area. Not so well hit, and he manages to pick up a couple.

end of over 802 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 228/9CRR: 2.85 
Devendra Bishoo1 (2)
Kemar Roach12 (37)
Saeed Ajmal31-7-79-3
Abdur Rehman24-10-63-4

Joe has some good old irony for us: "Congrats to Windies, they have passed their highest score in this test series."

Ajmal to Bishoo, 1 run

similar line, Bishoo guides it into the mid-off area to open his account.

Ajmal to Bishoo, no run

flighted generously on leg stump, Bishoo drives with the spin into the wide mid-off area.

Ajmal to Rampaul, OUT

Umar Akmal pulls of a smart catch at silly point, and Rampaul is shocked before making his way back. He has been playing these shots rather unmindful of the men close in. Tossed up on off, Rampaul walks into the check drive into the covers and plays it straight at Akmal who doesn't flinch. He holds on, Rampaul stares in agony at him and then keeps walking past him to the hut. Pak are one wicket away.

Ravi Rampaul c Umar Akmal b Saeed Ajmal 20 (24m 22b 2x4 2x6) SR: 90.91
Ajmal to Roach, 1 run

Roach gets a doosra and manages to guide it square for a single.

Ajmal to Roach, no run

extra bounce and spin down the leg side. Roach can't glance, and just as well. Goes off the hip towards leg slip.

Ajmal to Roach, no run

Roach plays a big shot this time, but doesn't pull it off. Slogged straight to midwicket.,

end of over 797 runs
WI: 226/8CRR: 2.86 
Ravi Rampaul20 (21)
Kemar Roach11 (34)
Abdur Rehman24-10-63-4
Saeed Ajmal30-7-77-2
Abdur to Rampaul, no run

full ball to end the over, Rampaul leans out to the flight and plays it into the leg side.

Abdur to Rampaul, SIX runs

whoa, Rampaul has thumped this one into the mound on the empty grass bank behind square leg. Rehman flights it onto off stump and it curls in. Rampaul puts the front foot out, goes down on a knee and wallops it with a crossed bat.

Abdur to Rampaul, no run

again Rampaul plays that nudge of his, a little uppish but safely away from short leg.

Abdur to Roach, 1 run

daring shot, but well executed. Very full on leg stump, Roach swivels after reaching forward and sweeps it well to fine leg.

Abdur to Roach, no run

back of a length outside leg and turning in. Defended once again from the crease.

Abdur to Roach, no run

Rehman throws it up on leg stump, Roach leans out to defend.