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Pakistan vs New Zealand, 1st T20I at Rawalpindi, , Apr 18 2024 - Match Result

1st T20I (N), Rawalpindi, April 18, 2024, New Zealand tour of Pakistan
(0.2/5 ov) 2/1

No result

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Scores: Ranjith P | Comms: Rvel Zahid
Scorecard summary
New Zealand 2/1(0.2 overs)

No chance for another resumption to sneak in a five-over game so the umpires have decided to call the match off. Thank you for joining us and for your incredible feedback. Do join us again on Saturday for the second T20I, until then it's goodbye and goodnight from all of us here at ESPNcricinfo!

Aamir Hanif : "I think it is the smallest contest in the history of cricket. Just two ball game. More interesting is this everything happened in the game. Bowl, runs, field,wicket, celebration, and then handshake."

Punny: "I love hitting wickets... it's addictive! - Shaheen"

Kamal: "Tbh having a 2 ball game feels worse than having no game :')"

Emad: "ONE DAY QUICK-ET! Birth of a new format :D"

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Robinson, OUT

Crackerjack! Booming inswinger! Wow, what an incredible delivery, absolute scorcher on that awkward back-of-a-length zone that jags back frantically and pings the top of middle as Robinson looked to go up and over midwicket rather disdainfully but ended up making a mess of his stumps, off goes Shaheen with arms aloft in celebration, what a sight for the bowler, lovely seam position! And that's all she said; it's pelting down here in Rawalpindi again. Players are shaking hands and the covers are coming back on

Tim Robinson b Shaheen Shah Afridi 0 (2b 0x4 0x6 2m) SR: 0
Shaheen Shah Afridi to Robinson, 2 leg byes

Comes over the wicket, pitched up and gets a hint of swing, shaping it towards leg, tries to clip it away off his pads and can't connect, it rolls over to fine leg, keeper can't get his hand on it, Abrar intercepts the ball in the deep

10:10pm: Covers are off. As soon as we have any news, we will give you an update. Patience is a virtue. Ground-staff has worked tirelessly and the good news is that we will have a game! Match starts at 10:17pm. It'll be a five-over game! Shaheen Afridi is warming up!

nabeel: "@ Ravel is it a April fool again or the real information? I am having trust issues with you now." I'm not kidding this time, we're actually having a game now!!!

Emad: "Regarding Imad vs Shadab, why do we need an extra spinner in Abrar when Iftikhar can bowl just as decent as he did in the last Pak vs NZ T20i? I think Pak are really missing a trick in not playing 4 seamers (with the 4th being Harris Rauf / Abbas Afridi / Zaman Khan) and can play Imad, Shadab and Iftikhar as well. The absence of a 4th seamer is what really hurt them in the last WT20."

Khalid: "Can you tell us more about Irfan Khan? Is he a pure batsman or an allrounder?" Irfan Khan played brilliantly in the PSL 9 and he is a livewire in the field. He was one of the rare bright spots for Karachi Kings this year. A strong power-hitter who plays down the order and is endowed with a solid temperament

Bilal: "I don't know whether PCB actually looked up to the weather forecast before finalizing the venues! Karachi has been having rain. Pindi too, and I guess Lahore as well. Multan is the driest among the operational venues in the country."

Ryan: "You actually had me for a second or more...until I read "belated April fool"!!!"

NAUMAN: "I think this is where common sense should have prevailed. Both captains should have long decided and informed the umpires they would go back to hotel and instead come back tomorrow to play. The 2nd game is at the same venue so there is no travel planned tomorrow. Whats the point of lurking around here with distant hopes of 5-over game which serves neither the teams, crowds or the sport at all."

The covers are coming off and it looks like we'll finally get some action on the field. All that agonizing wait for cricket is about to pay off! Hurray! Belated April Fool, folks, no sign of cricket yet

Faisal: "Everyone here taking about fakhar imad but what about Muhammad Ali probably the best fast bowler of the PSL 24 ! Not been considered for selection there must be defined criteria of selection."

Muneeb Khan: "Fakhar should be given enough games before the world cup. He is your game changer. Considering the low NRR of Pak team in powerplays ,he can get you through if he is promoted to open the innings with either Saim or Babar.

Fawad: "What about including Imad replacing Shadab, he's performed better in the PSL. Also, we already have a leg-spinner in the form of Abrar in our playing XI."

Zain Zaidi: "Agree to disagree @Sikandar. Current era yes for sure, but old era? Have you forget the batter who never afraid of any bowler when comes to hitting? Shahid the star Afridi!"

