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13th Match, Karachi, March 03, 2021, Pakistan Super League
(19.3/20 ov, T:189) 191/4

Kings won by 6 wickets (with 3 balls remaining)

Full commentary

5.58 pm So Babar ends the match on 5999 runs! Zalmi though with an appalling fielding performance keeps the door ajar for Kings to complete a chase with three balls to spare to make it 13 consecutive wins by the chasing side to start PSL 2021.

Zalmi stand-in captain Shoaib Malik: "Especially after taking three early wickets, once you give away easy singles and the batsmen gets set, these are batting friendly pitches... we had to get more wickets. That's where these kinds of matches get lost. Of course that was a very crucial catch [Nabi dropped on 20]. We should have gotten that catch but that happens in games. Most importantly, bowling and batting you need a bit of luck. In fielding, hard work pays off and fielding we can improve. In high scoring games, whoever fields well has an edge in close games."

Nabi is named Player of the Match: "It was a really good partnership. The pitches are really good for batting and that's why me and Babar are talking at the crease that it's easy to chase if we need to bat to the end. Depending on the situation, if it's early and we need power-hitting, then I'll power hit. But if we need to rotate the strike, then I'll rotate the strike."

Kings captain Imad Wasim: "The way Babar Azam and Mohammad Nabi played was fantastic to see. You just need to be patient on this surface and if you settle in, you can score a lot of runs. The emerging players are top bowlers. They've got enough variations. The guy who played for Pakistan Under-19 gave us a good start. At the end how Babar finished the game was heartening to see. On these wickets, you have to give something to the bowlers. These are so flat wickets. Today there wasn't any reverse swing as well. Sometimes you have to give credit to the batsmen. But we are on the winning side so we are very happy."

That's it from this match. For Sreshth Shah, I'm Peter Della Penna. Flip over to coverage of Multan Sultans vs Quetta Gladiators starting up shortly. Danyal Rasool is on the call there. Take care!

Umaid Asif to Christian, FOUR runs

how appropriate, a misfield turns a single into a boundary to end the match. Yorker on leg stump, flicks this toward deep square leg for what should be a single to level the scores but the fielder is in a rush to deny the winning run and doesn't collect the ball properly. Goes through his legs into the rope.

Babar on 5999 now.

Umaid Asif to Babar Azam, 1 run

bouncer on the stumps, pulled flat toward deep square leg. They settle for a very long single.

Muhammad Shahza: "Babar Azam is just going to be the second-fastest (164 innings) to 6000 runs in T20 matches after Chris Gayle (162 innings). "

Umaid Asif to Babar Azam, no run

full on fourth stump, driven to extra cover, picks out the man on the ring.

Babar Azam starts the final over on strike. 3 runs to win. 2 runs for him to reach 6000 in T20 cricket.

end of over 1913 runs
KK: 186/4CRR: 9.78 RRR: 3.00
Dan Christian12 (8)
Babar Azam76 (45)
Saqib Mahmood 4-0-41-2
Mohammad Imran 4-0-25-1

Zia Abbasi: "Zalmi have dearly missed their captain Wahab Riaz who was lightning quick and tidy with bowl in his last match. "

Mahmood to Christian, no run

full and wide, goes to drive and is beaten.

Mahmood to Christian, SIX runs

that'll just about do it! Overpitched on off stump searching for the yorker but getting it wrong, Christian makes him pay by launching this high and deep over wide long-on.

Mahmood to Christian, no run

full and wide, tries a leg side heave and is beaten. Goes just inside the guideline.

Mahmood to Christian, 2 runs

fullish length outside off on fifth stump, Christian mishits this badly through midwicket but winds up working out in the end as Mahmood chases after this and it travels slow enough to allow a second.

Mahmood to Babar Azam, 1 run

good length ball on off, opens the face to guide this to deep third man.

Mahmood to Babar Azam, FOUR runs

short and wide, sits up for Babar to spank this through extra cover, sweeper is deflated giving up the chase.

end of over 187 runs
KK: 173/4CRR: 9.61 RRR: 8.00
Dan Christian4 (4)
Babar Azam71 (43)
Mohammad Imran 4-0-25-1
Saqib Mahmood 3-0-28-2
Mohammad Imran to Christian, no run

slower ball lands full on off stump, Christian heaves over the leg side and misses badly as the ball spins past off stump.

Fahad Butt: "Catches win matches. This has proved right again after Zalmi dropping catches plus the icing on the cake with giving a 4 and a 6"

Mohammad Imran to Christian, no run

fullish length on the stumps, slammed flat to midwicket on the ring.

Mohammad Imran to Christian, no run

length ball on the legs, tries to heave leg side and misses.

Mohammad Imran to Christian, FOUR runs

back of a length on off stump, Christian leans back to carve this with a late cut behind point, beats deep third man to the rope. Gorgeous shot to play first ball. That 32-run over to end the first innings is firmly in the rear view mirror.

junaid: "awful bowling and fielding are the reason why chasing teams are winning it again and again." And poor captaincy at times too. Saying this streak of chasing teams winning is simply down to the toss is a very superficial analysis of the state of affairs. Zalmi have fielded horrendously today.

Mohammad Imran to Babar Azam, 1 run

short on the stumps, flicked through the leg side for a single.

Mohammad Imran to Babar Azam, 2 runs

good length ball on the hips, flicked past short fine leg and Rutherford has a long distance to cover at deep backward square leg before relaying in for two.

end of over 1715 runs • 1 wicket
KK: 166/4CRR: 9.76 RRR: 7.66
Babar Azam68 (41)
Dan Christian0 (0)
Saqib Mahmood 3-0-28-2
Amad Butt 4-0-56-0
Mahmood to Babar Azam, 1 run

fullish length on middle, flicked along the ground to wide long-on.

sheikh: "Why PCB's meter stops after 98Meters ?Every six hitting the roof is 98 meters!" Definitely needs recalibration!

Mahmood to Babar Azam, no run

full and wide, carves this flat to backward point.

Mahmood to Babar Azam, FOUR runs

full on the legs, flicked fine past short fine leg in the ring, deep backward square has no chance to cut this off.

Kamran: "Quetta must be thinking why did they ever let Nabi go. He's been in sublime form this year."

Mahmood to M Nabi, OUT

length ball on the stumps, Nabi flat bats this to long-on, simple catch 10 yards inside the rope at head height. After being dropped on 20, Nabi finally falls for 67. The stand which could have been nipped at 30 runs with Babar finally concludes for 118 as well.

Mohammad Nabi c Kohler-Cadmore b Mahmood 67 (59m 35b 8x4 4x6) SR: 191.42

Moiz: "How long was that six from Nabi? It hit the top roof of stands." 98 meters officially, felt like it was twice that long.

Mahmood to M Nabi, 1 wide

short and wide, Nabi walks across to off stump, but this is way way outside the guideline, left alone and called a wide.

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