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Sultans vs Zalmi, 16th Match at Dubai, , Mar 06 2018 - Full Scorecard

16th Match (N), Dubai (DICS), March 06, 2018, Pakistan Super League
(20 ov, T:184) 164/8

Sultans won by 19 runs

Player Of The Match
85* (42)
Cricinfo's MVP
123.47 ptsImpact List
Sultans Innings
Zalmi Innings
Match Flow
Multan Sultans  (20 ovs maximum)
run out (Umaid Asif)3737-30100.00
b Dawson2824-32116.66
not out 8542-47202.38
c Hasan Ali b Umaid Asif1310-10130.00
not out 168-02200.00
Extras(lb 1, nb 1, w 2)4
TOTAL20 Ov (RR: 9.15)183/3
Fall of wickets: 1-51 (Kumar Sangakkara, 7.3 ov), 2-107 (Ahmed Shehzad, 14.1 ov), 3-140 (Shoaib Malik, 16.6 ov)
16.6 to Shoaib Malik, picks out deep midwicket does Malik. A short delivery around off, Malik nails that, but finds the fielder on the boundary. A few yards either side and that's four. Good comeback from Umaid.. 140/3
7.3 to KC Sangakkara, through his defense! How rare is that! This full-ish ball zips straight through, and Sanga can't slog it away. Through the gates.. 51/1
Peshawar Zalmi  (T: 184 runs from 20 ovs)
c Shoaib Malik b Mohammad Irfan912-1075.00
c †Sangakkara b Sohail Tanvir116-01183.33
c Bravo b Pollard1820-3090.00
c †Sangakkara b Pollard5641-52136.58
c Ahmed Shehzad b Mohammad Irfan2217-30129.41
c Bravo b Sohail Tanvir3217-03188.23
c †Sangakkara b Sohail Tanvir01-000.00
c Ahmed Shehzad b Pollard34-0075.00
not out 62-01300.00
not out 00-00-
Extras(b 1, lb 4, w 2)7
TOTAL20 Ov (RR: 8.20)164/8
Did not bat:
Fall of wickets: 1-19 (Andre Fletcher, 2.1 ov), 2-25 (Kamran Akmal, 3.2 ov), 3-53 (Dwayne Smith, 8.1 ov), 4-102 (Riki Wessels, 13.4 ov), 5-151 (Liam Dawson, 18.1 ov), 6-152 (Hammad Azam, 18.3 ov), 7-156 (Hasan Ali, 19.2 ov), 8-158 (Mohammad Hafeez, 19.5 ov)
2.1 to ADS Fletcher, edged! And there's the first wicket. Full outside off, not the line nor length to cut, but Fletcher tries slashing at it. Top edged to Sanga. A brief cameo ends. 19/1
18.1 to LA Dawson, is that the game? Should be. A full, wide delivery outside off. All Dawson can do is slice the ball. Bravo runs in from the sweeper cover boundary and takes a low catch. Could not get enough timing or power behind the stroke.. 151/5
18.3 to Hammad Azam, edged and gone! A full delivery is angled away outside off, Azam looks to heave the ball in the opposite direction, all he manages is a thin outside edge to Sangakkara.. 152/6
3.2 to Kamran Akmal, Taken at mid on! Good length on middle stump, and tries to pull. It's spliced, and taken by the captain. Quite a bit of air time behind that shot. 25/2
13.4 to MH Wessels, straight to backward point. He seemed persistent on that shot. Another short delivery, back of a length outside off. Wessels looks for another glide to third man but he picks out Shehzad patrolling that area.. 102/4
8.1 to DR Smith, holes out! Strikes first ball. It's an all WI affair here. Bravo takes the catch to get rid of Smith. Good length on off stump, tries to muscle towards the leg side, but top edged. 53/3
19.2 to Hasan Ali, another wide slower ball outside off, Hasan Ali clears his front leg and toe-ends a heave to deep midwicket. He had to drag that shot, which is why there was no timing.. 156/7
19.5 to Mohammad Hafeez, another slower ball, another wicket. Goes wide of the crease, and bowls a really slow, full delivery outside off. Hafeez looks to heave that away but all he can manage is a leading edge, lobs to Sangakkara.. 158/8
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  • Multan Sultans innings
  • Powerplay 1: Overs 0.1 - 6.0 (Mandatory - 41 runs, 0 wicket)
  • Multan Sultans: 50 runs in 6.5 overs (41 balls), Extras 2
  • 1st Wicket: 50 runs in 41 balls (Ahmed Shehzad 20, KC Sangakkara 28, Ex 2)
  • Multan Sultans: 100 runs in 13.4 overs (82 balls), Extras 2
  • 2nd Wicket: 50 runs in 38 balls (Ahmed Shehzad 16, Sohaib Maqsood 39, Ex 0)
  • Sohaib Maqsood: 50 off 29 balls (4 x 4, 3 x 6)
  • Multan Sultans: 150 runs in 17.4 overs (107 balls), Extras 3
  • Innings Break: Multan Sultans - 183/3 in 20.0 overs (Sohaib Maqsood 85, KA Pollard 16)
  • Peshawar Zalmi innings
  • Powerplay 1: Overs 0.1 - 6.0 (Mandatory - 39 runs, 2 wickets)
  • Peshawar Zalmi: 50 runs in 7.3 overs (45 balls), Extras 4
  • Peshawar Zalmi: 100 runs in 13.2 overs (80 balls), Extras 5
  • Mohammad Hafeez: 50 off 36 balls (5 x 4, 2 x 6)
  • Peshawar Zalmi: 150 runs in 17.5 overs (107 balls), Extras 5
Dubai International Cricket Stadium
TossPeshawar Zalmi, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Match days06 March 2018 - night (20-over match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
PointsMultan Sultans 2, Peshawar Zalmi 0
Win Probability
MS 100%
100%50%100%MS InningsPZ Innings

Over 20 • PZ 164/8

Hasan Ali c Ahmed Shehzad b Pollard 3 (4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 75
Mohammad Hafeez c †Sangakkara b Pollard 56 (41b 5x4 2x6) SR: 136.58
Sultans won by 19 runs
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