Final, Indore, January 10 - 14, 2017, Ranji Trophy
228 & 411
(T:312) 328 & 313/5

Gujarat won by 5 wickets

Player Of The Match
90, 143 & 6 catches
Mumbai 1st Innings
Gujarat 1st Innings
Mumbai 2nd Innings
Gujarat 2nd Innings
Mumbai 1st Innings 
run out (Juneja/†PA Patel)719316211076.34
lbw b Singh421311019.04
c †PA Patel b Gaja1434522041.17
c HP Patel b Gaja571331707142.85
c Bhatt b HP Patel410181040.00
c †PA Patel b Singh2356864041.07
c †PA Patel b Kalaria35941223137.23
c Merai b Bhatt647711012.76
c Merai b Bhatt036000.00
run out (Panchal/†PA Patel)3960033.33
not out 0421000.00
Extras(lb 9, nb 1, w 1)11
TOTAL83.5 Ov (RR: 2.71, 378 Mins)228
Fall of wickets: 1-13 (Akhil Herwadkar, 6.3 ov), 2-54 (Shreyas Iyer, 17.1 ov), 3-106 (Prithvi Shaw, 34.3 ov), 4-128 (Aditya Tare, 38.1 ov), 5-169 (Suryakumar Yadav, 56.3 ov), 6-179 (Siddhesh Lad, 59.3 ov), 7-202 (Balwinder Sandhu, 74.5 ov), 8-204 (Shardul Thakur, 76.3 ov), 9-207 (Vishal Dabholkar, 78.6 ov), 10-228 (Abhishek Nayar, 83.5 ov)
6.3 to AA Herwadkar, lovely delivery in line with the stumps, strikes the pad in line and a loud appeal and given.. 13/1
59.3 to SD Lad, short down the leg side and Lad goes for the hook and misses it completely, loud appeal for a catch is given by the umpire, Lad not at all happy, walks away and that is tea.. 179/6
83.5 to AM Nayar, good bouncer and Nayar goes for the hook and gets the edge to Parthiv, who jumps up to take the catch.. 228/10
17.1 to SS Iyer, chases a wide delivery and finds the edge to Prathiv.. 54/2
56.3 to SA Yadav, poor shot from Yadav, looking to pull through the onside, gets a leading edge to mid-off.. 169/5
38.1 to AP Tare, tossed up on the off stump line, Tare pushes forward and gets an inside edge onto the pads and lobs up to Bhatt at first slip.. 128/4
74.5 to BS Sandhu, plays forward and gets the edge to slip, is it taken on the full, the tv umpire is checking, it looks be cleanly taken.. 202/7
76.3 to SN Thakur, outside edge and taken by Merai at slip.. 204/8
Gujarat 1st Innings 
c Yadav b Thakur434440011.76
c †Tare b Nayar651910011.76
c †Tare b Nayar451001497045.00
c †Tare b Nayar9014621112061.64
c & b Thakur779513611081.05
c Shaw b Sandhu2538594065.78
c Yadav b Thakur1759811028.81
lbw b Sandhu2755804049.09
not out 1140582027.50
c Iyer b Sandhu810191080.00
c †Tare b Thakur1470025.00
Extras(lb 7, nb 5, w 5)17
TOTAL104.3 Ov (RR: 3.13, 472 Mins)328
Fall of wickets: 1-11 (Samit Gohel, 10.2 ov), 2-37 (Priyank Panchal, 19.2 ov), 3-106 (Bhargav Merai, 42.2 ov), 4-226 (Parthiv Patel, 68.3 ov), 5-254 (Manprit Juneja, 73.4 ov), 6-264 (Rujul Bhatt, 80.4 ov), 7-291 (Chirag Gandhi, 92.5 ov), 8-313 (Roosh Kalaria, 99.3 ov), 9-326 (RP Singh, 103.1 ov), 10-328 (Hardik Patel, 104.3 ov)
10.2 to SB Gohel, outside edge and taken at slip by Yadav.. 11/1
73.4 to MC Juneja, goes for a pull and mishits in the air to the off side, umpires checking for noball, that was close.. 254/5
92.5 to CJ Gandhi, now that corridor outside the off stump is where Shardul pitches. Chirag is tempted to have a poke at it. As in most cases, all he manages is an outside edge to the slip cordon where Suryakumar gobbles the catch. Are Gujarat leaving the door open for Mumbai?. 291/7
104.3 to HP Patel, short of a good length delivery outside the off stump. Hardik has a defensive poke at it and gets an outside edge back to the keeper. Shardul has his second wicket today and four in all for the innings. 328/10
80.4 to RH Bhatt, full and outside the off stump and Bhatt pushes in the air to point, Shaw takes the catch.. 264/6
