1st Match (N), Karachi, Feb 20 2021, Pakistan Super League
(13.5/20 ov, target 122)126/3
Kings won by 7 wickets (with 37 balls remaining)
player of the match
Arshad Iqbal
Karachi Kings

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Imad Wasim: We have so many options with the ball. In fact, Nabi didn't even bowl. I think the way Joe started, it was absolutely fantastic to watch, I have played with him earlier also. Then Babar did what he does, his magic and then Nabi and Ingram finished it off.

Arshad Iqbal is the Player of the Match.

Iqbal: There was a bit of pressure but when I came in to bowl, I found my rhythm. I try to bowl according to the situation. If I think I should bowl a yorker, I bowl a yorker. And if thre is a requirement for the bouncer, I bowler the bouncer.

Time for the presentation ceremony.

Sarfaraz Ahmed: We were eyeing 170-180 at the start but we kept losing wickets. I opened in this game but we will see where I play in the upcoming games as our middle order also didn't click. We attacked with our fast bowlers as there weren't enough runs on the board. I am sure our bowlers will do better if they have enough runs behind them.

11.05pm Defending champions Karachi Kings start their camping with a big seven-wicket win. And the fact that 37 balls were still left when they cruised to the target will help in boosting their NRR. A target of 122 was never going to test the batting might of the Kings and when Joe Clarke scored a scintillating 23-ball 46 on his PSL debut, it made the target look even smaller.

"They bowled really well, I have to be honest," says Joe Clarke. "It's certainly very different from T10 where you have to go from the first ball. Four catches, it's been a while since I had the gloves on, so it's a nice feeling."

Cutting to M Nabi, SIX runs

And it's all over. A full toss and Nabi doesn't miss out this time. Smashes it over deep square leg for the third six of the over

Cutting to Ingram, 1 run

fuller outside off, comes forward and drives it towards sweeper cover

Cutting to M Nabi, 1 run

he could have finished it off here. Was a high full toss around off, and Nabi cannot get the room and ends up mistiming it towards long-on

Cutting to M Nabi, SIX runs

another one! This was short from Cutting, and for a moment it looked like Nabi was cramped but in fact he has smashed it flat over deep midwicket

Cutting to M Nabi, SIX runs

Nabi is in hurry. A length ball around off, Nabi goes deep and smashes it over long-on

end of over 132 runs
KK: 106/3CRR: 8.15 RRR: 2.29 • Need 16 runs from 42b
Colin Ingram16 (21)
Mohammad Nabi11 (10)
Mohammad Hasnain4-0-18-2
Qais Ahmad3-0-43-0
Mohammad Hasnain to Ingram, no run

slower one this time. A length ball around off, Ingram waits before opening the face to guide it towards backward point

Mohammad Hasnain to M Nabi, 1 run

goes for the yorker, just outside off. Nabi squeezes it out towards cover

Mohammad Hasnain to M Nabi, no run

beaten. Short of length outside off, looks to steer it towards third man and misses

Mohammad Hasnain to M Nabi, no run

a bouncer outside off, Nabi gets down and sways away. One for the over, says the umpire

Mohammad Hasnain to Ingram, 1 run

short and pulled towards deep-backward square leg

Mohammad Hasnain to Ingram, no run

yorker length outside off, squeezes it out square of the wicket on the off side