Tour Match, Melbourne, Dec 4 - 7 1993, South Africa tour of Australia
261 & 178
(target 110)330/8d & 110/4
Victoria won by 6 wickets
South Africans 1st INNINGS
Kepler Wessels (c)c Dodemaide b Fleming1640532040.00
Hansie Cronje  b Cook41831074049.39
Brian McMillan  b Fleming55941116058.51
Jonty Rhodes c Jones b Fleming823241034.78
Dave Callaghan c †Berry b Howard2067792029.85
Errol Stewart c Ayres b Cook718261038.88
Pat Symcox  b Fleming1527390055.55
Richard Snell c †Berry b Fleming1620322080.00
Dave Rundle c †Berry b Dodemaide2957774050.87
Craig Matthews not out 4285962049.41
Allan Donald  b Fleming625300024.00
Extras(b 2, lb 4)6
TOTAL(90 Ov, RR: 2.90, 341 Mts)261
Fall of wickets: 1-39 (Kepler Wessels), 2-87 (Hansie Cronje), 3-101 (Jonty Rhodes), 4-128 (Brian McMillan), 5-140 (Errol Stewart), 6-156 (Dave Callaghan), 7-178 (Pat Symcox), 8-185 (Richard Snell), 9-249 (Dave Rundle), 10-261 (Allan Donald, 90 ov)
Simon Cook1534322.86---00
Damien Fleming2848663.07---00
Tony Dodemaide1534713.13---00
Craig Howard32107912.46---00
Victoria 1st INNINGS
Wayne Phillips c †Stewart b Snell718211038.88
Darrin Ramshaw c sub (AC Hudson) b McMillan712062605134.46
Dean Jones (c)c & b Symcox38891064042.69
Brad Hodge c †Stewart b Rundle8012916710062.01
Warren Ayres c McMillan b Rundle929381031.03
Richard Herman lbw b McMillan1770014.28
Tony Dodemaide lbw b Donald213260015.38
Darren Berry c †Stewart b McMillan011000.00
Damien Fleming not out 541101495049.09
Craig Howard not out 41891293046.06
Extras(b 7, lb 17, nb 3)27
TOTAL(114 Ov, RR: 2.89, 456 Mts)330/8d
Did not bat: Simon Cook 
Fall of wickets: 1-9 (Wayne Phillips), 2-79 (Dean Jones), 3-185 (Darrin Ramshaw), 4-218 (Brad Hodge), 5-219 (Warren Ayres), 6-219 (Richard Herman), 7-219 (Darren Berry), 8-229 (Tony Dodemaide)
Allan Donald23.565912.47---00
Richard Snell2446512.70---00
Craig Matthews1714202.47---02
Brian McMillan12.122632.13---00
Dave Rundle1715823.41---01
Pat Symcox2045612.80---00
South Africans 2nd INNINGS
Hansie Cronje run out (Phillips)311150027.27
Kepler Wessels (c)c †Berry b Fleming3257344056.14
Jonty Rhodes c & b Howard591341744044.02
Dave Callaghan c Herman b Hodge845560017.77
Errol Stewart lbw b Howard619160031.57
Pat Symcox  b Howard1838391047.36
Richard Snell  b Dodemaide1528342053.57
Dave Rundle not out 1468851020.58
Craig Matthews  b Fleming218190011.11
Brian McMillan c †Berry b Howard622251027.27
Allan Donald c Ramshaw b Howard516140031.25
Extras(b 4, lb 5, nb 1)10
TOTAL(75.5 Ov, RR: 2.34, 284 Mts)178
Fall of wickets: 1-3 (Hansie Cronje), 2-59 (Kepler Wessels), 3-90 (Dave Callaghan), 4-97 (Errol Stewart), 5-130 (Jonty Rhodes), 6-131 (Pat Symcox), 7-145 (Richard Snell), 8-147 (Craig Matthews), 9-168 (Brian McMillan), 10-178 (Allan Donald, 75.5 ov)
Damien Fleming1883121.72---00
Simon Cook1113603.27---01
Craig Howard24.594251.69---00
Richard Herman822403.00---00
Brad Hodge20211.00---00
Tony Dodemaide1243412.83---00
Victoria 2nd INNINGS (target: 110 runs)
Darrin Ramshaw c Rundle b Donald41691261059.42
Wayne Phillips lbw b Matthews44555008.88
Dean Jones (c)c sub (DJ Cullinan) b Donald3453601064.15
Brad Hodge not out 817320047.05
Warren Ayres lbw b Matthews024000.00
Richard Herman not out 417180023.52
Extras(b 10, lb 5, nb 3, w 1)19
TOTAL(33.1 Ov, RR: 3.31, 150 Mts)110/4
Fall of wickets: 1-28 (Wayne Phillips), 2-88 (Dean Jones), 3-95 (Darrin Ramshaw), 4-96 (Warren Ayres)
Allan Donald1142222.00---11
Richard Snell602103.50---00
Hansie Cronje411203.00---00
Craig Matthews9.113323.60---02
Dave Callaghan31702.33---00
Melbourne Cricket Ground
TossVictoria, elected to field first
SeriesSouth Africa tour of Australia
Match daysday (4-day match)
Australia Image
Bill Sheahan
Australia Image
Darrell Holt
Australia Image
Leonard King
Sat, 04 Dec - day 1 - Victoria 1st innings 5/0 (Wayne Phillips 4*, Darrin Ramshaw 1*, 3 ov)
Sun, 05 Dec - day 2 - Victoria 1st innings 260/8 (Damien Fleming 29*, Craig Howard 8*, 94 ov)
Mon, 06 Dec - day 3 - South Africa 2nd innings 168/9 (Dave Rundle 14*, 71.3 ov)
Tue, 07 Dec - day 4 - Victoria 2nd innings 110/4 (33.1 ov) - end of match