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Zimbabwe vs Pakistan, 3rd ODI at Harare, , Aug 31 2013 - Full Scorecard

3rd ODI, Harare, August 31, 2013, Pakistan tour of Zimbabwe
(40/50 ov, T:261) 152

Pakistan won by 108 runs

Player Of The Match
67 (85)
Player Of The Series
232 runs • 2 wkts
Pakistan Innings
Zimbabwe Innings
Match Flow
Pakistan  (50 ovs maximum)
c †Taylor b Chatara3851673174.50
c Sikandar Raza b H Masakadza54851353063.52
not out 2634463076.47
c Sikandar Raza b SW Masakadza67851146078.82
c & b Utseya33253540132.00
c †Taylor b Chatara771700100.00
c †Taylor b Chatara22132320169.23
not out 00400-
Extras(lb 2, w 11)13
TOTAL50 Ov (RR: 5.20, 224 Mins)260/6
Fall of wickets: 1-66 (Nasir Jamshed, 15.3 ov), 1-87 (22.5 ov), 2-119 (Ahmed Shehzad, 32.2 ov), 3-170 (Umar Amin, 40.2 ov), 4-195 (Shahid Afridi, 43.6 ov), 5-243 (Sarfaraz Ahmed, 48.4 ov), 6-251 (Misbah-ul-Haq, 49.4 ov)
49.4 to Misbah-ul-Haq, it is not often you get a second straight chance at redemption. This time Misbah, who had crossed with Hafeez the previous ball, hits it straight in the same area, except this one is higher than flatter. Raza settles in under it, and completes the catch. 251/6
40.2 to Umar Amin, length ball on middle and leg. Prosper falls sharply to his left to hold on to a sharp return chance. Excellent response from Utseya after Amin signalled his intent. Timely wicket for Zimbabwe, as Umar goes for a promising cameo of 33 off 25 balls. In walks the master of disaster, the incomparable, Shahid Afridi. 170/3
15.3 to Nasir Jamshed, fuller length outside off and Jamshed, looking to drive through extra-cover, gets a thick edge on its way to the keeper. Gives away a useful start as Zimbabwe strike for the first time this morning. 66/1
43.6 to Shahid Afridi, short of a length outside off and without moving his feet Afridi has a waft at it and ends up getting a thick edge on the way to the keeper. This could hurt Pakistan's chances of a competitive total, while Zimbabwe will like their chances even more. 195/4
48.4 to Sarfaraz Ahmed, full delivery on leg and Ahmed, trying to squirt it through the off side, ends up getting an edge which just carries to Brendan Taylor behind. Good low catch. 243/5
32.2 to Ahmed Shehzad, full outside off, and Shehzad has fallen under pressure in the deep. He drove it and took the aerial route but didn't get the distance and Sikander Raza at long-off runs to his right and takes a good catch. 119/2
Zimbabwe  (T: 261 runs from 50 ovs)
st †Sarfaraz Ahmed b Abdur Rehman2542473159.52
c Umar Amin b Mohammad Hafeez28140025.00
run out (Misbah-ul-Haq)2629505089.65
lbw b Mohammad Hafeez616240037.50
run out (Misbah-ul-Haq)23140066.66
c Abdur Rehman b Saeed Ajmal4871864067.60
lbw b Shahid Afridi213140015.38
run out (Umar Amin/†Sarfaraz Ahmed)2350501046.00
b Saeed Ajmal011000.00
c & b Abdur Rehman1450025.00
not out 1340033.33
Extras(lb 3, w 13)16
TOTAL40 Ov (RR: 3.80, 159 Mins)152
Fall of wickets: 1-12 (Vusi Sibanda, 3.4 ov), 2-46 (Hamilton Masakadza, 10.4 ov), 3-66 (Brendan Taylor, 14.5 ov), 4-68 (Sikandar Raza, 15.6 ov), 5-75 (Sean Williams, 16.6 ov), 6-87 (Elton Chigumbura, 22.4 ov), 7-145 (Prosper Utseya, 36.6 ov), 8-146 (Shingi Masakadza, 37.2 ov), 9-149 (Tinashe Panyangara, 38.3 ov), 10-152 (Malcolm Waller, 39.6 ov)
3.4 to V Sibanda, oh, he's fallen to the only man out there in the deep. The ball was there to be hit, but Sibanda doesn't get the power he wanted. Nice, flighted ball from Hafeez and he goes down on one knee to slog sweep it. Umar Amin runs around and pulls out the slide to hold on to a good catch. Zimbabwe lose their first. 12/1
