Philipsburg, Jan 23 - Jan 25 2009, Regional Four Day Competition
(58.1 ov)(f/o) 204 & 248
Barbados won by an innings and 55 runs
player of the match
Ryan Hinds
• Cricinfo staff

Barbados complete Leewards rout

Cricinfo takes a look at the action from the third day of the third round of matches in the 2008-09 Regional Four Day Competition

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Scorecard summary
Barbados507/10(95 overs)1st INNINGS
Leeward Islands204/10(62.1 overs)1st INNINGS
Leeward Islands248/10(58.1 overs)2nd INNINGS
Match details
Carib Lumber Park, Philipsburg, St Maarten
TossBarbados, elected to bat first
SeriesRegional Four Day Competition
Player Of The Match
Ryan Hinds
Match days23,24,25 January 2009 - day match (4-day match)
West Indies Image
Clyde Duncan
West Indies Image
James Stevens
PointsBarbados 12, Leeward Islands 0