11th Match (N), Karachi, Feb 28 2021, Pakistan Super League
(19.2/20 ov, target 187)189/4
Qalandars won by 6 wickets (with 4 balls remaining)
player of the match
Shaheen Shah Afridi
Lahore Qalandars

That's it from me and Sreshth today. Stay tuned for his report on today's match. But for him and the rest of the scoring team, I'm Peter Della Penna. Come back tomorrow for more PSL action when I'll be back with Danyal Rasool. Until then, take care!

Shaheen Shah Afridi has been named Player of the Match for his 3 for 27, bookending the innings with superb new ball and death spells.

Kings captain Imad Wasim: "The left-handers were in there so I thought Nabi should bowl four overs [instead of me]. It wasn't doing much. I thought we had good enough bowlers to cope with it but unfortunately not. They played really well. At the end, we didn't capitalize what we should have with the start we had with the bowling. They shouldn't have chased it down but credit goes to Fakhar and David Wiese how they played. Sometimes you have to give credit to the other team as well. At the end, we should have scored 40 or 50 off the last four overs but we couldn't unfortunately with some bad shots and runouts. It's a part of the game and hopefully we'll learn from it and come back. They bowled really well both of them [Shaheen Afridi and Amir], very good bowlers. It's a good thing for Pakistan cricket that they're still our best bowlers."

Junaid: "Its not PSL its CSL (chase super league)"

David Wiese: "To be honest, I always felt we were in with a shout in that situation. I think the guys played it beautifully in the middle to put in a good partnership and get us in position. We've seen towards the back end it's difficult to defend here with one short boundary. So we knew if we just kept in touch about 12 an over the whole time, anything could happen if we take it deep. Sometimes you smash it straight to the fielder so those little nicks count. I think the wickets are really good. It's sliding on nicely. I don't think it's a lack of bowler skill. The bowlers bowl nicely but with one short side, sometimes it gets away from you. It's difficult once you get momentum against you as a bowler, then an inside edge goes for four, an outside edge goes for four. It's awesome to have crowds back again and just feel that energy out here. I love coming to Pakistan. It's an awesome place to play and they always show so much love here."

11.00 pm Qalandars now join Zalmi in a tie for first place on six points. Qalandars were teetering in the Powerplay but with Amir humming and three wickets already down, Imad Wasim chose to take Amir off after two overs and the Qalandars responded with a 119-run fourth-wicket stand.

Christian to Wiese, SIX runs

Wiese keeps the chasing streak alive at 11 games! Slower bouncer, Wiese smokes this flat over square leg and it thuds into the boundary foam on the full for a six to finish the match, incredibly with four balls to spare. From 30 off 12, Qalandars have iced it with plenty of room to spare.

Christian to Wiese, SIX runs

too full on sixth stump, Wiese licks his lips and carves this up high and deep over long-off. That might just about do it.

Fly slip/ultra fine third man is in place on the 30-yard ring.

end of over 1920 runs
LQ: 177/4CRR: 9.31 RRR: 10.00 • Need 10 runs from 6b
David Wiese19 (7)
Ben Dunk57 (43)
Mohammad Amir4-1-34-1
Dan Christian3-0-27-1

So after a six-run over from Christian including a wicket, Amir somehow leaks 20 despite some very good deliveries. It's down to 10 off six now. Scales tilting back in favor of the Qalandars. Christian has the ball in hand. Can he keep it to single digits again?

Amir to Wiese, 1 run

goes for wide yorker again, lands it on seventh stump and Wiese scuffs it out to mid-off on the ring who makes a diving stop to keep it to one.

Amir to Wiese, SIX runs

Amir is indeed very human right now! Goes for yorker and misses quite badly for his standards, it's in the slot on fifth stump and Wiese unloads freeing his arms to pulverize this over long-off.

Two near perfect deliveries from Amir both go for boundaries. Fine margin between agony and ecstasy right now.