9:20pm: There is confirmation that the cut-off time is 10:10pm local, by that time the match should start

Rashid Hassan: "@Ahmed, That is called hyping if you are just on debut and peeps wants you to be in the playing 11 of the world cup even before your first international appearance. we have done that with many, Haider, Shahnawaz, Musa, Haris, even Khwaja Nafay was suggested to have in world cup squad by fans. there should be a process of selected a player for the world cup. Let Usman play this series and then take him a long with Fakhar but I will go with Fakhar any day over Usman."

9pm: Umpires take a stroll around the park. No official news of the match being called off as yet. Rain has got lighter now and the square covers are still firmly in place.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's Qawwali echoes in the stadium and spectators are having a ball. There's still a pretty decent crowd in the aisles. Rawalpindi fans have always responded enthusiastically to any cricket in the city

Ansar : "In the discussion around the choice between Usman and Fakhar, how come Saim is automatic selection. The kid is talented and performed well in leagues, but he is yet to have a memorable innings in his limited career. If he fails he can also be replaced with Fakhar."

Stark : "To say Fakhar Zaman can't get into the 11 is foolish.He can easily slot in at no. 5 with Saim, Riz, Babar and Usman 1 to 4.He hasn't fired as an opener, but use him as a finisher and he did that well last WC against Aus in the semi's."

Sikander: "Agree with both Rashid and Safeer. Fakhar is a totally different breed who can destroy an opposition single-handedly irrespective chasing or setting a target. Not a single current or old-era Pakistan batter can compete with his intent, monster hitting, aggression, smart thinking on that day when he alone ate Newzealand in that DLS match chasing 400 plus!"

Rayees Dar : "Why not to keep Azam Khan in playing 11... Babar and Rizwan should have been rested"

Ahmed: "@RashidHassan It is just the debut of Usman Khan. As he has performed so well in the PSL, we all want to see his performance in internationals. And giving a new player a chance isn't "hyping"."

Ali.: "I hope they'll not include Azam Khan, if Usman is playing then Rizwan is already there. We don't want three wicket keepers fielding at the same time."

Haseeb : "Reply to Safeer: "I think Fakhar does not fit into the playing XI because he is a top-order batter and there is no place for him to play. Another reason is that Fakhar is a bit inconsistent when it comes to T20Is. If Usman Khan fails, then Fakhar can play in his place, otherwise, there is no place for him."

Rashid Hassan: "Why hype Usman over Fakhar, Fakhar has the experience of playing outstanding under pressure. Usman no doubt is a good addition but hyping him over Fakhar on just PSL performance is beyond my understanding."

Safeer: "We need to have Fakhar in the top 5 Fakhar isn't too consistent sometimes, but he can hit sixes and get quick runs, the match in the last World Cup against NZ, where Pakistan chased 401 runs on DLS, it was Fakhar who was phenomenal with 11 sixes, I haven't seen any Pakistan player recently in that kinda power hitting mode like Fakhar Zaman!"

Rashid Hassan: "I had a meeting scheduled at 8:00 PM, I texted them, I'll join you in 5 minutes, and I am still to join. That's another perspective of "Bas 5 minutes", though I bunked for the first few overs :-("

Isaac Marshall: "I think Pakistan's strongest XI for the World Cup is Babar, Rizwan, Ayub, Usman, Shadab, Iftikhar, Imad, Shaheen, Naseem, Amir/Rauf and Abrar."

8:35pm: It continues to bucket down and the ground is taking a beating. This situation does not look promising. No signs of mop-up operations and both players and ground staff are currently spectators.

Saqib: "Eagerly waiting for the trio Shaheen, Amir and Naseem. "

8pm: Frustratingly, we'll have another delay. Covers are being brought on again...sigh. Let's hope it's a passing shower

Yaqoob: "@RVEL '5 minutes' is a thing with us. Someone tells you they are coming in 'bas 5 minutes', rest assured they aren't coming in the next 30. so, its any ones guess what the five minutes away means. "

Sikander: "Pindi Stadium reminds of all the matches i've seen live there pre 2008 before moving to England where Edgbaston became my second home ground. Watching that Babar Azam's glorifying 100 Live at the worldcup in Edgbaston was the moment of my life! Not a single empty seat and the way the crowd erupted, electric. Admin please tag that performance to this post :)"

Rvel 3: "15 mins away, 5 mins away. Guys What is the unit of measurement? 5 or 15 mins by walk, by bike, by car, train, plane?? It makes a huge difference."

