1st Test, Chattogram, January 31 - February 04, 2018, Sri Lanka tour of Bangladesh
513 & 307/5d

Match drawn

Player Of The Match
176 & 105
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end of over 100Maiden
BAN: 307/5CRR: 3.07 
Mosaddek Hossain8 (53b 1x4)
Mahmudullah28 (65b 3x4)
Lakshan Sandakan 18-2-64-1
Kusal Mendis 1-0-2-0

3.20pm That is that The two captains shake hands and call it a draw in Chittagong. Bangladesh wobbled when they lost both their set batsmen - Mominul Haque and Liton Das - quickly in the afternoon session. But their stand-in captain Mahmudullah and Mosaddek Hossain soaked up 106 balls to put the match beyond Sri Lanka's reach. The star of the day and the entire game was Mominul Haque, who become the first Bangladesh player to hit centuries in each innings of a Test. Liton was in sight of a century of his own before he lost his head and miscued a catch to mid-off running back. All told, 1533 runs were scored for 24 wickets in five days. That's a wrap. Thanks for your company and comments. Do come back for the second Test, which starts on February 8 in Dhaka. Until then, goodbye and cheers

Mominul (who else?) is the Player of the Match.

"I was looking for the hundred," Liton Das says. "It was a mistake on my part. When me and Mominul batted we planned over by over. There are some rough patches, but we managed to cover it."

MahneelMusa: "Don't forget Mahmudullah's contribution in the first innings and then this gritty innings where he faced 11 overs in tough condition under immense pressure. Safe to say he has brilliantly led the team from the front!"

Praneeth: "Just 24 wickets in 5 days. That's less than 5 wickets per day. Isn't this a "Poor" pitch?"

Joshua : "I thought SL should have batted fast and declared earlier.Because that would have give bowlers a fair time to bowl out BD"

Masum Billag: "Its a great comeback from Team Bangladesh. Great innings from MOMINUL and LITON. Specially its a marvellous knock by MOMINUL. "

Sandakan to Mosaddek, no run

very full on off stump, he hangs back and squeezes the ball back to Sandakan

Sandakan to Mosaddek, no run

wild full ball breaking down leg, left alone

Sandakan to Mosaddek, no run

full and turns back in at off stump, dead-batted by Mosaddek

Sandakan to Mosaddek, no run

tossed very full on middle, dropped to the leg side from the crease

Sandakan to Mosaddek, no run

full on middle, hangs back and pushes the ball to midwicket

Sandakan to Mosaddek, no run

Googly. full, drifts in towards off, then viciously turns past the bat as Mosaddek plays all around it

end of over 992 runs
BAN: 307/5CRR: 3.10 
Mahmudullah28 (65b 3x4)
Mosaddek Hossain8 (47b 1x4)
Kusal Mendis 1-0-2-0
Lakshan Sandakan 17-1-64-1
Mendis to Mahmudullah, no run

tossed on off, run away to point with soft hands

Mendis to Mahmudullah, no run

full-toss on middle, simply bunted back to Kusal Mendis

Mendis to Mahmudullah, no run

dragged down outside off, forced off the back foot to cover

Mendis to Mosaddek, 1 run

follows it with a half-tracker outside off, swatted away to wide long-on off the back foot

Mendis to Mosaddek, no run

grips, turns past the outside edge after drawing the batsman forward. Good ball from Mendis

Mendis to Mahmudullah, 1 run

short legbreak on off, punched on the up to sweeper cover

Kusal Mendis has the ball. He has one Test wicket

end of over 981 run
BAN: 305/5CRR: 3.11 
Mosaddek Hossain7 (45b 1x4)
Mahmudullah27 (61b 3x4)
Lakshan Sandakan 17-1-64-1
Dilruwan Perera 26-5-74-1
Sandakan to Mosaddek, no run

dangled up outside off, draws the batsman forward and runs past the outside edge. Mosaddek drags his back leg in time even as the keeper flips the bails off swiftly

Sandakan to Mosaddek, no run

skids into leg stump, defended to short leg

Sandakan to Mahmudullah, 1 run

shortish and outside off, steered to deep point

Sandakan to Mahmudullah, no run

tossed up on off, pushed back to the bowler

Sandakan to Mahmudullah, no run

full and breaking down the leg side, left alone

Sandakan to Mahmudullah, no run

full and wide outside off, breaks away further, Mahmudullah aims a big drive at the googly and only collects fresh air

end of over 97Maiden
BAN: 304/5CRR: 3.13 
Mosaddek Hossain7 (43b 1x4)
Mahmudullah26 (57b 3x4)
Dilruwan Perera 26-5-74-1
Lakshan Sandakan 16-1-63-1
Perera to Mosaddek, no run

full on off, dead-batted by Mosaddek

Perera to Mosaddek, no run

full on off, Mosaddek gets his front leg out of the way and defends watchfully

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