15.6 to Sikandar Raza, given straightaway! It pitched on length just outside off, Raza went back to defend but missed and was struck right in front of the stumps after turning. Four down now Zimbabwe. 68/4
10.4 to H Masakadza, and Rehman does the trick in his first over. He tosses this one up much more than the previous balls. Masakadza's eyes light up as he comes down the track but he plays across the line, looking to clip it towards midwicket. The ball grips, turns and leaves Masakadza stranded in the middle of the wicket as Sarfraz does the rest. 46/2
38.3 to T Panyangara, top edge and Rehman yells a loud "mine" and takes it safely. Another wicket in the infamous Powerplay. Fuller ball on middle forces the Panyangara to go for the sweep but he is nowhere near the pitch of it and skies it. Rehman moves a few yards to his left and holds on to a relatively easy catch. 149/9
22.4 to E Chigumbura, gone this time! It was closer and would have hit the stumps. Afridi darted another one into the batsman, it pitched around off and came, Chigumbura defended but his bat didn't come down on time and the ball hit his pads right in front of the stumps just around the knee roll. 87/6
37.2 to SW Masakadza, cleans him up with the doosra. Brilliant bowling from Ajmal. Inviting flight draws the batsman forward into a defence that lacked conviction. The ball turns past the outside edge and crashes into top of off. Ajmal lives up to his nickname of Magician. 146/8
39.6 to MN Waller, and its all over. Ajmal gives this one a little air and bowling from around the wicket forces Waller to look to clip it into the leg side. The leading edge is taken and Abdur Rehman at point takes the simplest of catches. Pakistan win the deciding ODI and claim the series.. 152/10
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  • Pakistan innings
  • Powerplay 1: Overs 0.1 - 10.0 (Mandatory - 37 runs, 0 wicket)
  • Pakistan: 50 runs in 11.4 overs (70 balls), Extras 4
  • 1st Wicket: 50 runs in 70 balls (Nasir Jamshed 31, Ahmed Shehzad 17, Ex 4)
  • Drinks: Pakistan - 66/1 in 15.3 overs (Ahmed Shehzad 22)
  • Pakistan: 100 runs in 26.6 overs (162 balls), Extras 8
  • Ahmed Shehzad: 50 off 81 balls (3 x 4)
  • Drinks: Pakistan - 119/2 in 32.2 overs (Misbah-ul-Haq 7)
  • Powerplay 2: Overs 35.1 - 40.0 (Batting side - 36 runs, 0 wicket)
  • Pakistan: 150 runs in 37.6 overs (228 balls), Extras 9
  • 3rd Wicket: 50 runs in 47 balls (Misbah-ul-Haq 17, Umar Amin 33, Ex 1)
  • Pakistan: 200 runs in 44.5 overs (269 balls), Extras 9
  • Misbah-ul-Haq: 50 off 74 balls (4 x 4)
  • Mohammad Hafeez retired hurt on 12* from 87/1 (22.5 ov) to 243/5 (48.4 ov)
  • Pakistan: 250 runs in 49.2 overs (296 balls), Extras 10
  • Innings Break: Pakistan - 260/6 in 50.0 overs (Mohammad Hafeez 26, Abdur Rehman 0)
  • Zimbabwe innings
  • Powerplay 1: Overs 0.1 - 10.0 (Mandatory - 45 runs, 1 wicket)
  • Zimbabwe: 50 runs in 11.1 overs (67 balls), Extras 9
  • Drinks: Zimbabwe - 66/3 in 14.5 overs (Sikandar Raza 4)
  • Zimbabwe: 100 runs in 27.3 overs (165 balls), Extras 9
  • 7th Wicket: 50 runs in 73 balls (MN Waller 24, P Utseya 23, Ex 6)
  • Powerplay 2: Overs 35.1 - 40.0 (Batting side - 11 runs, 4 wickets)
  • Drinks: Zimbabwe - 142/6 in 36.0 overs (MN Waller 41, P Utseya 23)
  • Zimbabwe: 150 runs in 38.6 overs (234 balls), Extras 16
Harare Sports Club
TossZimbabwe, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Player Of The Series
Series resultPakistan won the 3-match series 2-1
Match numberODI no. 3408
Hours of play (local time)09.30 start, First Session 09.30-13.00 Interval 13.00-13.45, Second Session 13.45-17.15
Match days31 August 2013 - day (50-over match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
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