3rd ODI, Dhaka, Mar 14 2008, South Africa tour of Bangladesh
(34.2/50 ov, target 144)147/3
South Africa won by 7 wickets (with 94 balls remaining)
player of the match
Albie Morkel
South Africa

Man of the Match: Albie Morkel

Player of the series Graeme Smith

Smith: I have been around for a fair bit now obviously the responsibility is on me with a few youngsters coming in the team. This has been a great preparation for the India tour. We have done it the hard way here on slightly under-prepared wickets. We have bowled, batted and fielded well. We have lots of respect for Indian team, they have lots of experience. We have had a great time here.

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Shakib to Smith, SIX runs

Sweeps the series with a six. Emphatic win. He went down the track, getting outside off in the process and lofted it over long-on. With that South Africa move to no 1 position in the ODI rankings.

Shakib to Smith, no run

walks to the off stump and on drives to midwicket

Shakib to Smith, 3 wide

spins down the leg side and Dhiman can't gather it

end of over 34Wicket maiden
SA: 138/3CRR: 4.05 RRR: 0.38 • Need 6 runs from 16 overs
Jean-Paul Duminy0 (4)
Graeme Smith62 (92)
Farhad Reza5-1-28-1
Shakib Al Hasan9-1-38-0
Farhad to Duminy, no run

leans forward to drive to extra cover

Farhad to Duminy, no run

stays back to punch it to mid-on

Farhad to Duminy, no run

just outside off stump, defended to the off side

Farhad to Duminy, no run

on the off and middle, nudged to the on side

Farhad to de Villiers, OUT

done in by the nip-backer. It cut in from outside off stump, the bat came down outside the line and it hit the pad in front of middle and went on to disturb the furniture. He would have been out lbw even if it didn't go on to hit the stumps. But a refreshing innings from de Villiers. He came in and immediately upped the ante.

AB de Villiers b Farhad Reza 40 (53m 37b 7x4 0x6) SR: 108.1
Farhad to de Villiers, no run

shapes in from outside off, defended on the front foot

Felix "Wanted to mention that Smith reaches 5000 ODI runs. Now he has 5K runs in Tests and ODIs. Well done, mate!"

end of over 338 runs
SA: 138/2CRR: 4.18 RRR: 0.35 • Need 6 runs from 17 overs
Graeme Smith62 (92)
AB de Villiers40 (35)
Shakib Al Hasan9-1-38-0
Farhad Reza4-0-28-0
Shakib to Smith, no run
Shakib to Smith, SIX runs

slog sweep over midwicket. They are finishing it in a hurry. Off he went outside off stump, went down on his knee and fetched it from outside off and sent it soaring over the boundary.

Shakib to de Villiers, 1 run

goes back to force a length delivery to sweeper cover

Shakib to de Villiers, no run
Shakib to de Villiers, no run

turned sharply from middle and leg, de Villiers was shaping to pull but adjusts to punch it to covers

Shakib to Smith, 1 run

turns in from outside off, dabbed to fine leg

Nel comes out with the drinks for the batsman. Good to see him out there.