1st Test, Perth, November 03 - 07, 2016, South Africa tour of Australia
242 & 540/8d
(T:539) 244 & 361

South Africa won by 177 runs

Player Of The Match
2/78 & 5/92
AUS 2nd Innings
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3.33pm After a day and half of the first session on the second morning, it looked like Australia would run away with the match. Then, Dale Steyn went down to injury and everything turned around rather quickly. Rabada, Philander and Maharaj helped bowl Australia out and restrict their lead to just two. A fantastic batting effort saw them ensure they couldn't lose as Faf declared with a lead of 538. After grinding away, chipping away, toiling away with one fast bowler short, South Africa found enough. Peter Nevill and Usman Khawaja were excellent in the second innings, but their rearguard effort was nowhere near enough. This surely will go down as one of South Africa's best test wins, considering the position they were in early on the second day. Australia will have to find a way to put this loss behind them. South Africa are a spirited side, but Australia too showed plenty of fight on the final day. Hobart will be the venue for the next Test. Australia definitely can, but will they level the series going into the much-awaited day-night Test in Adelaide?

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Kagiso Rabada is the Man of the Match: "I'm very proud of how the team pulled it together. We lost Dale, he's a key aspect of the game. All the bowlers have a job to do, when Dale is gone, it means we have to do extra. You hear a lot of stories where quick bowlers do well here (at the WACA). Similar to the Wanderers back home. Still a bit flat though. Australia also got he ball to reverse. We executed really well. I can confidently say there will not be too much bowling over the next few days, but I'll be ready for Hobart if I get chosen."

Steven Smith: "After the first day, we were in a reasonable position. We weren't able to capitalise and claw out way back. I've thought a lot about it (the collapse). Credit to Duminy and Elgar, their partnership took it away. We've had a few collapses of late in recent Test cricket, something we need to improve on. We try and let go of this performance. Have to play better cricket. SA played some great cricket throughout the Test."

Faf du Plessis: "It's never easy with two seamers. KG was phenomenal, to run in for 30 overs. Disappointed with the way we played on the first day, we wanted to come back on the second day. Since that day 1, we were unbelievable. Not much happening, but everyone put their hand up. Maharaj had a job today, to tie up one end. He was awesome, bowled a beautiful line and length, ensured the scoreboard didn't tick too quickly."

Maharaj to Lyon, OUT

and given by umpire Llong. Lyon reviews. Flat delivery on middle and leg, the ball drifts on with the arm. Lyon gets a giant front-foot stride and is beaten on the inside edge. Two reds, one orange as umpire's call as the ball is just clipping the leg stump. South Africa seal a stunning comeback to beat Australia by 177 runs and go 1-0 up in the three-match series

Nathan Lyon lbw b Maharaj 8 (26m 22b 1x4 0x6) SR: 36.36


Stuart: "Could not have asked for anything more from Nevill - this is exactly the kind of innings our 1-6 needed to play. Test cricket is so often about survival. "

end of over 119Maiden
AUS: 361/9CRR: 3.03 
Peter Nevill60 (153)
Nathan Lyon8 (21)
Vernon Philander 22-7-55-1
Temba Bavuma 7-1-29-1
Philander to Nevill, no run

maiden. Good length delivery outside off and Nevill leaves

Philander to Nevill, no run

keeps a tad low. Full outside off, Nevill defends. Well played

Philander to Nevill, no run

full and wide outside off, 127 kph. Good leave

Philander to Nevill, no run

good length outside off, left alone

Philander to Nevill, no run

full and straight, close to off. Blocked

Rajat: "Great effort from Nevill - has played 200 balls in this match which is more than any other Aussie batter. "

Philander to Nevill, no run

good length on middle, 124 kph. Pushed down to long-on. Nevill declines the run

Philander comes on.

end of over 1183 runs
AUS: 361/9CRR: 3.05 
Nathan Lyon8 (21)
Peter Nevill60 (147)
Temba Bavuma 7-1-29-1
Keshav Maharaj 40-10-94-0
Bavuma to Lyon, no run

a low full toss outside off, driven to a deep mid-off

Bavuma to Lyon, no run

fullish and wide outside off, 117 kph. Left alone

Philander limbering up

Bavuma to Lyon, no run

good length outside off, 116 kph. Pushed to cover

Bavuma to Lyon, no run

big appeal. Faf reviews. No, says umpire Llong. Full on the pads, in front of leg. May be sliding down, but you never know. Missing the stumps says Hawkeye. Good call from the umpire. Comes back in late from Bavuma, well bowled

Bavuma to Lyon, 2 runs

full and wide, crashed through the cover region for a couple more

Bavuma to Nevill, 1 run

low full toss outside off, pushed to deep cover for one more

end of over 1173 runs
AUS: 358/9CRR: 3.05 
Nathan Lyon6 (16)
Peter Nevill59 (146)
Keshav Maharaj 40-10-94-0
Temba Bavuma 6-1-26-1
Maharaj to Lyon, no run

driven with the spin this time, but straight to cover

Maharaj to Lyon, no run
Maharaj to Lyon, no run

worked against the spin to midwicket. Faf fires a throw and hits Vilas on the back at short leg

Maharaj to Nevill, 1 run

Nevill comes down and pushes to cover for a quick run

Raju: "Now you know why Faf delayed the declaration. Had he set a target of even 420, which is a record chase, Australia is only 65 short now. 3 bowlers on a true wicket is a massive challenge to maneuver. "

Maharaj to Nevill, 2 runs

shortish outside off, cut down to backward point for a couple. Playing it late

Anand: "Respect to Australia for the fight back. They are still holding on! The only thing they did not have is one big partnership. If they had 4 wickets in hand, it is a game on! Respect aussies!"

Maharaj to Nevill, no run

flat on off, defended

Maharaj returns.

end of over 1161 run
AUS: 355/9CRR: 3.06 
Nathan Lyon6 (13)
Peter Nevill56 (143)
Temba Bavuma 6-1-26-1
Jean-Paul Duminy 17-1-51-1
Bavuma to Lyon, no run

too wide and left alone

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