3rd Test, Adelaide, January 07 - 13, 1911, South Africa tour of Australia
482 & 360
(T:378) 465 & 339

South Africa won by 38 runs

South Africa 1st INNINGS 
Percy Sherwell (c)†lbw b Armstrong1127401040.74
Billy Zulch c Macartney b Whitty1052371859144.30
Aubrey Faulkner c Hill b Armstrong56941057059.57
Dave Nourse  b Cotter1031370032.25
Maitland Hathorn  b Whitty919181047.36
Charlie Llewellyn run out 43981253043.87
Tip Snooke c Kelleway b Cotter10324521512042.04
Jimmy Sinclair c Armstrong b Kelleway2040362050.00
Louis Stricker c Kelleway b Armstrong481601395030.00
Reggie Schwarz  b Armstrong1530201050.00
Sid Pegler not out 2440501060.00
Extras(b 6, lb 10, nb 18, w 4)38
TOTAL166.4 Ov (RR: 2.89)482
Fall of wickets: 1-31 (Percy Sherwell), 2-166 (Aubrey Faulkner), 3-189 (Dave Nourse), 4-191 (Billy Zulch), 5-205 (Maitland Hathorn), 6-302 (Charlie Llewellyn), 7-338 (Jimmy Sinclair), 8-400 (Tip Snooke), 9-429 (Reggie Schwarz), 10-482 (Louis Stricker)
Tibby Cotter38410022.63---00
Bill Whitty34711423.35---00
Warwick Armstrong42.4910342.41---00
Charles Kelleway2467213.00---00
Charles Macartney2795101.88---00
Algy Gehrs10404.00---00
Australia 1st INNINGS 
Charles Macartney  b Llewellyn21090020.00
Charles Kelleway c †Sherwell b Llewellyn471191131039.49
Vernon Ransford  b Llewellyn50110873045.45
Warren Bardsley lbw b Nourse54981021055.10
Victor Trumper not out 21424724226086.63
Algy Gehrs c Schwarz b Faulkner2022302090.90
Clem Hill (c)c Snooke b Schwarz1628241057.14
Warwick Armstrong  b Sinclair3058462051.72
Sammy Carter lbw b Schwarz17142530121.42
Tibby Cotter c Snooke b Llewellyn812141066.66
Bill Whitty c †Sherwell b Sinclair11500100.00
Extras(b 4, lb 2)6
TOTAL119.5 Ov (RR: 3.88)465
Fall of wickets: 1-7 (Charles Macartney), 2-94 (Vernon Ransford), 3-111 (Charles Kelleway), 4-227 (Warren Bardsley), 5-276 (Algy Gehrs), 6-319 (Clem Hill), 7-384 (Warwick Armstrong), 8-430 (Sammy Carter), 9-458 (Tibby Cotter), 10-465 (Bill Whitty)
Charlie Llewellyn31410743.45---00
Reggie Schwarz1926823.57---00
Jimmy Sinclair25.538623.32---00
Sid Pegler2029204.60---00
Aubrey Faulkner1105915.36---00
Dave Nourse1224313.58---00
Louis Stricker10404.00---00
South Africa 2nd INNINGS 
Percy Sherwell (c)†lbw b Whitty1670016.66
Billy Zulch c †Carter b Whitty1432341043.75
Aubrey Faulkner c Armstrong b Whitty11524523610046.93
Dave Nourse c Armstrong b Kelleway39118933033.05
Louis Stricker  b Macartney620151030.00
Charlie Llewellyn  b Whitty801902084042.10
Sid Pegler c Cotter b Kelleway2650433052.00
Tip Snooke run out 2570623035.71
Jimmy Sinclair c Hill b Whitty29283650103.57
Maitland Hathorn  b Whitty217120011.76
Reggie Schwarz not out 1118181061.11
Extras(b 4, lb 2, nb 5, w 1)12
TOTAL130.2 Ov (RR: 2.76)360
Fall of wickets: 1-10 (Percy Sherwell), 2-29 (Billy Zulch), 3-106 (Dave Nourse), 4-119 (Louis Stricker), 5-228 (Aubrey Faulkner), 6-273 (Sid Pegler), 7-317 (Tip Snooke), 8-319 (Charlie Llewellyn), 9-327 (Maitland Hathorn), 10-360 (Jimmy Sinclair)
Tibby Cotter2336402.78---00
Bill Whitty39.2510462.64---00
Warwick Armstrong3399002.72---00
Charles Kelleway2346422.78---00
Charles Macartney1232612.16---00
Australia 2nd INNINGS (Target: 378 runs)
Victor Trumper  b Llewellyn2838453073.68
Warren Bardsley c & b Faulkner5875806077.33
Clem Hill (c)c Schwarz b Sinclair5563725087.30
Charles Kelleway c †Sherwell b Sinclair651371342047.44
Vernon Ransford c Llewellyn b Schwarz032000.00
Sammy Carter c Llewellyn b Faulkner1131241035.48
Warwick Armstrong  b Schwarz4890765053.33
Algy Gehrs c †Sherwell b Schwarz22222230100.00
Charles Macartney lbw b Schwarz011000.00
Tibby Cotter not out 36283032128.57
Bill Whitty c Schwarz b Pegler1114220078.57
Extras(lb 5)5
TOTAL83.4 Ov (RR: 4.05)339
Fall of wickets: 1-63 (Victor Trumper), 2-122 (Warren Bardsley), 3-170 (Clem Hill), 4-171 (Vernon Ransford), 5-187 (Sammy Carter), 6-263 (Charles Kelleway), 7-285 (Warwick Armstrong), 8-285 (Charles Macartney), 9-292 (Algy Gehrs), 10-339 (Bill Whitty)
Charlie Llewellyn1204814.00---00
Reggie Schwarz1534843.20---00
Jimmy Sinclair2127223.42---00
Sid Pegler10.405815.43---00
Aubrey Faulkner1535623.73---00
Dave Nourse503106.20---00
Tip Snooke502104.20---00
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Adelaide Oval
TossSouth Africa, elected to bat first
Series resultAustralia led the 5-match series 2-1
Match numberTest no. 113
Match daysday (0-day match)
Bob Crockett
George Watson
Sat, 07 Jan - day 1 - South Africa 1st innings 279/5 (Charlie Llewellyn 36*, Tip Snooke 36*)
Sun, 08 Jan - rest day
Mon, 09 Jan - day 2 - Australia 1st innings 72/1 (Charles Kelleway 39*, Vernon Ransford 31*)
Tue, 10 Jan - day 3 - Australia 1st innings 458/8 (Victor Trumper 208*, Tibby Cotter 8*)
Wed, 11 Jan - day 4 - South Africa 2nd innings 232/5 (Charlie Llewellyn 44*, Sid Pegler 2*)
Thu, 12 Jan - day 5 - Australia 2nd innings 187/4 (Charles Kelleway 33*, Sammy Carter 11*)
Fri, 13 Jan - day 6 - Australia 2nd innings 339 (83.4 ov) - end of match
Australia Innings
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