Vaibhav S: "That is frustrating.Was ready with my dinner abd the wine to watch double header today. I am from India"

Moiz: "Pindi stadium is less than 2 km away from my house. Unfortunately, I don't see much cricket happening today. It's been raining intermittently and the weather forecast does not look good either. I hope I'm wrong though."

Sikander: "Tuned in from Warwick (England) at work where the sun is shining (can we swap weathers for only today?) Lovely to see Babar and Shaheen giving a hi-five and a hug to each other when shaheen was standing at his bowling mark. Then came Rain

SMHMZ: "God intends to start play at 5:00pm UK time, so we can enjoy right from the word go after office hours here in the UK :) "

Arhum: "@Rvel How long is the pause expected to be? When is the inspection scheduled for?" Yaar more covers are being brought on at the moment and no news of an inspection yet.

Abdul: "Arrrgghhhhhhhhhh" There there

Misba: "As a Babar fan going out again and again and checking weather here at Rawalpindi but really disappointed to see clouds are all over and it is thundering and raining heavily."

Ifhaam : "It would be blue all time but just when we are about to watch int. cricket after a long time, it starts to rain. Ugh! "

We're all set to go! Shaheen has got the new ball. Can you believe it! We were almost ready forstart and it has started to drizzle again, the timing couldn't have been any worse

Rvel 2: "I'm about 5 minutes away the stadium, the rain has stopped here..." Didn't know I've a clone

Nabby: "Pleasantly surprised to see Foxcroft starting for NZ. He hasn't had the greatest run of form recently, but so much promise. Good on NZ for giving him a go straight up."

wazahat: "I live 15 minutes away from Pindi stadium and its raining heavily here...strange times" Oh, no!

Players from both sides are on the field for the national anthems. New Zealand's anthem is up first.


Pakistan: Babar Azam (c), Saim Ayub, Mohammad Rizwan, Usman Khan, Iftikhar Ahmed, Muhammad Irfan Khan, Shadab Khan, Shaheen Shah Afridi, Naseem Shah, Mohammad Amir, Abrar Ahmed

Three debutants for Pakistan are Irfan Khan, Usman Khan and Abrar Ahmed

New Zealand: Michael Bracewell (c), Mark Chapman, Josh Clarkson, Jacob Duffy, Dean Foxcroft, Ben Lister, James Neesham, Tim Robinson, Ben Sears, Tim Seifert (wk), Ish Sodhi

7:30pm: The news from the middle is that New Zealand have won the toss and chosen to bat first

Mohammad Amir: I feel like this is my debut series. Whenever you wear your country star on your chest, the feeling is unparalleled and you can't explain. Management has brought me back by showing trust in me and I want to live up to the expectations. The goal is T20 World Cup and it will be a great achievement to get Pakistan over the line. My fitness is a lot better than 2019; you can't express yourself until you're fit and I feel fresh. The plus point for me has been my wife and my daughters and that has been motivational for me as my family helps me keep full focus on cricket

Sher Baz Ali Sh: "If you are playing Saim at the top, then second opener should be a right hander, means I won't go for Fakhar. Babar can play at no.3 or Rizwan, will not make a difference. My team will include three pacers, two spin options and at least two all rounders. So, my playing 11 will be this, Saim, Babar, Rizwan, Usman, Azam, Iftikhar, Imad, Shadap, Naseem, Shaheen, Aamir. "

Ifhaam : "What did Rohit say about Pak-Ind ties?" Rohit on India vs Pakistan Test series overseas: 'That will be awesome'

Babar Azam: First six overs are very crucial especially in Pindi, overcast conditions so happy to bowl first.

Bazid Khan on the pitch report says the surface looks hard and will offer good bounce and adds that this venue has always been a high-scoring venue in T20 cricket.

7:20pm: Here is some news to bring a smile to your face: The toss is scheduled for 7:30pm and we haven't lost any overs yet. The match will start at 8pm

Tayyab Abbasi: "With Usman slotted in at 3, how do you fit Rizwan into the playing XI, Rizwan has only been successful when opening for Pakistan, now with Babar and Saim taking over those spots and Usman at 3, Rizwan's position can come under scrutiny especially if Usman performs. "

Nabby: "Thanks so much for the updates yo! 2:30am here in Dunedin NZ, and we have broadcasting issues for this series. Lovely reliable old Cricinfo!"

M Usman Mehsood: "I feel very bad for Wasim jr as He was very good in CWC23 but being drop from the team because of Amir."