Amir to Wiese, FOUR runs

yorker on fifth stump, tries to flay this through cover and an inside edge skids past off stump and beats Clarke diving left to the rope yet again for four!

Amir to Wiese, FOUR runs

Amir goes for the bouncer and Wiese is caught off guard, cramped for room and a top edge sails over the keeper for four.

James : "6 runs and a wicket. I think we can safely say that Dan Christian held up his side of the bargain. "

Amir to Dunk, 1 run

Amir goes much straighter this time on off stump, Dunk heaves this flat down the ground to long-on.

Amir to Dunk, FOUR runs

wide yorker, almost a perfect delivery on seventh stump but Dunk toe edges this out wide of the keeper and Clarke leaps in vain as it whistles to the third man rope.

end of over 186 runs • 1 wicket
LQ: 157/4CRR: 8.72 RRR: 15.00 • Need 30 runs from 12b
David Wiese4 (3)
Ben Dunk52 (41)
Dan Christian3-0-27-1
Mohammad Amir3-1-14-1
Christian to Wiese, no run

oh dear! Wiese turns his bat into a Matador cape! Full toss at shin height on seventh stump, Christian gets the length horribly wrong going for another yorker but Wiese waves through the ball. Had to go for a boundary and misses out completely.

Christian to Wiese, FOUR runs

full and wide, misfires on the length going for another yorker and Wiese slices this with an open face clearing short third man with ease to the rope.

Christian to Wiese, no run

yorker on fourth stump, Wiese plays over the top of it and can't get bat on it as he misses an attempt to run it off an open face behind point.

Christian to Dunk, 1 run

wide yorker on the money on sixth stump, toe-jammed out through extra cover for a single.

Wiese enters off strike as Dunk crossed with the ball in the air.

Christian to Zaman, OUT

wicket time! Fakhar nabbed with a slower ball! The globetrotting T20 champion Christian shows the sly fox he is with an offcutter landing full on fifth stump, Fakhar's timing is off and skies a drive to long-off. Babar is underneath it with hands in front of his face, palms out getting his eye literally right behind the ball as it comes down in his hands five yards inside the rope. The crowd roars for the home side. They're still in it!

Fakhar Zaman c Babar Azam b Christian 83 (88m 54b 8x4 4x6) SR: 153.7
Christian to Dunk, 1 run

wide yorker attempted, winds up as an ankle height full toss on sixth stump sliced over point for a long single.

36 from 18. Sounds easy by modern standards but Amir has an over left. We'll see if Christian can hold up his end of the bargain in this over.

end of over 177 runs
LQ: 151/3CRR: 8.88 RRR: 12.00 • Need 36 runs from 18b
Ben Dunk50 (39)
Fakhar Zaman83 (53)
Mohammad Amir3-1-14-1
Dan Christian2-0-21-0
Amir to Dunk, 1 run

another slower bouncer on the stumps, slaps it back over Amir down the ground for a long single.

Amir to Dunk, no run

slower bouncer on fifth stump is slapped back to Amir. He's fooled by the lack of pace and it drops short of him, he kicks it into the pitch with his spikes to deny a single.

Amir to Zaman, 1 run

slower bouncer on the stumps, Fakhar mistimes a pull floating gently over midwicket for a long single.

Amir to Zaman, FOUR runs

oh dear! Clumsy effort by Sharjeel tripping over the bottom rope and out of the ring. Full and wide on the guidelines, stabs this out with an open face behind point. Sharjeel is in position to run left and cut it off for at worst two... but the turf trolls reach up and grab his legs as he stumbles and bumbles to push it over the rope. Amir is less than thrilled.

Amir to Zaman, no run

wide yorker, perfectly just inside the guidelines. Fakhar leaves it alone and is frustrated the umpire deemed it legal but it was a very fine and correct call.

Amir to Dunk, 1 run

full on the stumps, big heave scuffed along the ground to long-on.

Amir is back. Crowd getting fired up. It's like the Ultimate Warrior charging down the ramp about to enter the Royal Rumble!!!!