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4th T20I, Bready, Jun 21 2015, Scotland tour of Ireland
No result (abandoned with a toss)
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The Man of the Series has just been announced and Matthew Cross is the deserved winner.

So that just leaves me to thank you for following our commentary over the past 4 days and this is Justin Smyth saying goodbye from a damp Bready. Goodbye!

Paul Naren: "So will there be match tomorrow?": There is no chance of another game being arranged for tomorrow as the Scottish players are flying home this evening.

So Scotland win the series 2-0. It's a shame that weather has ruined the end of the series but that's cricket eh?

The WT20Q starts on the 9th July so hopefully the weather will improve before that starts.

4:35 pm No sooner do the covers come off then the rain starts pouring down again. The Umpires have confirmed that the weather has beaten us today and the game has been abandoned.

4:25 pm Ok the Umpires have inspected and we are going to be starting a 5 over a side game at 4:50pm. That's if we have no more rain.

That's a big IF at the minute because there is rain in the surrounding area.

3:55 pm There is going to be an inspection at 4:15pm. If they start at 4:30pm that gives us about an hour of play. So possibly an 8/8 or 7/7 game.

3:40 pm The rain has stopped and its a lot brighter. That's all I'm saying.

3:00 pm. Its still raining here at the ground I'm afraid, so we are now losing overs. There is no sign of it easing off for the minute. So the more it falls the longer it's going to take to dry. Everyone is hoping that it stops soon.

2:20 pm. Bah. Here comes the rain again, covers going back on. We need to start playing by 2:40 pm or we start losing overs.

2:13 pm. The Umpires have confirmed that we are starting at 2:25 pm. So only 15 minutes away. As long as it doesn't rain!.

2:11 pm. The good news is the rain has stopped and the covers have started being removed. The Umpires are in the middle and hopefully we should have some news of a start time soon. Hopefully.

1:54 pm. It looks like it's going to be a delayed start. The rain has come down heavier and the covers are going back on. I think that we must be jinxed. I will update you when I have any further news.

1:43 pm. There are changes for both teams today. Max Sorensen and Andrew McBrine come in for Young and McCarter as Bracewell rotates the Ireland team. Josh Davey drops out and Alasdair Evans comes in for Scotland.

1.36pm. Ireland have won the toss and will be bowling first. Although the bad news is that the rain has started falling. The covers are on but hopefully this will blow through quickly.

Good Afternoon and welcome to the final T20 game between Ireland and Scotland. My name is Justin Smyth and I will today be bringing you

ball by ball coverage of what was supposed to be the third and now is the

fourth game which are being held at the Bready Cricket Ground. Happy Fathers Day everyone and I'm sure there is no better way to spend it then following Cricket.

Due to some quick thinking from the Irish and Scottish cricket boards they managed to fit in a cricket game yesterday between the showers. Even if they only gave everyone 12 hour's notice that it was going to happen. So my thanks goes to James Gray for stepping in the breach for yesterday's commentary. Does make you wonder why it doesn't happen more when the weather can affect so many cricket games.

Scotland take a 2-0 lead into the final game after another 6 wicket win.

Matthew Cross followed up his 60 in the first game with another

quick-fire 48 from 30 balls in yesterday's game. Scotland have been mighty

impressive so far and you would think that Grant Bradburn would be the happier of the two coaches.

Ireland struggled with their bowling at the world cup and I'm sure that John Bracewell will still have more questions than answers after what

he has seen in the first few games. Oh to have a 6ft 8" bowler that he could

call on…..

There is no mandatory release for these games so a number of players from both sides are unavailable due to English county commitments. It seems that there has been a constant stream of players flying over the Irish sea in both directions, I'm sure that Ryanair has been doing well out of it!

For those of you asking, Paul Stirling will not be playing today as he has been picked to play for Middlesex in the County Championship. Con de Lange as also returned back to England after watching it rain for a few hours on Friday.

This morning the weather forecast for this morning looked like a disaster with rain, rain everywhere. The good news is that the sun is shining down at the ground. The covers have been taken off and it looks like we will get a way on time. There is a strong breeze blowing across the ground so hopefully any showers that come near will be blown away.

The toss will be at 1:30pm. So I will have news on that soon.

Match details
Bready Cricket Club, Magheramason, Bready
Tossno toss
SeriesScotland tour of Ireland
Series resultScotland XI won the 4-match series 2-0
Match numberT20 No. 422
Hours of play (local time)14.00 start, First Session 14.00-15.20, Interval 15.20-15.40, Second Session 15.40-17.00
Match days21 June 2015 - day match (20-over match)
Ireland Image
Mark Hawthorne
England Image
Nigel Llong
Reserve Umpire
Ireland Image
Roly Black
Match Referee
England Image
David Jukes