Naveed: "Very encouraging words from Indian captain Rohit Sharma for India-Pak cricketing ties. He definitely wants to play test matches against Pakistan. That is not the just wish of Rohit but, also millions of India and Pakistani fans. "

Khurseed Sheikh: "Who agrees with my team selection : Babar (c), Saim, Rizwan †, Usman, IftiMania, Shadab, Imad, Irfan Khan Niazi, Shaheen, Naseem and Amir. What do u think about it Rvel ?" Looks balanced but Fakhar Zaman's experience could be valuable in the World Cup

7:10pm: The covers are being removed now and there is plenty of activity on the field with the Super Sopper moving swiftly on the field

6:50pm: Next inspection at 7:15pm local time. Stick around for updates

Tanzeel: "I would like to use this platform to convey message to PCB officials to install a roof in Pindi Stadium. Pindi fans are most passionate in Pakistan, when it comes to filling the stadiums, but there is no cover for tha fans in Rain or Sun."

Fawaz: "@Ryan's playing XI - Not sure if dropping Rizwan to 4 is a great option, he has unarguably been one of the openers in T20. Irfan ahead of Iftikhar isn't also someone should go for considering the form Ifti is in"

YoMirz: "@Rvel I told you not favourable weather for the match to happen. I am some 5 - 6 kms away from the stadium and now lightening" I choose to be on the team rooting for some live cricket despite what the weather forecast predicts

6:48pm: Not the news you want to read. Covers are back on and umpires Aleem Dar and Ahsan Raza are out in the field for an inspection. The drizzle forces delay in toss

Azam Khan experienced discomfort in his right knee and right calf muscle while batting in the nets on Wednesday. A decision regarding his participation in the upcoming matches has not yet been made

Awais: "Isn't it amazing that it wont rain much in places like Pakistan or UAE but as soon it comes down to Pakistan playing a match after ages, the rain seems to join us as guests. Arghhhh, please let us have a gameeeeee."

Momin: "I just hope Pakistan bowls first so I can go outside and play cricket. I'll come back to watch Babar's innings :)"

Mustafa Moudi: "This day belongs to All Opener Captains from Women's T20I : Laura Wolvaardt (c) - 184*, Chamari Athapaththu (c) - 195*, Hayley Matthews (c) - 140* .All Unbeaten Centuries From them. Though Mathews just missed her deserving daddy hundred !!"

Ryan: "who agrees with my team selection:Saim Ayub, Babar Azam (c), Usman Khan, Mohammad Rizwan †Azam Khan, Irfan Khan, Shadab Khan, Imad Wasim, Naseem Shah, Mohammad Amir, Usama Mir"

Sunny: "Really excited to see amir's comeback and pace trio of naseem, shaheen and amir for the first time.. "

Earlier today, West Indies began their tour of Pakistan with a 113-run victory in the first ODI in Karachi. Hayley Matthews' all-round dominance puts West Indies 1-0 up

6:30pm: There was a light drizzle earlier at Rawalpindi but now the covers are coming off. We are still an hour away from the start of the match -- fingers crossed for an uninterrupted game

6:20pm: As we wait for the toss and team line ups, let's take a look at this match preview by Danyal Rasool where you can find all the major talking points ahead of this World Cup preparatory series Pakistan finally gear up for some cricket after plenty of off-field turmoil

Naveed: "For me, Amir is past his prime now."

Arsal: "Rain rain, go away .."

Pakistan named uncapped Abrar Ahmed, Mohammad Irfan Khan and Usman Khan in the 17-player squad.

Pakistan - Babar Azam (c), Abrar Ahmed, Azam Khan, Fakhar Zaman, Iftikhar Ahmed, Imad Wasim, Mohammad Abbas Afridi, Mohammad Rizwan, Mohmmad Amir, Muhammad Irfan Khan, Naseem Shah, Saim Ayub, Shadab Khan, Shaheen Shah Afridi, Usama Mir, Usman Khan and Zaman Khan

6:13pm: Babar on Afridi: 'We support each other in every situation. Our aim is to put Pakistan first, and how to put Pakistan's name up in lights. We don't think of individual glory, and thankfully, those elements are not present in my team' More from Babar in the pre-match presser

Syed: "Eagerly waiting for this match. I want to see Muhammad Amir back on fire again. "

Haris A: "If it were up to me, I'd have rested Babar, Rizwan, Shadab, and Shaheen entirely for this series. They are known quantities, you know what you get from them and there's no benefit to playing them. Try out the young blood and give them a good run "

Awais: "@Rvel: I don't know why everyone is saying this PSL wasn't as great as the previous editions. Nearly two-third of the matches were last-over (mostly last-ball) thrillers. The fans were absent in Karachi, which was the only disappointment for me. Apart from that, it was pretty good! " I agree, there were many thrilling and riveting contests. From a personal standpoint, it was simply awesome entertainment

6pm: Hello and welcome to ESPNcricinfo's ball-by-ball coverage of the first T20I of the five-match series between Pakistan and New Zealand from Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium. I'm Rvel Zahid and will bring you all the action!

