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2nd Test, Lord's, June 23 - 27, 1960, South Africa tour of England
(f/o) 152 & 137

England won by an innings and 73 runs

England 1st INNINGS 
Colin Cowdrey (c)c McLean b Griffin4---0-
Raman Subba Row lbw b Adcock90-29850-
Ted Dexter c McLean b Adcock56-12570-
Ken Barrington lbw b Goddard24-77-0-
Mike Smith c †Waite b Griffin99-243101-
Jim Parks c Fellows-Smith b Adcock3--00-
Peter Walker  b Griffin52-14452-
Ray Illingworth not out 0--00-
Fred Trueman  b Griffin011000.00
Brian Statham not out 2--00-
Extras(b 6, lb 14, nb 11, w 1)32
TOTAL129 Ov (RR: 2.80)362/8d
Did not bat: Alan Moss 
Fall of wickets: 1-7 (Colin Cowdrey), 2-103 (Ted Dexter), 3-165 (Ken Barrington), 4-220 (Raman Subba Row), 5-227 (Jim Parks), 6-347 (Mike Smith), 7-360 (Peter Walker), 8-360 (Fred Trueman)
Neil Adcock36117031.94---00
Geoff Griffin3078742.90---00
Trevor Goddard3169613.09---00
Hugh Tayfield2796402.37---00
Pom Pom Fellows-Smith501302.60---00
South Africa 1st INNINGS 
Jackie McGlew (c)lbw b Statham15-60-0-
Trevor Goddard  b Statham19-35-0-
Sid O'Linn c Walker b Moss18---0-
Roy McLean c Cowdrey b Statham15---0-
John Waite c †Parks b Statham3--00-
Peter Carlstein c Cowdrey b Moss12---0-
Tich Wesley c †Parks b Statham11---0-
Pom Pom Fellows-Smith c †Parks b Moss29---0-
Hugh Tayfield c Smith b Moss12---0-
Geoff Griffin  b Statham5---0-
Neil Adcock not out 8---0-
Extras(lb 4, nb 1)5
TOTAL43.3 Ov (RR: 3.49)152
Fall of wickets: 1-33 (Trevor Goddard), 2-48 (Jackie McGlew), 3-56 (Sid O'Linn), 4-69 (John Waite), 5-78 (Roy McLean), 6-88 (Peter Carlstein), 7-112 (Tich Wesley), 8-132 (Pom Pom Fellows-Smith), 9-138 (Geoff Griffin), 10-152 (Hugh Tayfield)
Brian Statham2056363.15---00
Fred Trueman1324903.76---00
Alan Moss10.303543.33---00
South Africa 2nd INNINGS (FOLLOWING ON) 
Jackie McGlew (c) b Statham17---0-
Trevor Goddard c †Parks b Statham24---0-
Sid O'Linn lbw b Trueman8---0-
Roy McLean c †Parks b Trueman13-60-0-
John Waite lbw b Statham0--00-
Peter Carlstein c †Parks b Moss6---0-
Tich Wesley  b Dexter35---0-
Pom Pom Fellows-Smith not out 27---0-
Hugh Tayfield  b Dexter4---0-
Geoff Griffin  b Statham0--00-
Neil Adcock  b Statham2--00-
Extras(nb 1)1
TOTAL57 Ov (RR: 2.40)137
Fall of wickets: 1-26 (Jackie McGlew), 2-49 (Trevor Goddard), 3-49 (Sid O'Linn), 4-50 (John Waite), 5-63 (Peter Carlstein), 6-72 (Roy McLean), 7-126 (Tich Wesley), 8-132 (Hugh Tayfield), 9-133 (Geoff Griffin), 10-137 (Neil Adcock)
Brian Statham2163451.61---00
Fred Trueman1754422.58---00
Alan Moss1414112.92---00
Ray Illingworth11000.00---00
Ted Dexter401724.25---00
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Lord's, London
TossEngland, elected to bat first
Series resultEngland led the 5-match series 2-0
Match numberTest no. 493
Match daysday (5-day match)
Test debut
Tich Wesley
Tich Wesley
Frank Lee
Syd Buller
Thu, 23 Jun - day 1 - England 1st innings 114/2 (Raman Subba Row 36*, Ken Barrington 5*)
Fri, 24 Jun - day 2 - England 1st innings 362/8 (Ray Illingworth 0*, Brian Statham 2*)
Sat, 25 Jun - day 3 - South Africa 2nd innings 34/1 (Trevor Goddard 11*, Sid O'Linn 6*)
Sun, 26 Jun - rest day
Mon, 27 Jun - day 4 - South Africa 2nd innings 137 (57 ov) - end of match
South Africa Innings
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