99.3 to RB Kalaria, and strikes with the third ball of a fresh spell. Bowls one on the line of the stumps. He forces Kalaria to play. Kalaria looks to drive it but the ball moves back in a touch, with the angle and beats the intended drive. He is hit on his pads in front of the middle stump. That's a big wicket for Mumbai. 313/8
103.1 to RP Singh, and that's a wicket! Sandhu bowls one wide outside the off stump. RP, in a mood to slog, goes after it and gets a top edge. Shreyas Iyer, running in from mid-off, calls for the catch and takes it. Sandhu has bowled well, in this spell,as he has worked his lines out for the batsmen. There was a slight confusion between the fielders but Shreyas calling from it ensures they both don't go for it. The other fielder was Shaw. 326/9
19.2 to PK Panchal, outside edge and Tare takes it easily.. 37/2
42.2 to BH Merai, nice shape to the ball as it swings away and Merai goes after it and finds the edge to Tare, it was too wide to play at that.. 106/3
68.3 to PA Patel, outside edge and taken by Tare.. 226/4
Mumbai 2nd Innings 
c Gohel b Gaja1633471048.48
c †PA Patel b Gaja44356780125.71
c †PA Patel b Gaja821372409259.85
c †PA Patel b Kalaria492153205022.79
lbw b HP Patel6911420612060.52
c Gandhi b Singh1534522144.11
lbw b Singh911462415562.32
c Juneja b Gaja2042433047.61
c sub (KP Patel) b Gaja1690016.66
c Gohel b Gaja12591032020.33
not out 0732000.00
Extras(nb 5, w 7)12
TOTAL137.1 Ov (RR: 2.99, 686 Mins)411
Fall of wickets: 1-54 (Akhil Herwadkar, 9.2 ov), 2-66 (Prithvi Shaw, 13.1 ov), 3-193 (Shreyas Iyer, 59.2 ov), 4-238 (Suryakumar Yadav, 80.2 ov), 5-270 (Siddhesh Lad, 89.4 ov), 6-297 (Aditya Tare, 99.1 ov), 7-323 (Balwinder Sandhu, 108.1 ov), 8-326 (Shardul Thakur, 110.1 ov), 9-370 (Vishal Dabholkar, 130.5 ov), 10-411 (Abhishek Nayar, 137.1 ov)
89.4 to SD Lad, short ball wide outside the off stump. He could've cut it if he wanted to, but prefers to pull it instead. He pulls it straight into the hands of the fielder at deep square-leg: Chirag Gandhi. He does his best to drop it as he fumbles with the take four times and finally holds on to it. That's his 300th wicket. 270/5
137.1 to AM Nayar, and he gets a wicket with first ball as Tare and Pandit signalled to Nayar that it was the final over before they would declare. Nayar slogs across the line and misses. It was on the middle stump and he was plumb in front. 411/10
80.2 to SA Yadav, finally Suryakumar's patience wears thin! Kalaria bowls one down the leg stump line and Suryakumar goes after it. He gets some bat on it and the ball makes its way to the keeper's gloves. He starts walking as soon as he nicked it. For now, it will be difficult to decide the effect that this innings has on this match, but the dismissal has certainly come at a wrong time. Gujarat have a chance to come back into the match. 238/4
9.2 to AA Herwadkar, short ball outside the off stump. Herwadkar, who has been a little suspect about when to go for a cut, decides to cut and gets an outside edge to the second slip. Gohel cups his hands and takes the catch easily.. 54/1
13.1 to PP Shaw, you live by the sword and die by the sword! As good as his driving off the front foot has been this innings, he falls to a drive. Difference? The drives that he got boundaries of, he got the front foot to the pitch of the delivery, but this time he chases a wide one and gets a faint outside edge back to the keeper. Gujarat have the wicket that they were looking for. Chintan Gaja lets out a roar. 66/2
59.2 to SS Iyer, and that's the wicket Gujarat were looking for! Shreyas Iyer is foxed by the seam movement and chases the delivery again. This time he gets an outside edge that's taken by Parthiv. How will Mumbai approach the game from here?. 193/3