A lot has changed for Pakistan since the last time these two teams met in New Zealand for a five-match T20I series, which saw the hosts defeat the visitors by 4-1 as Pakistan managed a solitary win in the final T20I but remained listless for the first four T20Is. The primary aim of that series - according to the then management - was to give young players a chance to shine and show if they have the mettle to perform at the highest level. Fast forward to April, Shaheen Afridi's captaincy stint only lasted for that series as the incumbent PCB Chairman rather unceremoniously removed him and now Babar Azam is back at the helm of affairs. Instability has been the order of the day as far as the Pakistan Cricket Board top-brass is concerned, with a new chairman taking over and a customary major shake-up in the coaching staff.

This year's PSL couldn't match the razzmatazz of previous editions post general elections in the country but the tournament did come to life near the business end. Quite a few players raised their hands and staked their claims for a spot in the T20 World Cup squad, which is less than two months away. The explosive opening batter Usman Khan gave up a career with UAE cricket and struck a deal with PCB. It will be exciting to see how he copes with the new challenge of representing his native country.

Usman was firing on all cylinders in the PSL 9 and ended up as the second-highest run-getter with 430 runs at an average of 107.50 and scored with a strike rate of 164.12. The squad is large, so expect fierce competition for places in this series. Getting the combination right before the marquee event is a prized opportunity for both sides. The comebacks of T20 hot commodities Mohammad Amir and Imad Wasim have heavily bolstered Pakistan. Imad Wasim amassed 126 runs in nine innings at a strike rate of 128.57 and picked 12 wickets in 12 innings at an economy rate of 6.60 in PSL 9. There is no shortage of depth in the squad and plenty of options in all facets of the game.

At the other end, Michael Bracewell will be leading the relatively inexperienced touring party; New Zealand will be without as many as nine of their mainstays owing to the ongoing IPL, but given their record in Pakistan and typical defiance in their DNA, they will fight tooth and nail to build on winning momentum before the all-important World Cup. Daryl Mitchell, Mitchell Santner, Kane Williamson, Rachin Ravindra, Trent Boult, Glenn Phillips, and Lockie Ferguson are all on IPL duty, while Tim Southee has been rested for the series. The visitors will need young players to step up and deliver the goods if they are to ruffle a strong on-paper Pakistan line-up.

New Zealand Squad: Michael Bracewell (c), Tom Blundell, Mark Chapman, Josh Clarkson, Jacob Duffy, Dean Foxcroft, Ben Lister, Cole McConchie, Jimmy Neesham, Will O'Rourke, Tim Robinson, Ben Sears, Tim Seifert, Ish Sodhi and Zak Foulkes.

Finn Allen was oozing flamboyance in the last five-match series and hammered Pakistan bowlers but he is unavailable for this series owing to a back injury. Speedster Adam Milne is also out with an ankle injury. Zac Foulkes and Tom Blundell have replaced the injured players. All-rounder Foulkes will be on his debut while Blundell was part of the touring side that visited last year. This will be New Zealand's last series before the World Cup while Pakistan will have seven more T20Is after this series.

The first three T20Is will be held at Rawalpindi Stadium - which served a barrage of run-fests in the PSL 9 - while the last two matches are scheduled at Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore.

It's safe to say the players are no strangers to turmoil in the administration. Still, it'll be a major challenge for Babar Azam to regroup and align all attention towards preparation for the World Cup. The team will need to put the past behind them and it will be a test for Babar Azam to keep the team gelled and focused on securing the silverware in the US and the Caribbean. The batting order will need major sorting after the addition of Saim Ayub and Usman Khan to the squad and there are many questions to be answered including the middle-order fragility and slow strike rate at the top.

Azhar Mahmood has returned to coaching duties after his last long stint from 2016 to 2019. It'll be interesting to see how he handles this role, especially given the limited time available to settle in and prepare the team for the World Cup.

Best performances - bowlers
Shaheen Shah Afridi
Match details
Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium
TossNew Zealand, elected to bat first
Series result5-match series level 0-0
Match numberT20I no. 2575
Hours of play (local time)19.30 start, First Session 19.30-21.00, Interval 21.00-21.20, Second Session 21.20-22.50
Match days18 April 2024 - night (20-over match)
T20I debut
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