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Zimbabwe vs Pakistan, 3rd ODI at Harare, , Aug 31 2013 - Ball by Ball Commentary

3rd ODI, Harare, August 31, 2013, Pakistan tour of Zimbabwe
(40/50 ov, T:261) 152

Pakistan won by 108 runs

Player Of The Match
67 (85)
Player Of The Series
232 runs • 2 wkts
Full commentary
end of over 402 runs • 1 wicket
ZIM: 152/10CRR: 3.80 RRR: 10.90
Tendai Chatara1 (3b)
Saeed Ajmal 7-1-15-2
Abdur Rehman 8-0-23-2

So there you have it, folks. Pakistan seal the series 2-1 to break a 10-year jinx. Both captains are looking forward to the Tests and we hope you will join us on September 3 when the first one begins. Until then, this is Alagappan Muthu, on behalf of Rohan Sharma and Vishal Dikshit, saying sayonara.

Misbah-ul-Haq is the Man of the Match. "Yeah we were really struggling and the ball wasn't coming on to the bat. I didn't really know what was happening but Umar Amin played a good innings. The openers gave us a good start but the game changed when Amin came in and Sarfraz also batted well and we managed a good total. There was a little inconsistent bounce and pace so I wanted to make sure we played the 50 overs and post something around 250-260. We dont need to think about records too much. They always come along, but we just need to go there and play to win the game and thats what we did. We have a very settled Test squad and everyone is performing. They know their role and most of them are seniors now so its not a problem for us"

Brendan Taylor says he was comfortable with the total they restricted Pakistan. Though there was a little panic in the chase, we have a lot of positives. They always had an explosive lower order and keeping them to 10 or 9 an over in the death was always going to be difficult. When the top order clicks, it makes a huge difference. They are in good nick going into the Tests and hopefully they can stay out there for long periods of time. Its a massive challenge but its nice to play a Test match at home

Mohammad Hafeez is named Man of the Series for his 232 runs in three matches. "In the last couple of games I wasn't scoring runs and thanks to my team-mates and my coaches have helped me. The leg is still not feeling well, but I was trying to be in the game. After the first game, we needed to work hard and play well in the next two. I was having trouble running twos and threes so I thought it was best to take some treatment and with the Test series around the corner it seemed the right thing to do"

Umer: "MoM goes to Misbah for his batting, fielding and captaincy! :)"

Tipu: "Rehman has made a good comeback, Zulfiqar seemed in good touch last time he would be intresting to see who ultimately cements his place in the team."

Zimbabwe would be sorely disappointed at the result. With Masakadza and Taylor at the crease they were up with the rate. But the onset of the spinners introduced a few doubts into the batsmen's minds and resulted in a few run-outs. Malcolm Waller and Prosper Utseya put up a brave rearguard action, but once Utseya fell victim to the third run-out of the innings, Zimbabwe's hopes were fast failing. Do stay with us as we bring the presentation in a few minutes.

Ajmal to Waller, OUT

and its all over. Ajmal gives this one a little air and bowling from around the wicket forces Waller to look to clip it into the leg side. The leading edge is taken and Abdur Rehman at point takes the simplest of catches. Pakistan win the deciding ODI and claim the series.

Malcolm Waller c Abdur Rehman b Saeed Ajmal 48 (71b 4x4 0x6 86m) SR: 67.6
Ajmal to Waller, no run

he comes forward to the full ball on the stumps and pushes it into the off side

Ajmal to Chatara, 1 run

nudges it out to the leg side and scampers for a single

Ajmal to Chatara, no run

another doosra and this has greater bounce, leaping off a length to beat the outside edge of the batsman's intended defense

Ajmal to Chatara, no run

its the doosra again and Chatara doesn't pick it as he plays down the wrong line but gets hit on the pads

