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1st Test, The Oval, July 19 - 23, 2012, South Africa tour of England
385 & 240

South Africa won by an innings and 12 runs

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ENG 2nd Innings
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end of over 975 runs • 1 wicket
ENG: 240/10CRR: 2.47 
Tim Bresnan20 (61b 2x4)
Imran Tahir 32-7-63-3
Morne Morkel 16-0-41-1

But that's all from me for now. My thanks to Gnasher and Monty and we'll all be back in a couple of weeks time for the second Test. Enjoy the Olympics...

All the usual reaction coming up here on ESPNcricinfo, Andrew McGlashan has described the action and we'll have all the analysis from The Oval from the England camp with George Dobell and the tourists with Firdose Moonda. Look out for the Two Chucks too coming later on.

Well that wraps up the first Test of this series. South Africa comprehensive and deserved winners here, the next match we're up at Headingley, starting on Thursday August 2, make sure you join us then. But before that tune in for the continuation of the Sri Lanka v India ODI series, next match on Tuesday, 14.30 local time that one getting underway.

Presentation time...umpires's medals first, good games as always really...Here's the defeated captain Andrew Strauss: "We'll have some regrets. We weren't able to go on and get a big score after day one. The odds were always against us after last evening but we're frustrated we didn't make them work harder. I think we've got an outstanding bowling attack that can take 20 wickets on most pitches. Here conditions played a part, we couldn't get the ball swinging."

And now Graeme Smith: "This is an extremely proud moment for all of us. In the context of the first innings this is a great achievement for us. We found an intensity on day two and got a few more plans right. I always felt we were ready and just needed to get into the game. We've got a batting unit that's been successful all around the world and mentally can adapt to all conditions."

Man of the Match, if you couldn't guess it, to Hashim Amla. An amazing innings. Only the second man to score a triple century at The Oval and, most importantly, the first South African batsman to achieve the mark.

In fact...With an innings victory, this was the most comprehensive Test win ever in terms of the difference between runs per wicket of the winning and losing teams - the previous biggest margin came in this match, in which England beat South Africa for the loss of two wickets in 1924.

So Dale Steyn leads South Africa off The Oval having won by an innings and 12 runs, his five wickets guiding the tourists to an absolute thrashing of England. It was such a good performance by South Africa, nearly everybody contributed in some way and they go 1-0 up in the series...who would have thought that at the end of day one? England won a crucial toss and made big runs but from day two they were pummelled...

Tahir to Anderson, OUT

oh here we go, that's out lbw! Turn and it keeps so low, goes under the bat of Anderson and pins him right smack in front, it's reviewed and in fact only umpires call on hitting him in line but going on to hit middle stump

James Anderson lbw b Imran Tahir 4 (24b 1x4 0x6 39m) SR: 16.66
Tahir to Bresnan, 1 run

cut into the covers and they scamper another run so one more for Anderson to survive

Tahir to Bresnan, no run

lovely, sharp turn past the outside edge

Tahir to Bresnan, FOUR runs

lovely stroke, slightly opened the face to guide the drive past cover, timed well

Tahir to Bresnan, no run

tossed up and blocked in the off side

Tahir to Bresnan, no run

kicked away from outside leg

Still only a matter of time, it only takes one ball...

end of over 961 run
ENG: 235/9CRR: 2.44 
James Anderson4 (23b 1x4)
Tim Bresnan15 (56b 1x4)
Morne Morkel 16-0-41-1
Imran Tahir 31-7-58-2
Morkel to Anderson, no run

driven hard into the covers, they refuse the available single

Morkel to Bresnan, 1 run

a scampered single into the covers, Bresnan trying to farm the bowling again

Morkel to Bresnan, no run

leaning out, played to gully

"Am now having visions of the donkeys from the Disney Pinocchio - a Strauss/donkey hybrid... Your donkey comment is trending on many forums / media at the moment. Cricinfo is the best guys. Keep it up!" Haha! Glad to hear it Nicola...

Morkel to Bresnan, no run

full and wide and missed with a swing

Morkel to Bresnan, no run

a slightly more expansive drive this time, off a better length to mid on

Morkel to Bresnan, no run

full and played back to the bowler

"In the middle of a typhoon in Hong Kong, glued to my monitor, storm bellowing outside, hoping SA win their first at the Oval!" Keep you head down Tony!

end of over 951 run
ENG: 234/9CRR: 2.46 
James Anderson4 (22b 1x4)
Tim Bresnan14 (51b 1x4)
Imran Tahir 31-7-58-2
Morne Morkel 15-0-40-1
Tahir to Anderson, no run

forward and blocked back up the wicket

Tahir to Bresnan, 1 run

full on leg stump and clipped into midwicket

Tahir to Bresnan, no run

turn out of the rough again, Bresnan watches it carefully

Tahir to Bresnan, no run

leg stump to block this time

Tahir to Bresnan, no run

forward and blocked around off stump

Tahir to Bresnan, no run

bounced and turned from out of the rough, ended up going over middle stump, Bresnan able to drop his hands and leave it alone

end of over 945 runs
ENG: 233/9CRR: 2.47 
James Anderson4 (21b 1x4)
Tim Bresnan13 (46b 1x4)
Morne Morkel 15-0-40-1
Imran Tahir 30-7-57-2
Morkel to Anderson, no run

short and outside off, Anderson drops his hands

Morkel to Anderson, no run

turned to short leg on the bounce

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