12th Match (N), Karachi, Mar 1 2021, Pakistan Super League
United won by 6 wickets (with 18 balls remaining)
player of the match
Faheem Ashraf
Islamabad United
end of over 1714 runs • 1 wicket
IU: 157/4CRR: 9.23  • Need 0 run from 18b
Hussain Talat1 (1)
Asif Ali16 (10)
Mohammad Hasnain4-0-34-1
Mohammad Nawaz3-0-41-0

10.29 pm Stirling capitalizes early in the chase with a rip-roaring half-century to build off the spells from Hasan Ali and Faheem Ashraf in the first innings which kept the Gladiators tied down. Stirling also contributed in the field as well with a sharp catch at backward point in the Powerplay to team up with Hasan for one of his two wickets. A brilliant night for the Irishman on the 10th anniversary of one of the most famous Irish performances of all, Kevin O'Brien's epic 113 vs England in the World Cup.

And here is the pride of Belfast himself, Paul Stirling: "I was just glad to get adjusted to conditions here again and get a few runs and win the game. It was a tough few 48 hours with things off the field. It's tricky, I'm not gonna lie. It's tough to not know if you're gonna be playing or a delayed game. We could have been here until 2 am last night. We finally got told this afternoon that we're gonna be on at 7 o'clock so we had enough time to get our heads around it. I think someone else might have caught it [my catch at backward point] without diving. I was just trying to play late and use the pace on the ball. I might have to work on the stuff with the pace off the ball for the next week. Everyone has been great. We're all trying to keep each other going and by the end of that hopefully we're still going well."

Faheem Ashraf is named Player of the Match for his first innings spell of 3 for 11.

That's it from us today. Keep an eye out for Danyal Rasool's report. Come back tomorrow for doubleheader action. We'll see if the chasing sides can make it 14 for 14 to match the longest streak in PSL history set in the 2019 season. On behalf of Danyal, thanks everyone for tuning into our coverage. I'm Peter Della Penna and will be back in about 16 hours. Until then, take care!

Mohammad Hasnain to Talat, 1 run

good length ball on the legs, flicked to deep fine leg for a single to clinch victory by six wickets with three overs to spare.

Poor over gets worse from Hasnain.

Mohammad Hasnain to Talat, 1 wide

bouncer clears the batsman and given a wide from square leg.... Scores level.

Mohammad Hasnain to Asif Ali, 1 run

short outside off, slaps a pull into the ground through midwicket that ends up as a long single.

Mohammad Hasnain to Asif Ali, no run

short and wide, chops this into the off side but picks out the man on the ring.

Mohammad Hasnain to Asif Ali, 1 wide

another yorker sprayed down leg, this time not even close. Sarfaraz showing the effort is still there with a dive from him to save it from being five to end the match.

Mohammad Hasnain to Asif Ali, 1 wide

another attempted yorker tails past leg stump once again for one more bonus run.

Mohammad Hasnain to Asif Ali, 1 wide

attempted yorker tailing past the legs for an extra.

Mohammad Hasnain to Asif Ali, FOUR runs

back of a length on fifth stump, poor ball and another out of control shot but sails way over backward point and beats third man to the rope off one bounce. Unlike the last ball, this one deserved to go for four.

Mohammad Hasnain to Asif Ali, FOUR runs

fullish length on fourth stump, sucked into a drive and slices this out of control toward backward point but clears the man on the ring comfortably and bounces away to the rope.

Haider: "Hasnain can be an amazing bowler for Pakistan, just needs to be given more chances with the national team. Has been part of the squads for along time now but isn't given games. "

Mohammad Hasnain to Shadab, OUT

Nawaz takes a steepling swirler to make up for Cutting's earlier drop off Hasnain! Length ball on the stumps, Shadab tries to flick this over midwicket, top edge goes straight up over the pitch. Nawaz calls off the bowler as gravity takes it hurtling back to earth at a serious pace. He gets his body behind the ball before putting his hands in front of his face to take this while tumbling backward. Theatrical catch but a superb effort for how high that ball went into the air.

Shadab Khan c Mohammad Nawaz b Mohammad Hasnain 21 (32m 17b 2x4 0x6) SR: 123.52
end of over 1613 runs
IU: 143/3CRR: 8.93 RRR: 3.50 • Need 14 runs from 24b
Asif Ali7 (6)
Shadab Khan21 (16)
Mohammad Nawaz3-0-41-0
Dale Steyn3-0-20-1

Asif Mahmood : "In this tournament you're a winner if you won the toss... how unlucky is Sarfraz as captain, never won a toss this season. " Poor second innings captaincy has also played its part in a number of losses by various teams.

Nawaz to Asif Ali, SIX runs

full on the stumps, takes a step down the track and swings like a pendulum to connect cleanly over long-on, clears the rope by 10 yards.

Nawaz to Shadab, 1 run

short on off, punched through point to the sweeper.

Now a slip arrives...

Nawaz to Shadab, FOUR runs

another one flighted full on off, goes to slog sweep this over midwicket, top edge clears vacant slip and spins downhill to the rope through third man.

Nawaz to Asif Ali, 1 run

beauty and edged but wide of Sarfaraz. Flights this full on the legs, goes to flick through midwicket, spins sharply and a leading edge goes wide of the keeper for runs.

Nawaz to Asif Ali, no run

flighted full on middle, prodded back to Nawaz.

Mnkhan : "Feel for husnain, he has bowled his heart out only to see that dropped catch. He has proved it again that he is quickest in this league and has a fairly decent control except last match where I felt he was asked to bowl a wrong length. He is a handful bowling just short of length but he was forced to try fuller lengths by captain and bowling coach.

Nawaz to Shadab, 1 run

flighted full on fifth stump, goes to slog sweep over long-on, toes this over mid-off for one.

end of over 151 run • 1 wicket
IU: 130/3CRR: 8.66 RRR: 5.40 • Need 27 runs from 30b
Asif Ali0 (3)
Shadab Khan15 (13)
Dale Steyn3-0-20-1
Mohammad Nawaz2-0-28-0
Steyn to Asif Ali, no run

first time he's moved this tighter to off stump back of a length, draws him into a poke and is beaten.

Steyn to Asif Ali, no run

short and wide again, this time draws Shadab into a cut but misses badly.

Steyn to Asif Ali, no run

slower bouncer wide outside off, left alone.

Suyog: "common Steyn, Light it up, we want a hattrick from you here." Well, you'll have to wait a bit as the strategic timeout has been called.

Steyn to Rohail Nazir, OUT

the short ball plan finally comes off for Steyn! The legend refused to target the stumps since his opening over and kept on teasing the batsmen short and very wide forcing them to play shots they didn't want to according to the set field. Rohail tries to smash another short and very wide ball over extra cover but only manages to scuff it to the man on the ring for a very simple catch at head height.

Rohail Nazir c Naseem Shah b Steyn 34 (39m 28b 4x4 1x6) SR: 121.42

Arsalan : "Islamabad United is missing a chance while playing like this to improve their NRR". True, they've been dawdling the last several overs. The required run rate has been under a run a ball since Stirling got out.

Steyn to Rohail Nazir, no run

short and wide, slaps at this and misses.

Steyn to Shadab, 1 run

full on off stump, punched through extra cover.

Steyn is back.