Ajmal to Waller, 1 run

goes back and opens the face to get a single into the point region

end of over 392 runs • 1 wicket
ZIM: 150/9CRR: 3.84 RRR: 10.09
Malcolm Waller47 (68b 4x4)
Tendai Chatara0 (0b)
Abdur Rehman 8-0-23-2
Saeed Ajmal 6-1-13-1
Abdur to Waller, 1 run

goes back in his crease and punches the shortish ball outside the off stump to long-off

Abdur to Waller, no run

attacks the stumps again and the batsman blocks it back to the bowler off his front foot

Abdur to Waller, no run

fuller ball on the stumps, pushed back to the bowler

Tendai Chatara is the new man but Waller faces up as the batsmen changed ends

Abdur to Panyangara, OUT

top edge and Rehman yells a loud "mine" and takes it safely. Another wicket in the infamous Powerplay. Fuller ball on middle forces the Panyangara to go for the sweep but he is nowhere near the pitch of it and skies it. Rehman moves a few yards to his left and holds on to a relatively easy catch

Tinashe Panyangara c & b Abdur Rehman 1 (4b 0x4 0x6 5m) SR: 25
Abdur to Waller, 1 run

clipped into the leg side again as Zimbabwe keep the scoreboard ticking, even if the boundaries aren't coming

Abdur to Waller, no run

flatter and quicker this time and its picked off into the midwicket region. The batsmen look for a single but there isn't one and they're back just in time

Gowhar Nazir: "Gowhar-"The only difference between the Worms(Graphs) of Pak and Zim is the number of wickets at present(at 150).""

end of over 383 runs • 1 wicket
ZIM: 148/8CRR: 3.89 RRR: 9.41
Tinashe Panyangara1 (3b)
Malcolm Waller45 (63b 4x4)
Saeed Ajmal 6-1-13-1
Abdur Rehman 7-0-21-1
Ajmal to Panyangara, no run

angled a little down leg and the batsman comes as far forward as he could to defend it into the off side

Ajmal to Panyangara, no run

tossed up again and the batsman comes forward, keeps his bat and pad together and blocks it

Ajmal to Waller, 1 run

nicely flighted on middle and Waller comes forward and drives it down to long-on

Ajmal to Panyangara, 1 run

oh, he loses his direction there. The ball is way down the leg side and it is pushed off behind square leg for a single

Tinashe Panyangara out to face the music

Ajmal to Masakadza, OUT

cleans him up with the doosra. Brilliant bowling from Ajmal. Inviting flight draws the batsman forward into a defence that lacked conviction. The ball turns past the outside edge and crashes into top of off. Ajmal lives up to his nickname of Magician

Shingi Masakadza b Saeed Ajmal 0 (1b 0x4 0x6 1m) SR: 0

Shingi Masakadza is the new bat

Ajmal to Waller, 1 run

The ball is tossed up outside off and is hit down the ground to long-off

Tipu: "Is it me or does it seem like Junaid is being ignored since the last few matches. First he was dropped, and now his role in the team just seems......less"

Daniel Alexander: "Can these two do a Mathews-Malinga Melbourne miracle?" Looks like they fell a little short there

Ajmal continues round the wicket

end of over 373 runs • 1 wicket
ZIM: 145/7CRR: 3.91 RRR: 8.92
Malcolm Waller43 (61b 4x4)
Abdur Rehman 7-0-21-1
Saeed Ajmal 5-1-10-0
Abdur to Utseya, OUT

Oh mix up there and he's run out! Holds this one back just a touch and the batsman stays at his crease, looking to work it square on the leg side. He can't make any contact as the ball dribbles down to short third man. The batsman sets off for a single but the fielder grabs the ball and throws it back with more than enough time for the keeper to remove the bails. Utseya trudges off and Zimbabwe lose an important wicket

Prosper Utseya run out (Umar Amin/†Sarfaraz Ahmed) 23 (50b 1x4 0x6 50m) SR: 46
Abdur to Utseya, no run

he's getting more confident to toss the ball. The batsman pushes it into the off side off the front foot

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