Final, Wankhede, February 02 - 05, 2007, Ranji Trophy Super League
320 & 294
(T:472) 143 & 339

Mumbai won by 132 runs

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Scenes of jubilation all around and the home crowd are ecstatic! Nope, this is not an international game. Mumbai win their 37th Ranji Trophy title in unbelievable circumstances. Just think of this - zero points from their first three matches and a score of 0-5 in the semi-finals! Just how many people would have bet on them to win? Not many, certainly not this writer. Yet they managed to confound thre critics and that's what makes their journey so poetic.

Bengal seemed like thet had it in the bag when Gavaskar and Ganguly were around but that one breakthrough from Agarkar turned it all. Zaheer Khan returned to decimate the lower order to pick up his second five-for. What a debut match he's had.

We're ready for the presentation ceremony. Deep Dasgupta collects the runners-up trophy. He applauds his team for contributing when the chips were down. A word of praise for Ganguly as well.

Amol Muzumdar collects the rather massive winner's trophy. Here's what he had to say - "This has been a tremendous season and a complete team effort. We always believed in ourselves and that's why we're here. Full credit to Bengal and for making it the most memorable finals. We always believed we had enough runs. It's a tremendous effort by Sachin Tendulkar. There is no substitute to his commitment. The crowd has also been tremendous."

That's it from us here. I thoroughly enjoyed bringing this classique to you. We hope you enjoyed our company over the last four days. This is Kanishkaa Balachandran signing off. Cheers!

Agarkar to Dinda, OUT

that's the win! it's all ovahh! Dinda gives himself room and goes for a heave ho on the on-side! the ball gets the top edge and skies towards point, Wasim Jaffer runs from gully, Abhishek Nair runs from the direction of cover, a near collision takes place but Nair manages to hang onto it comfortably

Ashok Dinda c Nayar b Agarkar 0 (4m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Agarkar to Bose, 1 run

good length delivery, carefully steered to point

end of over 92Wicket maiden
BENG: 338/9CRR: 3.67 
Ashok Dinda0 (1b)
Ranadeb Bose0 (0b)
Zaheer Khan 24-4-119-4
Khan to Dinda, no run

Zaheer digs it in, early wake up call for Dinda

Ashok Dinda walks in, Mumbai just one wicket away from a win

Khan to Sarkar, OUT

Zak's on fire! classic left-arm seamer's dismissal, switches back to over the wicket, good length delivery, deviates away , Sarkar stretches his bat out and edges to Samant who dives to his left

Sourav Sarkar c †Samant b Khan 2 (13m 9b 0x4 0x6) SR: 22.22
Khan to Sarkar, no run

bouncer from round the wicket, Sarkar ducks and the ball nearly sails over Samant who takes it cleanly

Khan to Sarkar, no run

short of a length and Sarkar swings and misses

Khan to Sarkar, no run

defended on the back-foot

Ranadeb Bose comes in

Khan to Ganguly, OUT

gone! Zak traps Sourav again! short of a length, Ganguly backs away and whacks it in the air, ends up hitting it down Powar's throat at long-on, Ganguly kicks the air in frustration, he can't figure out what induced him to fall into that trap

Sourav Ganguly c Powar b Khan 90 (208m 129b 12x4 0x6) SR: 69.76
end of over 911 run
BENG: 338/7CRR: 3.71 
Sourav Sarkar2 (5b)
Sourav Ganguly90 (128b 12x4)
Ajit Agarkar 17-6-55-1
Agarkar to Sarkar, no run

pitched closer to the batsman, defended, good technique by Sarkar

Agarkar to Sarkar, no run

wide outside off and Sarkar has another swish at that, Ganguly looks worried at the other end

Agarkar to Sarkar, no run

good length ball outside off, slashes, no foot movement

Agarkar to Sarkar, no run

bouncer! Sarkar gets under it

Agarkar to Ganguly, 1 run

full and a fraction wide, Ganguly slashes hard over point

Agarkar to Ganguly, no run

Sourav Sarkar takes strike

end of over 903 runs • 2 wickets
BENG: 337/7CRR: 3.74 
Sourav Sarkar2 (1b)
Sourav Ganguly89 (126b 12x4)
Zaheer Khan 23-3-119-2
Khan to Sarkar, 2 runs

pitched up and driven uppishly, cries of 'catch it', the batsmen just scamper through for a double, third umpire called in for a possible run-out chance at the srikers end, Sarkar was safe

Match State: Tea - Day 4

Seven balls, 1 run, three wickets.... that was the story of the last few frenetic minutes! Just when it looked like Bengal were running away with it, the senior pros, Ajit Agarkar and Zaheer Khan struck back. Gavaskar's aggressive innings was cut short after a lapse in concentration and Zaheer finally rose from his slumber. I have said time and again how dangerous Zaheer is when he makes the batsmen play and that was precisely what he did to bag those late strikes. Ganguly has only the tail to keep him company and it is imperative he hogs the strike.

Khan to Lahiri, OUT

trapped on the pads and given! Zaheer changes his line of attack, comes round the wicket and it works! pitches on off stump, comes in just a fraction, Lahiri is caught at the crease, ball strikes the top flap of the front pad, in line with leg stump, easy decision for the umpire

Saurasish Lahiri lbw b Khan 0 (3m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Khan to Lahiri, no run

short on the leg side and ducked

Khan to Lahiri, no run

good length delivery, defended cautiously

Saurasish Lahiri walks in

Six down! a sudden shift in momentum happening here folks!

Khan to Shukla, OUT

castled! Zak's got 'im! good length delivery coming in just a tad, Shukla seemed like he was beaten for pace and the ball clipped the top of off stump

Laxmi Shukla b Khan 0 (3m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Khan to Ganguly, 1 run

short, Ganguly gets behind that on the hop, nudged to point for a single

Bengal need 138, Ganguly still going strong...

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