108.1 to BS Sandhu, fuller and slower ball outside the off stump. Sandhu goes for the lofted drive. He gets the height, not the distance as he is caught at cover by Juneja. 323/7
110.1 to SN Thakur, That's five for Chintan! Fuller ball outside the off stump. He lofts it to mid-off where the sub leaps at the right moment and takes the catch. Mumbai imploding at the wrong moment. 326/8
130.5 to VV Dabholkar, good length ball outside the off stump. Dabholkar reaches out for it. He looks to defend it with hard hands. All he gets is an outside edge to Gohel at second slip. Looks like Gujarat will get to bat sooner than they expected. 370/9
99.1 to AP Tare, and that's the wicket Gujarat were after! He comes forward to a ball pitched on the off stump line and looks to play for the turn. He is foxed as the ball straightens a touch after pitching and hits him on the pad in front of off and middle.. 297/6
Gujarat 2nd Innings (T: 312 runs)
c †Tare b Nayar21871382024.13
c Yadav b Sandhu3447667072.34
b Sandhu213190015.38
c & b Thakur14319628324072.95
c †Tare b Herwadkar541151438046.95
not out 2777973035.06
not out 1171120157.14
Extras(lb 8, nb 3, w 5, pen 5)21
TOTAL89.5 Ov (RR: 3.48, 380 Mins)313/5
Fall of wickets: 1-47 (Priyank Panchal, 14.2 ov), 2-51 (Bhargav Merai, 18.3 ov), 3-89 (Samit Gohel, 29.4 ov), 4-205 (Manprit Juneja, 65.5 ov), 5-299 (Parthiv Patel, 87.3 ov)
87.3 to PA Patel, short ball down the leg stump line. He looks to go for the pull, but gets a top edge that Shardul runs in and takes. What an innings it has been. Edges, brilliant strokes, edge and more brilliant strokes. The people present at the stadium give him a standing ovation. Is this the opening that Mumbai are looking for? Is it too late?. 299/5
14.2 to PK Panchal, and there's the first wicket! Pitches one in the corridor outside the off stump, Panchal is drawn into a stroke. He gets an outside edge that Suryakumar catches to his left, at second slip. Panchal can't break Laxman's record, but what a Ranji Trophy he has had.. 47/1
18.3 to BH Merai, and that's the second wicket. After getting the ball to move away, ball after ball, Sandhu gets one to move back in. Merai played the ball on line and shouldered arms, only to find the off stump pegged back. Mumbai, slowly but surely, crawling back into the match. 51/2
29.4 to SB Gohel, and Nayar does it! He draws Gohel onto a defensive poke. He gets an outside edge back to the keeper. Tare takes the catch and the third wicket falls for Gujarat. 89/3
65.5 to MC Juneja, looks to sweep it from outside the off stump. He looks to have feathered an edge to Tare. Tare's celebrations after Juneja was given out were in the face of the departing batsman. Has Mumbai turned the game?. 205/4
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Tue, 10 Jan - day 1 - Gujarat 1st innings 2/0 (Samit Gohel 2*, Priyank Panchal 0*, 1 ov)
Wed, 11 Jan - day 2 - Gujarat 1st innings 291/6 (Chirag Gandhi 17*, Roosh Kalaria 16*, 92 ov)
Thu, 12 Jan - day 3 - Mumbai 2nd innings 208/3 (Suryakumar Yadav 45*, Aditya Tare 13*, 67 ov)
Fri, 13 Jan - day 4 - Gujarat 2nd innings 47/0 (Samit Gohel 8*, Priyank Panchal 34*, 13.2 ov)
Sat, 14 Jan - day 5 - Gujarat 2nd innings 313/5 (89.5 ov) - end of match
Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore
TossGujarat, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Series resultGujarat won the 2016/17 Ranji Trophy
Hours of play (local time)09.30 start, Lunch 12.00-12.40, Tea 14.40-15.00, Close 16.30
Match days10,11,12,13,14 January 2017 - day (5-day match)
TV Umpire
Match Referee
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