14th Match (N), Karachi, Mar 3 2021, Pakistan Super League
(19.4/20 ov, target 177)154
Gladiators won by 22 runs
player of the match
Qais Ahmad
Quetta Gladiators

Right, this has been lots of fun, especially since we got to see a trend bucked. Thanks a lot for sticking with us, and catch you in the next game.

Qais Ahmed's 3/21 gets him the Player of the Match award.

"We need to improve in the field. We give at least 10-15 runs away in the field, and that's a huge amount of runs in T20 cricket," Rizwan says. "We're struggling to build partnerships in the middle order, but Qais and Nawaz bolwed brilliantly and stifled our momentum. I'm in a bit of pain, and we're awaiting X-Rays on my foot. Hopefully it's all good."

Hasnain's bromance with Steyn continues, talking about how much he's learning from him. He talks about how he asked Steyn to bowl a bouncer at Dhani's head, because the Multan bowler fears the short delivery. Tongue firmly in cheek, though

Sarfaraz is hugged by Azam Khan, Dhani and Steyn share a laugh and a cuddle, Hasnain smiles that sweet smile of this, Sarfaraz has a joke with Dhani. Lovely spirit this match ends in.

One was a run-out! But I was wrong, clearly

Steyn to Shahnawaz Dhani, OUT

makes room and sends this high into the Karachi sky! Faf du Plessis charges in and completes a great catch diving forward and - wait for it - QUETTA GLADIATORS WIN A GAME. THE CHASING SIDE LOSE! Broken streaks galore here, and the PSL has finally - belatedly - given us all a twist we wanted to say far earlier than it actually came

Shahnawaz Dhani c du Plessis b Steyn 0 (2m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

Umar: "Here we go ladies and gents.The streak is about to be broken!That too from the unlikeliest of teams.Well played Quetta and Sarfaraz!Finally points on the board!"

Steyn to Tahir, 1 run, OUT

lovely sower ball that dipped back in. Tahir could only poke it to third man and scampered back for a second that was never really on. Sarfaraz collects the throw from Zahid cleanly and knocks the stumps down with the South African well short.

Imran Tahir run out (Zahid Mahmood/†Sarfaraz Ahmed) 14 (12m 8b 1x4 1x6) SR: 175

Four sixes in four balls needed

Steyn to Md Imran Khan, 1 bye

slower ball again, doesn't connect, and they run a bye

Celine: "Do you think Dale Steyn will get at least 1 wicket in his last over? " No

Steyn to Md Imran Khan, no run

pace off, he went through his shot early. Beats the batsman

Steyn to bowl the final over. 25 to win

end of over 1912 runs
MS: 152/8CRR: 8.00 RRR: 25.00 • Need 25 runs from 6b
Imran Tahir13 (7)
Imran Khan0 (0)
Mohammad Hasnain4-0-34-2
Zahid Mahmood4-0-39-2
Mohammad Hasnain to Tahir, FOUR runs

four more! Well, Tahir's done his best. It takes a top edge and sails over Sarfaraz's head for four. The captain comes and pats Hasnain on the head. He's in a better mood now he feels victory's in his grasp

Mohammad Hasnain to Tahir, no run

another short one. Tahir can't seem to connect with them, but in fairness, they are seriously quick

Mohammad Hasnain to Tahir, no run

banged it in short and beat him with the extra bounce

Fahad Khan: "Chasing streak is about to finish. Cricinfo plz publish my comment and end your streak too."

Mohammad Hasnain to Tahir, 2 runs

not quite as well timed, but it's sliced over mid-off, giving Azam Khan a nice little chase. He manages to cut it off before it goes for four.

Ezen : "Seriously Ben Cutting what have you done." What everyone's thinking

Mohammad Hasnain to Tahir, no run

length ball, 148kph again. Tahir can only block it

Mohammad Hasnain to Tahir, SIX runs

well, wasn't that nicely timed? Tahir carves him over point for six! Gloriously timed, and such nonchalance to a delivery bowled in excess of 148kph