1st Test, Brisbane, Nov 9 - 13 2012, South Africa tour of Australia
(68 ov)450 & 166/5
Match drawn
player of the match
end of over 68Maiden
SA: 166/5CRR: 2.44 
Vernon Philander1 (14)
AB de Villiers29 (114)
James Pattinson19-3-58-2
Nathan Lyon13-5-41-2

4.55 pm The Test has come to an end. Clarke has agreed to call it off with 11 overs remaining. It's been drawn and you'd have to say Australia had the better of it ever since the second day was washed out completely. South Africa won't be too disappointed either, especially after they lost Duminy to injury on the first day before he could play any sort of role in this game. The pitch seemed to be on the flatter side, but had one day not been lost to rain, there could have been a result.

The Man of the Match is the double-centurion Michael Clarke, who said Australia will take plenty of momentum from this performance to the Adelaide Test, which is a whole week away.

There will be lots of analysis from Firdose Moonda and Brydon Coverdale up on the site over the new couple of hours. Thank you for all your emails over the last five days. I try and read as many as I can! Cheers.

Pattinson to Philander, no run

shoulders arms outside off stump once again

Pattinson to Philander, no run

a full toss outside off stump, driven from the crease towards cover

Pattinson to Philander, no run

good length outside off stump, left alone by the batsman

Pattinson to Philander, no run

defended with a straight bat towards the bowler

Pattinson to Philander, no run

another full ball and it's driven to Pattinson, who fields and throws the ball towards Wade, making him dive to his left and collect

Pattinson to Philander, no run

full and in the blockhole, Philander keeps it out

end of over 671 run
SA: 166/5CRR: 2.47 
AB de Villiers29 (114)
Vernon Philander1 (8)
Nathan Lyon13-5-41-2
James Pattinson18-2-58-2
Lyon to de Villiers, no run

that's wide outside leg stump

Lyon to de Villiers, no run

AB steps out and drives very hard along the ground, Lyon sticks his right hand out and fields

Lyon to de Villiers, no run

defended on the front foot

Lyon to de Villiers, no run

Lyon throws the ball back at AB after fielding off his own bowling, AB came out of his crease and drove straight

Lyon to Philander, 1 run

Philander moves forward and pushes the ball towards point

Lyon to Philander, no run

defended on the front foot

Lyon from round the wicket at the new batsman Philander.

Peter: "I agree that Rudolph has overstayed his welcome. I would also replace him with Tsolekile as it would then free up AB from 'keeper duties as well and make him concentrate more on his batting."