1st Test, Harare, Apr 29 - May 1 2021, Pakistan tour of Zimbabwe
(46.2 ov)176 & 134
Pakistan won by an innings and 116 runs
player of the match
Hasan Ali

That is all from us for now on this Test match. On behalf of Peter Della Penna, Danyal Rasool, Ranjith P and Thilak Rama, this is Abhishek Purohit signing off.

Babar Azam: "First of all, thanks to Allah, the way we started in the first session, the bowlers bowled well, the way we dismissed them in the first innings was good, Hasan was outstanding, the openers then batted well, we carried on the momentum, Fawad finishing how he did was outstanding, We had planned to put 300-plus (lead) on the board, and then we had planned to bowl them out for 150-200, it was an outstanding finish by Hasan, now we have a few days off, we will rest, have nets, have a look at the wicket and then decide the composition for the next game."

Brendan Taylor: "Getting bowled out in two sessions on day one let us down, and to then field for 130 overs put us behind the eight ball. [Delaying the second new ball in the Pakistan innings] I had to monitor the workloads of the bowlers, do I bowl them into the ground or try to keep them fresh, the scoreboard was not moving so we hung onto the old ball longer, and you saw it was hard and moved around in the morning today, we need to work on our batting as a group."

Hasan Ali is the Man of the Match. Hasan: "I have been doing well in nets, and working on my batting, the instruction (this morning) was to put runs on the board, Fawad bhai was excellent. I have played whole season of first-class and am used to bowling on slow pitches, we know we did not dominate in the T20s so we have to do that in the Tests and so we put in lot of effort, really happy with the wickets. The (Taylor) catch was crucial as he was coming hard at us. [On his celebratory run after taking the catch] Before that ball, I was telling Nauman to get him out, and next ball he actually got him out. My performance and my Man of the Match award is dedicated to my little princess newborn baby."

Nine wickets in the match for Hasan, and Pakistan have demolished Zimbabwe for the second time in three days just over half an hour after tea. Zimbabwe lasted all of 105.3 overs in the match, Pakistan batted 133 in their only innings. Zimbabwe began promisingly this morning before giving it away after lunch, and once the ball started to reverse a bit, Hasan ripped through the rest. Masvaure not being able to bat with his injured hand only hastened the end

The second and last Test starts only on Friday, so the teams will have a fair bit of a break

Hasan Ali to Ngarava, OUT

and that'll be it, Hasan deserves a fifth, and he gets it, performs the sajda before his team-mates come up to congratulate him, Ngarava was in no mood to get behind the line, this was a low full toss from round the stumps, and crashed into the base of middle stump

Richard Ngarava b Hasan Ali 5 (14m 12b 1x4 0x6) SR: 41.66
Hasan Ali to Ngarava, FOUR runs

edge flies between slips and gully as Ngarava stays beside the line to a short of a length ball and tries to defend

Mustafa Ahmad: "@Syed Hasan Too early to compare him to legends like inzamam and younis khan only his third match but he has the potential"

end of over 461 run
ZIM: 130/8CRR: 2.82 
Regis Chakabva14 (46)
Richard Ngarava1 (10)
Sajid Khan4-0-7-0
Hasan Ali12-2-32-4
Sajid Khan to Chakabva, no run

goes back to keep out a length ball turning in on off

Sajid Khan to Chakabva, no run

smothers a full one down the track

Sajid Khan to Ngarava, 1 run

gets forward again and the push goes past short leg for a single

Sajid Khan to Ngarava, no run

leans forward to defend down the track

Sajid Khan to Ngarava, no run

almost through, went on with the angle from round the stumps, was right on middle, but he got some bat on it

Sajid Khan to Ngarava, no run

punches a tossed up ball to mid off

Muhammad Aqib A: "Where are the people who wanted Pakistan to just go bang bang with the bat?"

end of over 45Maiden
ZIM: 129/8CRR: 2.86 
Regis Chakabva14 (44)
Richard Ngarava0 (6)
Hasan Ali12-2-32-4
Sajid Khan3-0-6-0
Hasan Ali to Chakabva, no run

on to the front foot neatly to block out the last ball of the over, a good length delivery outside off

Hasan Ali to Chakabva, no run

and again, gets the stride out and defends one on off stump line

Umar: "@Syed Hassan, you forgot Younis Khan. He deserves the mention in a slip fielder discussion"

Hasan Ali to Chakabva, no run

nicely forward in time to defend this length ball that was bouncing

Hasan Ali to Chakabva, no run

bouncer now, he ducks safely

Hasan Ali to Chakabva, no run

inswinging yorker on middle, he gets legs out of the way and gets the bat down in time

Hasan Ali to Chakabva, no run

moves in a tad from a good length and he defends with an inside edge on to pad